Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Springfield Missouri Hospital Runs Out of Ventilators as Spike in COVID Cases Continues


This seems like a headline you would have seen in June of 2020 and NOT in June 2021, but here it is.  As I stated in a post last week, the number of COVID infections in the state of Missouri has been increasing rapidly.

The problem seems to be related to a fairly low number of vaccinated individuals in the state.  Unfortunately the Delta Variant has managed to make it to the Show Me State and since it is highly infectious and easily passed from one individual to another, it has caused cases to rise at an alarming rate.  Missouri currently has 39.16% of its population fully vaccinated.

The Delta variant also seems to be better at infecting younger individuals for some reason.

This low vaccination percentage has helped cases increase by 51% over the most recent two weeks.  Needless to say, that's an alarming number.

Now come word out of Springfield, the state's third most populated city, that they are out of respirators at Mercy Hospital.  That's a serious problem when dealing with a virus like COVID-19 that attacks the respiratory system.  According to reports, Mercy Hospital was using 47 respirators at the time and had none left in inventory.  Granted 47 is not a huge number, but if you are in need of one and you are patient 48, that number seems much more important.

It's unfortunate to learn of situations like this when there is a vaccine available and it is being distributed for free.  My personal feelings are that I would rather take my chances on the vaccine than be on a ventilator, but other opinions obviously differ from mine...

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