Monday, May 10, 2021

Aeras 400 Flex Handpiece from DENTALEZ


If you are in the market for handpieces or you are looking to upgrade your current situation, here is some info from DentalEZ.  They have announced a new Handpiece called the Aeras 400 Flex to their product line.

I "grew up" so to speak with Star handpieces.  In school we used the  then state of the art Star 430 and Star 430 SWL.  Back in those days, having fiberoptic in the Handpiece was truly a really big deal and combining a fiber optic light with a swivel connection... well you couldn't get any more high tech than that.

My how times have changed.  Here are all the benefits fo the Aeras 400 Flex:

DENTALEZ is excited to announce the newest superstar in our constellation of Star products! To answer our customer’s ongoing needs for power and flexibility, we’ve created a new handpiece in our Aeras line specifically to be compatible with KaVo’s MULTIFlex™ coupler, the Star Aeras 400 Flex.

Maximum power with all the benefits of Star Handpieces
This new addition to the Star lineup offers dentists the maximum cutting power supported by MULTIFLEX, in a handpiece that is 30% lighter than it’s KaVo competitor*. And with added RFID Technology embedded, dentists will be equipped to track and monitor inventory and enhance safety compliance**.

Additional highlights of this latest offering include:

● Exceptional ease of navigation via smaller head size

● Extraordinary balance and in-hand stability

With Star standard features like multi-port water spray, cool-spectrum LED illumination, in-office turbine replacements, and LubeFree Technology, “the quality you’ve come to expect in Star products is built in,” says product manager Bora Kilicoglu. ”Like other Star products, the Aeras 400 flex handpieces are proudly made in the USA.”

DENTALEZ® is committed to providing state-of-the-art dental practice solutions for unlimited interconnectivity, choice and control. With unwavering top-level customer service and support, the Company has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry. DENTALEZ has a proven history of providing tried-and-true dental products and equipment, and continues to manufacture a full line of technologically advanced front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star, Ramvac, Forest™, NevinLabs™ and Columbia Dentoform® . Visit for more information.


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