Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Experian Hacks Allow for Criminals to Take Over Legitimate Accounts - Thanks to Brian Krebs

 One of the best security websites on the Internet, in my opinion, is

Brian Krebs is an investigative journalist who, at one time, worked for the Washington Post for 14 years.  He is probably one of the best computer security journalists on the planet.  I read his stuff frequently and I highly recommend his book Spam Nation.

I wanted to give Brian a bit of an introduction in today's post because the post today is actually short because he has done all the heavy lifting on this one.  It seems that there have been criminals hijacking legitimate customer accounts on credit bureau site Experian.

Of course, this is a pretty dangerous site to have a compromised account on.  I think most of you should give this article a definite read just to make sure you are well informed and aware of how this thing is happening.

A big thank you to Brian Krebs for all of his hard work on this & other issues and stories.  Follow this link to read the post.  

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