Monday, July 8, 2024

Shofu Announces Availability of new Beautibond Xtreme Universal Bonding Agent


Shofu BeautiBond Xtreme: A Game Changer for Universal Bonding?

Shofu's BeautiBond Xtreme has taken the dental world by storm, introducing itself as a revolutionary universal bonding agent. This blog post will delve into the features and benefits of BeautiBond Xtreme, exploring why it might be a game changer for dental professionals.

Single-Step Powerhouse:

Traditionally, universal bonding agents require multiple steps, including etching, priming, and bonding. BeautiBond Xtreme simplifies the process by combining these steps into a single application. This not only saves valuable chair time but also reduces the margin for error associated with multi-step procedures.  The enemy of bonding is contamination.  As all dentists know, controlling the field is critical.  If contamination of the field occurs, the results will suffer.  Because of that, the more efficient we can be in delivery of adhesive restorations, the less time there is for contamination to occur.  It's not about money, working faster to earn more, it's about quality... taking less time to ensure a better result.  Recurrent decay and marginal staining are normally the result of contamination.  By working more efficiently, there is less time for contamination to happen.  BeautiBond Xtreme is a truly universal adhesive formulated to offer flexibility with self-etch, selective-etch, or total-etch techniques.

Strength and Reliability:

Despite its streamlined approach, BeautiBond Xtreme boasts exceptional bond strength. The "Quad-Adhesive Technology" promises a strong and reliable bond for both direct and indirect restorations. This makes it suitable for a wide range of procedures, giving dentists peace of mind.  BeautiBond Xtreme’s technology facilitates bonding to enamel, dentin, zirconia, precious metal alloys, composite resins, and glass ceramics.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry:

The adhesive film of BeautiBond Xtreme is incredibly thin, measuring only around 5µm. This minimal invasiveness makes it ideal for situations where preserving tooth structure is a priority. Additionally, the HEMA-free formulation minimizes the risk of postoperative sensitivity, a concern for some patients with traditional bonding agents.

Universal Compatibility:

BeautiBond Xtreme shines in its compatibility. It works seamlessly with all light-, dual-, and self-cured materials, eliminating the need for multiple bonding agents for different procedures. This versatility simplifies dentists' workflows and streamlines inventory management.  There is nothing worse than asking for a component and then finding out you just used the last of that material.

Precision and Esthetics:

The thin film thickness of BeautiBond Xtreme contributes to excellent marginal adaptation, reducing the chance of marginal staining – a common aesthetic concern. This allows for the creation of highly esthetic restorations that blend seamlessly with the surrounding tooth structure.

Overall, Shofu BeautiBond Xtreme presents a compelling case as a significant advancement in universal bonding agents. Its combination of simplified application, strong bond strength, thin film thickness, and universal compatibility makes it a valuable tool for dental professionals seeking efficiency and predictable results.


BeautiBond Xtreme is currently available through your preferred distributor.   It is available in a 50-unit, 0.1ml unidose set with microbrushes (my personal favorite) (MSRP $169.99), and a 5ml, ergonomic-designed, 1-hand-controlled dispensing bottle (MSRP $164.99).

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