Monday, April 25, 2022

Compex HD Composite Warming Gun is a Winner


As many of you know, I am a huge fan of warming composite.  When I first started out with using warm composite, the only choice anyone had was to use AC powered warming bases from AdDent.  The Calset, as it is called, is still available, still works well, and is still *Highly Recommended*!  The device is in the picture below:

As you can see, it comes in several models and can be used for a variety of applications.  I still have them and use them.  That in itself is a testament to how well they are made.  The devices I have are probably 10 years old and still work great.

The only drawback to counter top heaters is that you have to remove the composite from the heaters in order to use it for a restoration.  If only there was a way to take your cartridges out of the heater and keep them warm all the way to the preparation.  Wait!  There IS A WAY!  And that way is called the Compex HD manufactured by, you guessed it, AdDent.

The Compex HD is a composite dispensing gun that actually *heats* the composite cartridge.  Even if you don't have the Calset, you can still get the benefits of heated composite.  The Compex HD is a battery operated device that warms the composite in about one minute.  It keeps the composite warm for as long as it is on & allows the operator to actually inject warm composite of 155°F (68°C) directly into the preparation.

The device is efficient, easy to use, and makes composite placement a breeze.  Besides heating the material, the device also has a genius "ejector mechanism" that allows the user to "pop" out a cartridge and insert another one with minimal effort and quickly as well.

The device has a powerful lithium ion battery that will heat 100 cartridges before needing to be recharged.  We are charging it at the end of our workweek and it is ready to go every Monday morning.

It will heat any cartridge on the market today in as little as 60 seconds.

I've been testing the device in my clinic since February.  What I've determined is the best way to use it is to press the ON button as I am putting my final bevels on my preparation.  That way, by the time I have placed etch and bonding agent, or the matrix, the Compex HD has got the composite to 155°F and is ready to go.

I am still using the Calset warmers and place the warmed cartridges directly into the Compex HD.  My thoughts are that it doesn't hurt to have it pre-warmed.

In the time I've been testing, the device has performed incredibly well and has delivered *exactly* as advertised and expected.  If you have not used warmed composite before, I guarantee that you will be stunned and impressed with the experience.  The warm material is easier to dispense, easier to place, and easier to sculpt.  There is also myriad scientific articles that show benefits to using warm composite.  You aren't only making your restorations more efficient to place, you are also improving your clinical outcomes.

If you'd like even more info on the Compex HD you can follow this link.  I have been very impressed with the device and it is *highly recommended*!

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