Wednesday, July 28, 2021

iTero Element 5D Plus Test Drive


The world of digital impressions continues to expand.  Market penetration is getting higher, with well over 18% of offices now embracing the technology. 

We started the process of doing digital impressions in the fall of 2008.  At that time I purchased the original Cadent iTero.  At that point in the curve, there were not too many devices that allowed you to send cases to a lab for fabrication.  Back then it was more of in office CAD/CAM systems.

Times have changed a lot in the last 13 years.  We recently have been working with the latest device from iTero, the Element 5D Plus.  The company reached out in the early spring to see if I would be interested in putting their latest scanner through its paces in my office and, of course, I said yes.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about the experience and what I think of the unit.  This is the fourth iTero device I've worked with in my career.  I started out with the original, then I worked with the company during the beta of generation 2.  I purchased the original iTero Element (which was the first tablet style device) and now the Element 5D Plus.  I feel like having experience with so many models has given me a decent depth of experience to draw from as I check out the changes and improvements. 

I'll give my final report tomorrow.

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