Thursday, July 15, 2021

TrickBot is Back - Watch Your Email Closely


I love reading The Daily Beast.  It's one of my go to sites for all kinds of news.  It's good edgy reporting and if I ever decide to really go full time with my journalistic side (other than my monthly column in DPR), I might just send them my resume.

According to the article I read, the cyber criminals that run TrickBot are back.

TrickBot can be a bit confusing because it's the name of a malicious program as well as the cyber criminal gang that runs it.  The program itself is malware that can steal information from victim's computers and then use it for bank fraud, identity theft, and other bad behavior.

Last fall U.S. Cyber Command and Microsoft took to the battlefield to disrupt both the gang and the malware in order to help eliminate possible problems during the election.   They managed to take servers offline and all sorts of other things that really disrupted TrickBot.

However, like all things digital, what gets hacked can get repaired and now it seems that TrickBot is back.  It appears that the cyber gang has been working on rebuilding the malware and is now re-releasing it on the world.

Keep. your digital security up to date and don't click on any unknown email links.  And also read the story over at the Daily Beast.

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