Tuesday, January 18, 2022

MouthWatch Announces Special One Time Pricing until Thursday January 20th

I've been a fan of MouthWatch intraoral cameras ever since they came on the market a few years ago.  The company has even managed to make my annual Top 5 Test Drive article twice.

They sell an amazingly good intraoral camera for an incredibly reasonable price.  Before MouthWatch, I was paying around $3500 for intraoral cameras.  That's not a small amount when you factor in that my office has 7 operatories.

MouthWatch cameras can be purchased for $299 and the price drops if you buy 2 or more at once.  These cameras provide incredible images AND they don't crush your budget.  In fact, I actually keep some cameras in stock in case something goes wrong with one.  I would have never tied up $3500 for a "just in case" scenario for a camera.  However, with MouthWatch I can easily keep 2 or 3 cameras in my inventory in case one of the 7 in use has a problem.

Now the company has announced that until Thursday January 20th you can take an additional $150 off orders of $1000 or more.  There is no discount code or anything special to do.  Simply go to the webpage and place your order.

I'm a big believer in MouthWatch.  We use them everyday and they are critical to our standard operating procedures.  If you are looking for a great intraoral camera, give them a try!

Here is the link for you to find out more...  

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