Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Ditch the Desk, Embrace the Cloud: Clinux CAD is Helping to Revolutionize Dental Workflows


As regular readers of the blog know, for almost two years now we've been using the DWX-42W mill form DGShape to provide same appointment, same day, and "just in time" restorations.  It has been a tremendous addition to our clinical technology armamentarium and it is giving us incredible results.  Plus when you factor in the enjoyment it brings to Super Assistant D-Rey (the milling princess) and Super Assistant Boo-boo, digital restorations have also brought a great deal of satisfaction and pride to the team as well.

Selecting the mill was actually the easy part of it.  The more difficult part was deciding on the design software.  As a brief explanation:  Cases are scanned with one of our iTero intraoral scanners.  The scan file is then opened in the design software (exocad) where the restoration is designed and built over the prep scan created by iTero.  Once the design is finished in exocad, it is then sent to the DWX-42W mill which then cuts the restoration out of a block of material.

Doctors will often ask me how I made the decision on the design software.  That's because not many dentists have extensive experience with CAD software.  There are a lot of decision points to consider.  There's cost, reliability, and ease of use along with several others.  My usual advice is to "test drive" some different platforms because I've always felt that "hands-on" gives you a much better feel for a product and how it will work in your hands.  Of course that comes with risks because the time spent testing is usually short; maybe a demo of some type.  The ideal demo would be a chance to use it for a week or so and do a couple of cases... but that is incredibly difficult with software that is installed on a machine in a doctor's office.

There is also the consideration of things like Site Licenses.  How many computers can it be installed on and how often do they need to be renewed?  Some doctors like having access on multiple computers in the office and maybe even being able to design at home.  That means you need the platform installed on multiple workstations which can be expensive or limiting...

That's why I'm excited about the potential the cloud is bringing to this space.  No installs, no upgrades, no problems with licensing.  Try it on a case by case basis with no commitment.  Don't like it?  Move on to another!

Ditch the Desk, Embrace the Cloud: Clinux CAD Revolutionizes Dental Workflows

For decades, dentists have relied on bulky desktop software for their Computer-Aided Design (CAD) needs. But the times are changing, and the cloud is beckoning. Enter Clinux CAD, a revolutionary cloud-based dental software that redefines efficiency, accessibility, and collaboration in the dental world.

Say goodbye to clunky hardware and hello to a sleek, browser-based interface. Clinux CAD runs seamlessly on any device with a web browser, eliminating the need for expensive desktops or dedicated workstations. This means you can design crowns, bridges, and other prosthetics from anywhere, be it your office, your home, or even the beach (though I wouldn't recommend that!  If you are working from the beach, you've got bigger problems than I can solve with a blog post!).

But Clinux CAD isn't just about convenience. Its intuitive interface and guided workflows make it accessible even for dentists with limited CAD experience. With features like automatic margin detection and AI-powered design suggestions, even novices can create stunning and accurate dental restorations in minutes.

Time is money, and Clinux CAD understands that. By eliminating the need for software installations, updates, and backups, it frees up valuable time for you to focus on what matters most: your patients. No more waiting for software updates or troubleshooting technical issues. Clinux CAD keeps itself up-to-date, ensuring you always have the latest tools at your fingertips.

Collaboration is key in modern dentistry, and Clinux CAD makes it a breeze. Share designs and patient information with your team or lab partners in real-time, all from within the secure cloud environment. Imagine collaborating on a complex case with a specialist across the country, all without leaving your desk.

But what about security? Clinux CAD takes security seriously. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and access is controlled with multi-factor authentication. You can rest assured knowing your patients' sensitive information is safe and sound.

Clinux CAD isn't just a software; it's a paradigm shift. It's a move towards a future where dental technology is accessible, efficient, and collaborative. So, ditch the desk, embrace the cloud, and experience the power of Clinux CAD.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Clinux CAD:

  • Cloud-based: Access your designs from anywhere with a web browser.
  • Intuitive interface: Easy to use for dentists of all experience levels.
  • Guided workflows: Create accurate restorations in minutes.
  • Time-saving: Eliminate software installations, updates, and backups.
  • Secure: Your data is encrypted and protected with multi-factor authentication.
  • Collaborative: Share designs and patient information with your team in real-time.

Visit the Clinux CAD website today to learn more and start your free trial.

As AI becomes a bigger and bigger part of what we do in dentistry, these systems will only get better.  Ride the wave of progress!

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