Wednesday, April 27, 2022

HHS Releases Information on Hive Ransomware to Healthcare Facilities

  Today is another post regarding cybersecurity.  Recently the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an alert on a ransomware threat called "Hive".

In the last year, healthcare systems have become either the number one or in the top five of businesses hit by ransomware (it depends on which survey you read).

Because of the Hive threat, HHS is advising that healthcare organizations upgrade their security efforts to include things like two factor authentication (2FA), long randomly generated passwords, and secure offsite backups.

HHS states that one report covering the third quarter of 2021 shows Hive as the fourth most active ransomware.  Another report noted that Hive hit 355 companies in its first 100 days of operation.

Obviously Hive a serious problem and one the healthcare sector needs to be aware of and trying hard to defend against.

HHS has produced an entire document pertaining to Hive, what it does, and some technical specs.  The report is 8 pages long, but unless you are someone who really wants the nuts and bolts, reading the first 2.5 pages gives a great overview.  Follow this link to read the HHS report.  

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