Monday, February 20, 2023

Get Your Custom Loupe Next-Day at Chicago Midwinter

I am amazed that Orascoptic is capable of this... yet they are.  My preferred surgical telescope company is again this year offering customers the opportunity of ordering magnification at the Chicago MidWinter Meeting and having it delivered to you *before* you hop on your flight home.  How they manage to pull this off is beyond me, but they've done this before and I have seen the success firsthand.  The systems mentioned in this post are amazing and I have tried them personally in my office.

On top of this amazing express delivery service, there are other reasons to be excited.  This year the folks at Orascoptic have been hard at work creating some different systems.  There is the new DragonFly system, that combines any of their magnification choices in a frame that has a built-in headlight which is a phenomenal system to use.

They also recently announced their new Ergo line.  My preferred Ergo has a 3.5x magnification level.  The Ergo system is shown in the picture above and features a "declination" of the scope.  What that means is the operator sit up straighter and the mag of the scope is "bent" so you can look down without bending your neck.  The Ergo mag is also available in the DragonFly frame.

Here is the info on the Chicago MidWinter Specials and Special Delivery...

Order a loupe Thursday, receive it Friday!

Need a loupe fast? Buy a loupe from Orascoptic at booth #2812 on Thursday at Chicago Midwinter and receive your loupe the next day.

If you order by 1:00pm at the show on Thursday, February 23rd, we'll make your custom loupe overnight at our headquarters in Madison, WI and drive it to Chicago for you to have on Friday.

Ask our team our about new Ergo loupes. Deflect discomfort with the HDL Ergo 3.5x or RDH Ergo 3.0x. Our Ergo loupes are available on Dragonfly™ – a powered loupe with a wireless headlight fully integrated into the frame. 

Show exclusive offers include: 

✔ $100 off a loupe or headlight

✔ $250 off a loupe/light bundle

 We're also offering introductory pricing on our Ergo loupes: 

      ✔ $200 off an Ergo loupe 

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