Wednesday, August 31, 2022

If You Have an iPhone or iPad, Update to Apple iOS 15.6.1 NOW!!!

 This patch has been available for a week or two so this isn't immediate breaking news, but it is still critically important enough for me to make this post.

The latest update to the mobile software Apple iOS 15.6.1 needs to be downloaded and installed ASAP.  The update fixes a couple of really serious security holes that bad guys are exploiting in the wild.

Unfortunately, until you update hackers have the ability to basically jail break your phone.  This would give criminals full access to everything on your device.  That means passwords, banking info, all of your data.

So *please* perform the update.  I know some of you like to wait a bit and make sure there are no problems that come with an update, but this one is critical.  If you would like to learn more, there is a great post on the Sophos website about it.

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