Thursday, May 9, 2024


For the last several years, when I've needed to protect my eyes from laser wavelengths, I've used Ease-In-Shields.  In fact, I was so impressed with them, that I brought them up during the meeting of the Cellerant Best of Class meeting where we determined the winners for 2017.  If I remember correctly, they were a unanimous winner with myself and the rest of the panel all voting "yes" to give them the award.

They offer incredible protection, but the *best* feature in my opinion is how easy they are to use.  Over 80% of dentists work with some type of magnification.  Doctors become so used to seeing everything magnified that we don't want to work without our surgical telescopes (loupes).  The question is "how do I continue to work with mag AND protect my eyes.  These lenses slide behind your glasses and allow the doctor to continue to work with magnification while also protecting the eyes.  The big plus is that you don't even have to take your mag off to use them.  They gently and easily slide between the scopes and your face which makes putting them on simple.  The operator doesn't even need to remove their mag, the shield slides in easily behind them while the mag stays in place on the doctor's face.

When you're finished they can be wiped down with a disinfectant.  It's a great and super easy thing to use.  I was thrilled to learn that the company has now been acquired by one of my favorite companies, Ultradent.   Here is all the info from the company...

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah May 8, 2024. Ultradent proudly announces the acquisition of Ease-In-ShieldsTM from ViewMax Solutions, LLC. Ease-In-Shields provides unique eye protection for laser and curing light users, with their double patented shape, allowing the shields to fit into most loupe and eyewear shapes for maximum safety.

Of the Ease-in-Shield acquisition, Scot Andersen, Ultradent’s Vice-President of Business Development, said, “After years of working with ViewMax Solutions LLC, we’re pleased to announce the acquisition of their product, Ease-In-ShieldsTM. We’re excited to continue working in conjunction with the founders to promote Ease-In-Shields more broadly in the dental space.” 

Ease-In-Shields’ polycarbonate construction makes them both light and strong, less prone to fogging, and unlike other laser filter inserts in the market, offering total protective coverage as certified by Laservision USA’s Safety Laboratories.

The Ease-In-Shields won the prestigious 2017 Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology award, thanks to the unprecedented protection they offer and their unique benefits, such as quick and hygienic placement and removal from loupes without having to remove eyewear from the face. Ease-In-Shields’ various options afford eye protection for different types of laser wavelengths and accommodate many facial sizes.

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