Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Amber Mill Direct is Continuing to Impress

 We are doing more and more in-office milling cases with Amber Mill Direct and we are continuing to see really good results.

The material is a lithium disilicate but it *Tooth Shade* with NO need to fire in an oven!  Basically what that means is that we can place an Amber Mill Direct block into our DGShape DWX-42W mill and in 20-25 minutes we have a milled crown.

Once milled, we are polishing with standard porcelain polishing wheels and points.  The finished crowns are smooth, glossy, fit well, and look great.  We have enough of these in the mouth now that I am comfortable saying that these blocks are *highly recommended*!!!

The material is a bit harder than standard materials so we are using diamond burs in the mill that are more coarse and the milling time is a slight bit longer... but well worth it.  If you are doing in-office milling or are thinking about getting into it, I highly recommend these blocks!

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