Tuesday, March 26, 2024

DEXIS Announces New AI Enhancements for Greater Efficiency of Implant Workflows


Over the years DEXIS has made some incredible advancements in the dental industry.  Theirs was the first intraoral sensor I ever held in my hand... and that was a long time ago.

Flash forward to today and the smart people at DEXIS have announced their latest achievement.  For dental professionals seeking to elevate their implant dentistry services, the latest update to DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow brings exciting new features. Version 1.0.10 goes beyond just intraoral scanning – it introduces a series of guided workflows and enhanced AI functionalities designed to optimize the entire implant process from diagnosis to delivery.

Confidence in Complex Situations:

DEXIS IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10 empowers clinicians to confidently capture accurate digital impressions even in intricate situations. The introduction of the AI Matching tool allows for the effortless acquisition of data for:

Multiple scanbodies

Full and partial edentulism

Blood-filled post-surgical sites

This eliminates the worry of compromised scans due to challenging conditions, ensuring consistent high-quality data for accurate implant planning.

Guided Workflows for Efficiency:

The software update doesn't stop at improved scanning capabilities. It introduces a new series of guided workflows, putting efficiency at the forefront. Clinicians can now navigate through:

CaseFlow Manage: This section offers a streamlined approach with pre-defined workflows. Simply fill in case information and follow the step-by-step guidance to efficiently acquire the necessary data for your chosen indication.

Full Arch Implant Workflow: This dedicated workflow takes you through a four-step process for acquiring precise full-arch data. The software guides you and automatically aligns scans in occlusion, resulting in one consolidated dataset ready for sending to labs or manufacturers.

Enhanced AI for Smoother Workflows:

Building on the strengths of previous versions, v.1.0.10 boasts advancements in AI functionalities. The improved Implant Scanbody AI Assist automatically detects and cleans scanbody data, ensuring consistently accurate scan results. Additionally, the software offers:

Enhanced digital impression rendering: This translates into smoother mesh quality and heightened scanning accuracy.

Systematic problem area detection: The software identifies any potential issues within your scan, allowing for prompt corrective actions.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10 represents a significant leap forward in digital implant dentistry. Its focus on user-friendly guided workflows, advanced AI capabilities, and enhanced scanning accuracy empowers dental professionals to provide exceptional implant care with greater efficiency. If you're looking to streamline your implant workflow and deliver the best possible experience for your patients, DEXIS IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10 is definitely worth exploring.

If you're looking for more info, there is a good write-up at the DPR website.  

If you'd like to be one of the first to get a firsthand look at this new tech, DEXIS is now taking signups for a webinar scheduled for Apirl 9th and you can sign up for the webinar with this link.  


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