Monday, June 26, 2023

Ultradent Announces New Jiffy Spin Disks


I've been a huge fan of Ultradent Jiffy Polishers for quite a while now.  I'm pretty excited about these new disks as the Jiffy line always provides a great polish!

 Jiffy™ Spin Disks, the latest addition to Ultradent's restorative dental product lineup, is a shaping and finishing disk system designed to provide an efficient instrument set for high-quality restorations.

The disks are thin enough for interproximal finishing and shaping. The disks are coated for aluminum oxide and available in grits ranging from coarse to fine. An additional diamond grit disk makes the system capable of gross removal and rapid interproximal shaping.

Compatible with both ceramic and composite dental materials, Jiffy Spin disks are described as an affordable system that allows for a seamless transition starting with the diamond disk and moving on from coarse to fine disks to complete restorations with lasting shine.

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