Monday, December 18, 2023

DentaSonic IPR System: Revolutionizing Interproximal Reduction for Orthodontics

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a webinar that highlighted the use of the DentaSonic IPR system.  I thought I would follow that up with a post today about the system & why I am so fond of it.  So here it is!

In the world of orthodontics, achieving optimal results often requires interproximal reduction (IPR), a technique for creating space between the teeth. Traditionally, this was done with manual methods like sanding discs and files, which could be time-consuming and uncomfortable for patients.

Enter the DentaSonic IPR System, a revolutionary solution that offers a safer, faster, and more efficient way to perform IPR. This innovative system uses ultrasonic vibrations to gently remove small amounts of enamel between teeth, creating the space needed for proper tooth alignment.

Here's what sets the DentaSonic IPR System apart:

  • Increased Safety: The controlled ultrasonic vibrations minimize the risk of accidental damage to gums or other teeth.
  • Reduced Patient Discomfort: The system's quiet operation and minimal vibration ensure a more comfortable experience for patients.
  • Improved Efficiency: The DentaSonic system can significantly reduce the time required for IPR procedures compared to traditional methods.
  • Greater Precision: The system allows for precise control over the amount of enamel removed, ensuring accurate results.
  • Minimized Enamel Removal: The DentaSonic system removes only the necessary amount of enamel, preserving healthy tooth structure.

Additional Benefits of the DentaSonic IPR System:

  • Improved patient compliance: Patients are more likely to comply with IPR treatment when it's faster and more comfortable.
  • Maintaining correct anatomical shape:  The DentaSonic system uses flexible strips which provide greater control for the operator which helps keep ideal interproximal contours.
  • Enhanced treatment outcomes: By creating optimal space for tooth movement, the DentaSonic system can help achieve faster and more predictable orthodontic results.

Whether you're an orthodontist or a general dentist looking to improve your practice or a patient seeking a more comfortable and efficient IPR experience, the DentaSonic system is worth considering. It's a revolutionary tool that is changing the face of interproximal reduction and paving the way for a more positive orthodontic experience for everyone.

Interested in learning more? Contact GoldenDent at this link.  Interestingly, their website is "" but the site itself is for all kinds of equipment.  They are a family owned business in Detroit that ships orders... even to Canada for those of you north of the border.  I know that DentaSonic is working to expand their distribution in the U.S. (they are a Swiss company) so you might be able to find the system from other dealers, but currently I am sure it can be ordered from GoldenDent.


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