Thursday, October 27, 2022

Amber Mill DIRECT and Perfit FS Now Undergoing Testing in our Office

For those of you who either have a mill in your office or are considering getting one (and if you aren't, NOW is the time to be looking into it), I have some interesting news.

For a lot of offices, they don't want to necessarily transfer ALL of their lab functions in-house.  What many offices are looking for is materials that can be polished to a finish instead of needing to stain and glaze using an oven.

However, along with that aspect, there is also the aspect of wanting certain materials that *require* firing in an oven.  Many offices would love to have the aesthetics of lithium disilicate or the strength of zirconia.  However, as we know lithium disilicate in its original state is lavender in color until it is fired.  Then there is zirconia which needs to be fired to shrink to the exact size needed to fit the prep.  If zirconia is *not* fired, the material will not fit.

Well, now those two concerns are no longer valid.  Amber Mill DIRECT is a lithium disilicate that is the correct shade when milled and can be polished to a high level.  Next up is Perfit FS which is a zirconia sintered block that does not require an over either.

Basically this means that offices wanting to do in-office milling can do so while getting the matterials they want with the convenience they need.

I've been fortunate enough to receive some samples of both materials and I will be milling some cases with them in the not too distant future.  Once we get some cases under our collective belts, I'll be posting more about how they perform.  I got a chance to see some of these milled restorations at the recently held SmileCon in Houston and in the DGShape booth, they looked amazing.  However, I'm a skeptic by nature and will withhold judgement until I work with the materials myself.

In the meantime though, here is a photo of a Perfit FS that I saw in Houston.  I'll be reporting back when I have more to say on these materials...

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