Thursday, September 30, 2021

Infinix by Nobio now Undergoing Clinical Testing


It's a funny thing about composites.  There are continual efforts put into new generations of the materials, but most of them are small, incremental changes.  Those kinds of things are nice, but they don't really shake up the product category, let alone the industry at large.

The good news is that everyone once in a while a new product arrives that is a true showstopper.  

A showstopper might very well be what we have here.  

Statistics show that composite restorations fail because of decay at the tooth-restoration interface (the margin).  Composite restorations offer many advantages, but recurrent decay is one of the material's weaknesses.  Currently the best way to prevent that marginal breakdown is accomplished by home care (brushing and flossing) and professional cleaning and fluoride application.

Now... what if the composite material itself killed the bacteria at the tooth-restoration interface?  That is the promise of Nobio's material called Infinix.  

The material contains a molecule that is quaternary ammonium bonded to silica-based filler particles.  These molecules are mixed into the composite as it is manufactured, meaning it is throughout the material.  This molecule actually microscopically punctures the bacterial cell membrane which kills the bacteria that cause decay.

The Quaternary Ammonium Silica (QASi) is "part" of the composite.  It doesn't wear out or get "used up".  It is there for as long as the composite is there.

Nobio has received FDA clearance to sell their material.

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to evaluate the material in a clinical environment.  I'll be placing Infinix restorations and will report back here to let you know my results and experiences.  Stay tuned...

For all the info on Infinix and Nobio, check out the company website.  

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