Tuesday, November 16, 2021

State of Maine Excludes Dentistry from Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

A bit of a short post today as most of the info is coming from another page... 

The State of Maine has created a "vaccine mandate" that determines what professions have a requirement to have their employees vaccinated against Covid-19.  Last week the state released its final vaccination rule and that rule does not include dentistry. 

This means that dental practices in the state of Maine are not required to ensure that their employees are vaccinated.  In some states vaccination is a requirement for any and all healthcare workers and those who do not comply are terminated.  Allowing an employee in those states to continue working without vaccination is a violation of law.

However, that is not the case for dentistry in the state of Maine.  

The Maine Dental Association has section of their homepage dedicated to this topic along with several links to other sites that go into greater detail on the situation.  If you'd like to read the info from the Maine Dental Association you can follow this link.  

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