Monday, February 5, 2024

SDI & DRNA Partner to Support Amalgam Recycling


Well over a decade ago my partner at the time, Dr. Kelly Suchman helped me focus on the environmental aspect of our office (we affectionately referred to her as "The Queen of Green").  Due to her influence we began to look at ways to recycle more and make the office more environmentally friendly.

Back then, most offices in the US had their vacuum systems connected straight to the municipal sewer system so everything that was vacuumed up during dental treatment went 'right down the drain'.  It wasn't that way in Europe.  Dental offices in Europe were using devices called amalgam separators to remove the amalgam dust from the waste water.  Dr. Kelly and I were intrigued by the concept of doing more to help the environment and an amalgam separator seemed like a wise idea.

As if by a psychic connection, I was contacted at about that time by DRNA (Dental Recycling of North America).  They are one of the biggest providers of amalgam separators in the US and we decided to have one installed in the office.  We have been customers since that time.

Of course, now having an amalgam separator is required by federal law, but I'm proud that our office was way ahead of that curve.

Why did I choose DRNA?

DRNA provides a turnkey system.  They watch the calendar so that we don't have to.  Every year they send us a fresh separator unit.  All we do is call our dental supplier, Goetze Dental, and setup an appointment.  One of the Goetze technicians comes to the office, disconnects the old DRNA unit, and then connects the new to our system.

DRNA provides a shipping container for the old unit and the Goetze Dental technician puts the old DRNA unit into the container as part of the service call.  DRNA has a hazardous waste service and all we have to do is call for a pickup.  The hazmat company picks up the old unit, signs a form that indicates it was turned over to them, and loads the unit on their truck.  They then take the unit and make sure it is disposed of properly.

The DRNA system is simple.  They keep track of everything for us to the point that all we have to do is call Goetze Dental to replace the unit and then call DRNA to have it picked up.

Now comes the announcement that dental materials manufacturer SDI is partnering with DRNA to bring the system to even more offices.  I want to congratulate SDI for helping their customers be in compliance with the law, but even more because, whether it's the law or not, it's good for the planet and for all of us.

We have a nice article on the DPR website that gives all the DRNA & SDI partnership information.  Be sure to read it!

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