Thursday, October 13, 2022

WhipMix is Stepping Up with a TurnKey 3D Solution

I love it when a company does things the right way.  I've recently been doing a Test Drive for Whipmix and I've been very impressed.

Often when I'm working on an evaluation for a company, I am working with a single product.  However, the work I've been doing lately is a little different..  Whipmix has entered 3D in a big way with a whole turnkey system.  It includes a 3Shape intraoral scanner with access to cloud storage, 3D DLP printer, a 3D model wash station, and a 3D model curing oven.

While you could certainly buy all of these components from different companies, there is a certain advantage of scale that comes with having one company to order from and one company to call if you happen to need customer support.

Whipmix has greatly simplified the process of creating and using 3D printing.  In addition to hardware, they also have a full line of materials for the 3D printer.  They are calling their turnkey system Verione and if you are looking to get your office involved in the world of 3D printing (and you should!) , take a look at the offerings from WhipMix.  

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