Thursday, September 14, 2023

Dentbird AI: A New Way to Design Dental Crowns


In January of this year I went out on the proverbial limb and stated in my first column of the year that 2023 would be "The Year of AI in Dentistry".  My thought process was that I was seeing several companies making inroads to using the technology in dentistry and I thought, because of that, we'd see some interesting changes in the profession.  Wow!  Honestly, I didn't think it would explode like it has.  Now it seems that every little piece of dental tech is somehow improving with AI.  

Today's post goes that just a little bit further.  Dentbird AI has got a lot potentially going for it...

Dentbird AI is a cloud-based dental CAD software that uses artificial intelligence to automate the design of dental crowns. The software can be used to design crowns for both single and multiple teeth, and it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

The dental office first scans the patient's teeth using an intraoral scanner. The scan data is then uploaded to the Dentbird AI cloud platform, where the AI software analyzes it and generates a CAD design for the crown. The design can then be modified by the dentist or dental technician before it is sent to a dental lab for fabrication or the file can then be downloaded and the prosthesis created in the office by milling or 3D printing.

Dentbird AI offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of designing dental crowns. First, it is much faster and more efficient. The AI software can generate a CAD design in a matter of minutes, compared to the amount of time that it can take to design a crown manually.

Second, Dentbird AI is more accurate. The AI software is trained on a large dataset of real-world cases, so it is able to generate designs that are more accurate and precise than those that can be created manually.

Third, Dentbird AI is more affordable. The software is a subscription-based service, so dentists and dental technicians only need to pay for the time that they use it. This can potentially save money over the cost of traditional CAD software, depending on the amount of usage.  There is of course, the reliability of the office Internet connection as well.

If you are a dentist or dental technician, click this link to learn more about Dentbird AI.   

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