Monday, April 24, 2023

Blue Sky Bio Releases AI Driven Automatic Implant Placement to Improve Implant Placement and Raise the Standard of Care

I've known the folks at BlueSkyBio for a few years now and I've always been impressed with them.  The company came to prominence as the usage of CBCT exploded in dentistry.  They created a free CBCT reading software that was available for both Windows & Mac.  The software could be downloaded free of charge.  The idea was to make the software free and then to simplify the designing of surgical guides, occlusal guards, and other intraoral appliances.  The company then charges a fee when the user downloads the design.  It's a terrific business model as the end user only pays for what they use.

I've always been impressed with the software, the people, and their business model.  Now comes an announcement that I think you'll all be impressed with.  Read on for all the details...


Blue Sky Bio LLC, a global leader in dental implant solutions, has announced that its latest software version, BlueSkyPlan 4.11, now includes an automatic implant placement feature for single implant cases. This innovative new technology is being offered to all users of the software at no additional charge. Designed to increase accuracy and reduce planning time, the automatic implant placement feature utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to place implants in the optimal position, ensuring precise placement, minimal invasiveness, and improved implant stability.

Blue Sky Bio, is a global leader in Dental AI Technology and is committed to providing dental professionals with innovative tools that enhance patient outcomes and streamline workflows. In addition to the automatic implant placement feature, the company has recently released additional cutting-edge AI functionality and will be announcing additional AI improvements soon.

 BlueSkyPlan is a leading global software for digital dental treatment planning software, empowering dental professionals worldwide to provide better care for their patients. With the introduction of the automatic implant placement feature, the software further solidifies Blue Sky Bio's position as a leading provider of dental implant solutions.

“We are excited to offer this cutting-edge technology to all users of BlueSkyPlan at no additional charge,” said Dr. Lerner.

“At Blue Sky Bio, we are dedicated to advancing digital dental planning through innovation and technology. The automatic implant placement feature is just one example of how we are making implant planning easier and more accurate for dental professionals.”

BlueSkyPlan 4.11 with automatic implant placement for single implant cases is available now at For more information, please visit our website or contact our customer support team.

About Blue Sky Bio LLC

Blue Sky Bio is a global provider of dental implant solutions, offering innovative products and services that empower dental professionals to provide better care for their patients. With a commitment to innovation, education, and patient-centric care, Blue Sky Bio is dedicated to improving the lives of dental patients and the standard of clinical care.

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