Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Chicago Dental Society's 2023 MidWinter Meeting is Happening NOW!


As a lifelong lover of tech and also a practicing dentist, there are a few gatherings of the profession that I try really hard not to miss.  The Chicago MidWinter is one of those meetings.  There are always lots of new product announcements plus there are always new companies with new products making their first splash into the industry.

This year there are some pretty cool things that will be at the show.  One of the coolest and best things you will see at this year's meeting is the mill equipment from DGShape.  They are in booth #4617 at McCormick Place.

As many of you know, I have been using the company's DWX-42W wet mill for almost a year.  In that time I have been nothing short of blown away by the technology.  This is NOT the CAD/CAM of the past.  This system quickly and easily creates restorations that are nothing short of phenomenal.  You can use a variety of different materials, but the ones that we are using currently only need to be polished, which eliminates the time and difficulty of firing them in an oven.  Basically it is "polish and go".

I have been a CAD/CAM believer and fan since the late 1990s.  However in the mid 2000s, I stepped away and took my equipment out of service simply because I simply felt the equipment wasn't predictable enough.  That is *not* an issue with the equipment from DGShape.

I sometimes feel the term "game changer" is overused in today's tech landscape, but I will use that term here with no reservations.  

My patients are thrilled with the time savings and the restorations, my team loves being able to design and create the restorations, and I love the efficiency and most importantly I am extremely happy that we are getting excellent clinical results.

On Friday in the early afternoon I will be at the DGShape booth to film a video about their technologies.  If you happen to be at the meeting stop by booth #4617 and say hi.  I'd also be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding  journey with the DWX-42W. 

See you in Chicago!

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