Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Pearl’s Second Opinion® Receives Clearance in Brazil, Paving the Way for AI-Assisted Dental Radiology in the World’s Third-Largest Dental Market

 Pearl, the leader in dental AI solutions, today announced that its Second Opinion® chairside clinical AI software has received clearance from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), opening the door to AI-enabled dental care for dentists and patients across Brazil – the world’s third-largest dental market. Second Opinion® is the first and only chairside, FDA-cleared AI radiologic detection aid that can help dentists identify numerous common dental conditions across a broad range of patients, including tooth decay, calculus, and root abscesses.

In addition to the Brazilian clearance announced today and FDA clearance early this year, Second Opinion® has received European CE Mark, Canadian MDEL, UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Australian TGA, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, and New Zealand MEDSAFE clearances. With revenue from Brazil’s oral healthcare market totaling over $2B in 2022 and an expected annual growth of 6.91% expected through 2026, the introduction of Second Opinion® to the Brazilian dental market marks another major step toward Pearl’s goal to elevate the standard of dental care worldwide.

Second Opinion® supports dental professionals in their review of radiographs by applying computer vision AI technology to identify and highlight key pathologic and nonpathologic findings, including dental caries (cavities), bone loss, root abscesses, calculus (tartar), faulty restorations, impactions, crowns, fillings, root canals, implants and more. The AI delivers its findings in real-time for patient-facing display in the dental operatory, helping dentists ensure the accuracy of their x-ray evaluations and enabling them to better communicate diagnoses to patients. Because x-rays are a fundamental feature of everyday preventive dentistry, Pearl’s automatic x-ray reading software is one of the first medical applications of AI most people will encounter in their healthcare experience.

"We look forward to expanding Second Opinion’s reach in Brazil to ensure even more patients benefit from the improved diagnostic consistency that AI brings to dentistry,” said Ophir Tanz, CEO and founder of Pearl. "The size and reach of the Brazilian dental market will ensure that a large percentage of global dental patients get to experience this innovation, and we’re excited that on the heels of our recent FDA clearance, Second Opinion continues to gain traction around the world.”

Dentists in Brazil and other approved country's can begin using Pearl’s Second Opinion® today by visiting www.hellopearl.com/products/second-opinion.

About Pearl

Pearl is shaping the future of dental care by delivering AI and computer vision solutions that advance efficiency, accuracy, transparency and patient care. Founded in 2019 by Ophir Tanz, Pearl is backed by Craft Ventures and other leading venture capital firms. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit https://www.hellopearl.com.

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