Friday, December 22, 2023


Today is the Friday before Christmas, so it's time for my annual post about the NORAD Santa Tracker.

I love the Christmas Season!  No matter what your beliefs are, I think that for about one month each year, we can be nice to one another!  So no matter what your beliefs in a higher power "are" or "are not" I still say "Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men!"

So now that I've said that, let's get on with probably my fave post of the whole year.  Every year I love to post about and promote the NORAD Santa Tracker service.  

You can even track Santa from your GM vehicle via OnStar.

Every year lots of volunteers in our military answer the phones and provide info on Santa's journey.  It's one of the coolest things of the holiday season.  My family called one year and we were really impressed to get the info on where Santa was and when he would be in our area.  I cannot say enough thank yous to all the hardworking members of the U.S. Military and especially those who donate their time to this special cause!

If you are interested in tracking the big guy, here is a link to all of the available ways to do that!

I won't go into all of the details in this post, but NORAD has tons of info on the Santa Tracker and all that it entails.  You can access all of that info here.

Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays to all!

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