Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Axsys Dental's 5x400 Mill Continues to Impress

Dental mills have come a long way since their invention.  When I first go into doing CAD/CAM dentistry, it was the age of CEREC 2.  That unit  booted from a *floppy disk* and used a diamond coated wheel and a cylinder bur to create the restorations.  Times have sure changed.

The Axsys 5x400 is a wonder of modern design.  The unit can create practically anything you can imagine.  The unit can use either blocks or pucks depending on the requirements of the restoration and ca mill almost any dental material available.  That includes zirconia, lithium disilicate, PMMA, denture resin, and titanium.  Basically, if you can imagine it in the mouth, you can create it with this mill.

We are using Exocad for designing and then milling through the HyperDent software that powers the mill.  The results have been nothing shy of amazing.  Multiple units can be milled by using a puck or if a block restoration is needed, the machine can mill 6 blocks (which is 6 individual restorations) simultaneously. 

The mill can create crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, temporaries, dentures veneers, implant abutments, and implant supported bars, just to name some of the restorations possible.

I have also been incredibly impressed with the support the company has provided.  Anytime you engage in a new process, there is a learning curve involved, but the support team at Axsys has been amazingly patient and provided amazing amounts of information throughout our journey.

I think a common misperception in the industry is that mills are only used in labs.  However, being able to create incredible results in-house is a tremendous benefit of having a 5 axis mill in a dental office.  I truly feel this is a product category that benefits dental offices as well as dental labs.

The company has recently announced the 5X500L mill which definitely should be on your short list of mills to explore.  This device is *highly recommended*!!!

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