Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Unboxing of AMD's Monet Handheld Curing Laser - A Video Review

Curing in dentistry has come a long, long way.  When I started in practice (which was quite a while ago), I remember that curing times for composites were about 60 seconds.

In the late 90s I bought a curing laser!!!  It allowed me to cure composites in 10 seconds!!!  Unfortunately the device was also huge and ran hot.  The laser was about the size of a box of Air Jordan's (you know, the *really* big shoe box).  Needless to say, that laser did NOT move from that treatment area. There were also a couple of large fans that were needed to keep the components cool.  The fans were *really, really* noisy and the electronics ran so hot that if were did 3 or 4 restorations in one appointment, the room we were in would rise in temperature 10 degrees Fahrenheit (and I am NOT kidding about that).  I was glad I had the laser because it made me so much more efficient, but there were some definite problems with the system.  I really loved the laser, but I didn't need all the problems that came with it.

Now those problems are all in the past.  AMD has introduced the Monet handheld curing laser.  It has all of the size and ease of use of an LED curing light, with the power to cure composites in 1 second!

I recently created a video where I unbox the Monet.  My buddies at Dental Products Report have got it edited and posted.  Give it a view and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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