Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Russia Using Dolphins to Help Protect Black Sea Fleet

 Today's post is a short one, but that's because the *real* story is from the link below.

With all of the news and suffering coming out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I happen to stumble on this story.  It was published in April, but the info is still really interesting.  The Russian navy is using dolphins to help protect their fleet in the Black Sea.

I happen to know someone who worked with the U.S. Navy for a while in a similar program.  These are not very secret programs, but the two powers have trained dolphins to patrol around ships and look for underwater threats such as divers or other similar under water threats.

With their ability to detect things in the water, paired with their intelligence,  dolphins are well equipped to detect threats and engage threats if necessary.

It's interesting to see the dolphin cages in these photos...  Here is the link.  

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