Thursday, July 11, 2024

HuFriedy Group HVE Mirror Connect


I love the concept of 'better mousetraps'.  The ideas that come from improving an existing situation are frequently amazing.  In fact, I recently wrote an article in Dental Products Report about the AdDent company and their outside the box products and ideas.  

However, today's post is from one of the most well known and quality focused instrument companies in the industry.  HuFriedy Group has pretty much become synonymous with high quality hand instruments (among other things).  As most people in the profession know, the company makes incredible products for both doctors and hygienists.  Today's post is about a handy little gadget that can make a hygienist's life a lot easier.

It's called the HVE Mirror Connect.  The idea is a good one, in my opinion.  It allows the hygienist to connect the HVE line to a dental mirror.  This means that you can get vision, retraction, *and* suction all from one device.

It integrates with the #5 double-sided mouth mirrors that HuFriedy sells.  We love those double-sided mirrors and use them almost exclusively in our hygiene department.

I haven't had a chance to use this device... yet.  I've put in a request to the company and I'm hoping to get some samples to try.   My plan is to get them into the hands of our hygiene team to get their opinions and I would like to try it myself.  Obviously once I get a chance to test, I'll post on my clinical experience here.

The only question I have on this is regarding the weight and pull of the HVE hose.  That, of course, is going to depend on the length of the hose and its flexibility.  However, that could be overcome by keeping the hose in the hanger on the unit and only getting enough length to work.  I'm sure you could also figure out a way to deal with that buy using some type of support like 3M Command Hook or something similar.

HuFriedy is offering a free sample of the HVE Mirror Connect, so if you are interested, here is the link to the sample request page.

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