Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Oral Health may have Longterm Impact of Brain Health

 A new study has found some amazing information.  While this study, like all science, needs more research to be done to validate the present conclusions, some fascinating info has been uncovered.  

I seems that some research that has been done at Yale School of Medicine indicates individuals who have a genetic predisposition toward poor oral health also tend to have poorer brain health.  

Science and the realm of healthcare has been doing more and more research into connections between diseases of the mouth as well as the pathogens that cause them.  In the time that I have been practicing, I've seen some tremendous progress in the connections between healthcare disciplines.  For the longest time it seemed that most folks didn't really see how the mouth and the body could affect one another.  However, the connections are effects have turned out to be many.

Bacteria in the mouth can easily spread to other parts of the body and wherever they settle can be another site of infection.  While this new Yale study does not make any definitive claims, it certainly sets the stage for more followup research.

It seems that the information gleaned from this study definitely bears looking into further.

One of the study's authors, Dr. Cyprien Rivier stated the following:     

“The main goal was to investigate the link between poor oral health and brain health. We already know that poor oral health increases the risk of stroke, but we did not know whether poor oral health affected brain health. Brain health is a continuous measure that describes the functional status of a person’s brain using neuroimaging tools such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Studying oral health is especially important because it is an easily modifiable risk factor: Everyone can effectively improve their oral health with minimal time and financial investment.”

If you would like to learn more, there is a great write-up and explanation on Medical News Today's website.  Follow this link to see what Medical News Today has to say...   


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