Monday, October 31, 2016

Annoying but Most Popular Songs...

Do you ever hear a song on the radio and think "I know everyone loves this tune, but I can't stand it"?

Well, you are not alone.  It seems that recently a group of friends were discussing this topic and decided to turn to Twitter and ask users their thoughts/opinions.

Within a fairly short amount of time they were inundated with responses.  So much so that they compiled a list of over 300 songs that fit in this category.

Interested in all the details?  Here is a link to the story.  

You may be amazed at some of the songs on the list...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Global $3.7 Billion Dentistry 3D Printing Report 2016-2026: Ten-Year Forecasts and Opportunity Analysis

Here is some great info from Globe Newswire.

3D Printing is not far away in dentistry.  There are now several "skunkworks" that are working away as I type this seeking to develop the perfect material to allow dentistry to print restorations.  We are currently using subtractive technology (mills) to grind blocks into restorations.  However, in the not too distant future we'll be using additive technology (3D printers) to create the same prosthetics, but the fit, quality, etc will be better than existing tech can produce.  Read on for more info from Globe Newswire.

Dublin, Oct. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the"3D Printing in Dentistry 2016: A Ten-Year Forecast and Opportunity Analysis" report to their offering.

This new report assesses the revenues from 3D printers and related software, materials and services sold to the dentistry sector in 2016 will reach $1.6 billion but says that such revenues will grow to $3.7 billion by 2021
The dental industry continues to be one of the strongest targets for development of new 3D printers, materials, and applications. Revenues from additive manufacturing (AM) in the dental sector have grown almost 12 percent since 2015. Conversely, challenges in the 3D printing industry as a whole were weathered in part thanks to a continuing acceptance of digital technologies in the dental world. Dental professionals from every corner of the market now agree that digital dentistry is the way of the future.

This second annual study of 3D printing in the dental sector analyzes the commercial implications of a number of major trends that have emerged over the last twelve months.

The report is based on an extensive interview program and offers a true insider perspective. Included in this comprehensive report are the following: 
  • Ten-year 3D printing opportunity and market data forecasts in volume and value terms. These cover hardware, materials, software, and services
  • The first ever "Comprehensive Guide to Dental 3D Printing Hardware," which includes the most complete evaluation of available printers, materials, and other products that specifically target the dental industry specifically
  • New 3D printing software analysis for the dental sector. Discussion dental printer software, application specific dental workflow software, 3D scanning tools, and laboratory production management software.
  • Discussion of the latest application developments for dental 3D printing, from directly printed clear aligners to ultra-realistic fully printed dentures
  • Market shares for hardware sales in 2015 by printer technology category along with a detailed hardware selling price analysis
Among the new trends in dental 3DP that are considered in this report are the following: 
  • The impending adaptation of high-speed, layerless vat photopolymerzation printers to dental industry requirements.
  • The acceptance of low-cost photopolymerization systems by both dental laboratories and individual dentists. This continues to bring digital technologies within reach of the whole dental value chain and closer to patients
  • Uncertainty in the PFM restoration market in North America, but with the simultaneous rise of dental implants utilizing titanium
  • The development of long-term dental printing materials for use in directly fabricating permanent restorations and directly printed clear aligners

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AT&T is Spying on Your Mobile Phone and You are Paying for it with Tax Dollars

Are you an AT&T customer?  According to stats, the company operates around 75% of all the landlines in the U.S., is the second largest wireless carrier, and the third largest ISP.  Impressive?  You bet.

However, I'm fond of the line by Machiavelli "absolute power corrupts absolutely" and this for sure applies to the current state of AT&T.  It seems the company is using software called "Project Hemisphere" which allows the company to scoop up tons of data on its own users which it then regularly sells to the U.S. Government.

That's right.  You pay them to use the network and why you do so, they monitor you and keep the data.  THEN they sell that data to the feds who pay AT&T with money that comes from your taxes.  Talk about taking a double hit.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nintendo Switch set to Debut in March 2017

Whenever there is a new gaming system or gaming console getting close to market, you know geeks can't help themselves.  This is just another example of that...

In March of 2017, Nintendo will bring to market their next game system.  It's called the "Switch" and after taking a look at it, it's pretty easy to tell where it gets its name.  The device is portable and can have some pieces removed or relocated depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Take a look at the video below:

Here is the some of the info from Nintendo's press release regarding the Switch:

In an introductory video released today (, Nintendo provided the first glimpse of its new home gaming system and revealed that it is called Nintendo Switch. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.
At home, Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room. By simply lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, the system will instantly transition to portable mode, and the same great gaming experience that was being enjoyed at home now travels with you. The portability of Nintendo Switch is enhanced by its bright high-definition display. It brings the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on an airplane, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.
Gaming springs into action by removing detachable Joy-Con controllers from either side of Nintendo Switch. One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one; or multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options. They can easily click back into place or be slipped into a Joy-Con Grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, if preferred, the gamer can select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead of the Joy-Con controllers. Furthermore, it is possible for numerous people to bring their Nintendo Switch systems together to enjoy local multiplayer face-to-face competition.
“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO, Nintendo of America. “It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.”

Monday, October 24, 2016

Keystone Dental Inc. Partners with Core3dcentres® NA for Advanced Digital Dentistry Solutions

Las Vegas, NV – October 20, 2016 –Core3dcentres NA and Keystone Dental Inc. are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into a unique partnership. Under the agreement, Core3dcentres NA will manufacture and distribute custom milled components for Keystone Dental’s TiLobe Connection of Prima, Genesis, and MAX-TL Implant Systems. This will create a streamlined operation, linked together by an Internet portal, which integrates the digitized patient data and facilitates the flow of information from clinician—to lab—to the Core3dcentres milling center. The end goal: enhanced efficiency between the clinician and lab, and satisfied patients with individualized esthetic custom abutments on their implants. 

Core3dcentres NA is ISO 13485:2012 and continues to undergo a rigorous certification process (including machined samples, material handling and product training) to ensure their Milling Centers are meeting the high standards and quality levels that Keystone Dental demands. 

“The partnership with Core3dcentres will expand our presence in the digital dentistry market and allow Keystone Dental to notably enter the CAD/CAM arena to produce titanium and Titanium base Zirconia abutments. We are pleased to partner with Core3dcentres, combining our global presence and renowned quality with their technological expertise and know-how, to provide our clinicians and labs with a state-of-the-art digital solution,” says John De Angelo, Director, Clinical Development, Keystone Dental Inc. 

Both Core3dcentres and Keystone Dental are very excited by this partnership as it opens up new opportunities for the dental industry and reinforces both companies’ commitment to using the best technologies, materials and processes available in the market today. 

For more information on Keystone Dental custom milled components from Core3dcentres, or any other products, services and educational offerings, please visit; or contact us toll-free at 1-888-750-9204 or by email at 

About Core3dcentres® 

With production centers in Sydney, Australia; Calgary, Canada; Las Vegas, USA; Glasgow, Scotland; Maartensdijk, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Osaka, Japan; Engelsbrand and Munich, Germany and growing every day, Core3dcentres offers the one of the most comprehensive suites of digital implant solutions today, allowing dental laboratories of any size to fully service every indication in 
dentistry’s most rapidly growing market segment with greater precision, faster turnaround and greater dentist and patient satisfaction. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technologies for a complete one-stop implant-crown solution, Core3dcentres supplies a full range of digital solutions, all supported by one of the largest ranges of dual-use lab/intraoral scan bodies (radiopaque and autoclavable) on the market today; lab analogs; digital model analogs; screws; titanium bases; hybrid abutments; titanium abutments and bars; and frameworks in PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium and Co-Cr for screw-retained bridges. 

About Keystone Dental Inc. 

Keystone Dental is an oral healthcare company that delivers advanced, easy-to-use implants, biomaterials and planning software for dental professionals focused on providing the most functional and most esthetically pleasing outcomes possible. At Keystone Dental we know you want more than just the best outcome for your patients. You want it to be the most functional, most esthetically pleasing outcome possible. You want the latesta technology. But you don’t want it over- engineered. Most of all, you want to work with an oral healthcare company with smarter solutions. A company that’s responsive to your needs. And those needs start with making things simpler. Simpler ways to switch. Simpler ways to order systems and parts. Simpler ways to get help when you need it. At Keystone Dental, we think simpler is smarter. It’s what you deserve. It’s what we promise to deliver every day. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

DEXIS Delivers Enhanced CariVu Software

  • Hatfield, PA (October 19, 2016) DEXISTM, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, is pleased to announce its most recent software update for CariVuTM, the compact, portable caries detection device that uses unique, patented trans- illumination technology to easily detect a range of carious lesions (occlusal, interproximal, secondary/recurrent) and cracks. DEXIS’ reputation for listening and responding to the needs of its owner base has once again resulted in product improvement. CariVu owners have requested new features, and the DEXIS team has delivered with this latest software module.
    This latest update incorporates noteworthy enhancements that build even more value into this ground-breaking device.
    Fresh User Experience — The software interface has been fully redesigned with a sleek modern look and further intuitive, streamlined functionality.
    Quick Capture — It takes only a one-second squeeze of the ring to freeze and save CariVu images into the patient record.
    Same-Tooth Comparison Aid — For easier diagnostic comparison and monitoring changes over time, the software auto-draws an outline of a prior image of the same tooth which aids in acquiring new images that are the same size and orientation.
    On-screen Acquisition Guidance — On-screen indicator provides guidance on whether the lens should be closer to the tooth or farther away to achieve the clearest image results in the shortest time.
    5-Second Video Capture — When exploring a lesion by navigating the tip of the device around the tooth, a short video clip can be captured, providing more complete visual diagnostic data on the tooth.
    Incorporated easily into current workflow, CariVu serves as a valuable adjunct tool for the identification of tooth decay when used with clinical and radiographic examinations. The information obtained from CariVu can be stored in DEXIS software with other types of patient images, and CariVu images are captured without any ionizing radiation.
    In addition to its impressive 99 percent accuracy rate*, CariVu already offered many features to maximize efficiency. Now, clinicians can use a foot pedal to freeze and save CariVu images to promote steadier hands and reduce handpiece movement. An orientation feature, “mesial” and “buccal” tagging, can be added to both captured and saved images. With intra-oral radiograph mode, the user can associate the direction of the live video with the flow of the patient’s arch as well as the corresponding X-ray.
    “As a result of this latest software update, CariVu continues to evolve,” says Marshall Martin, Senior Product Manager for DEXIS. “Our latest software update reflects the types of technology that clinicians are asking for — highly diagnostic imaging for caries detection, an easily integrated workflow, an impressive degree of accuracy, and no ionizing radiation. We will continue hearing and acting upon our owners’ voices to make this already excellent caries detection device even better.”
    More information on CariVu 2.0 software can be found in our CariVu Software 2.0 What’s New document and at

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yahoo Secretly Scanning Email for United State Government...

A story has broken today that in 2015 Yahoo engineers were ordered to create a software application that could scan users of the company's free web based email service for an "unspecified string of characters".

When the company's security team discovered it, they thought the company had been hacked.  The directive to perform this scanning came from either the NSA or the FBI.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ultradent to receive the 2016 Golden Hands Award of Xcellence on October 21, 2016

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – October 17, 2016 – The 2016 Golden Hands Award of Xcellence will be presented to Ultradent on Friday, October 21, 2016, in Denver, Colorado, at the American Dental Association Annual Conference.  The award will be presented at Ultradent Exhibit Booth #1837 at 12:00pm.

The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising has been hailed as the “prestigious top national honor for ethics and truth in advertising” by the most-circulated dental magazines.

The award is presented annually on behalf of the dental community, to a company that in the opinion of the profession, exhibits Dentistry’s most noble ideals: Ethical Conduct Truth in Advertising, Placement of Public Health before Profits, Dependable Products and Services Knowledgeable Professionals and Excellent Customer Service.

The recipient of the Golden Hands Award was chosen utilizing the aforementioned criteria through a multi-step process:   Over 3,000 companies were evaluated.  Nominees were presented by a number of prominent dental professionals involved in dental education and/or product research.  Dentists across the United States subsequently registered and voted for the winner.

Costing thousands of dollars to design and manufacture, the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence has the distinction of being the most elaborate award in Dentistry. Conceptualized by Amir H. Motamed, D.D.S., the sculpture has been designed and made by commissioned artist and master craftsman, Donjo.  Using the lost-wax process, the sculpture is made of casted Bronze over Italian Marble base.  The hands are patina.  The logo is casted bronze, then polished and enamelized with automobile paint.  The sculpture stands 16 inches tall and weighs 19 pounds.  The sculpture highlights the caring “Golden Hands of Dentistry” caressing the colored triangles of the profession:  Dental Education, Dental Professionals, Dental Organizations and the Dental Industry - all pointing to a common core.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Farm Animal Deaths Due to Hurricaine Matthew

A short post today because the info is all in the story.

The flooding from Hurricane Matthew has caused massive deaths of farm animals in the Carolinas.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vera Bradley Announces the Company has been Hacked

Women's handbag & accessory manufacturer Vera Bradley announced that between July 25th and September 23rd 2016 hackers accessed data from the company's customers.  Data accessed includes credit card numbers, cardholder names, card expiration dates, and card security codes.

The data came from the company's stores where it is believed it was stolen through their payment processing system.  In the not too distant past, Target suffered a similar type of hack.

Although it is not clear how they came to know before the company, the FBI notified Vera Bradley of the problem on September 15th.

The company announced the hack and that they have "stopped this incident".  It is not currently known how many customers are affected, but the company also announced they are working with security firm FireEye's to increase and improve their security.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YouTube Beats Network TV in Presidential Debate Viewer Numbers

In this ever evolving tech world in which we live, the data of numbers rarely lies.  In the past few years we've seen more and more people move away from TV schedules and more to on demand viewing.  Even news isn't immune to this practice.

It seems that for the Sunday night presidential debate, substantially more viewers chose to watch on YouTube than on the live network broadcast.  63 million people watched on television as opposed to 124 million views on YouTube.

Of course, you have to be careful with your analysis of the numbers as YouTube is available globally while the US network broadcast is not.

Still it's pretty impressive to me.  Personally I cannot remember the last time (other than a sporting event) that I actually tuned into a TV show at the exact time it began.  It's just too easy to do otherwise with all the choices available...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Show of the Future of Helping those with Catastrophic Injuries... Cybathlon

Over the weekend in Zurich, developers and "pilots" gathered to test and show what is possible with bionics and other prosthetics.

The BBC was there and have a really interesting article complete with images and videos.  I found the whole thing fascinating and am excited about the future of this field.  If we can't use technology to help our fellow man, what good is it?

Way too many people struggle through every day activities because of some type of injury.  Being able to help those people to regain the quality of life we all expect is a big deal.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Internet Security Threat Report

Interested in the specifics of Internet Security?  Want to take a look at risk and what businesses are at risk?

Take a look at this link.  It's Symantec's Security Threat Report & it is a fasinating and enlightening read.  The pdf file is available at this link.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Green Tea Intake as an Adjunct to Mechanical Periodontal Therapy for the Management of Mild to Moderate Chronic Periodontitis: A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial

Aditi Chopra / Betsy S. Thomas / Karthik Sivaraman / Hemanth K. Prasad / Shoba U. Kamath
Purpose: To evaluate and compare the beneficial effects of green tea intake on the total antioxidant capacity of gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) and plasma, and to examine its role as an adjunct to nonsurgical periodontal therapy for the management of chronic periodontitis.
Materials and Methods: 120 subjects with mild to moderate chronic periodontitis were divided equally into two groups. After scaling and root planing in all subjects, green tea supplements were given to the case group and a placebo to the control group. The clinical parameters gingival index, plaque index, clinical probing depth, clinical attachment loss, percentage of sites with bleeding on probing, along with total antioxidant capacity of GCF and plasma were recorded at baseline, one and three months.
Results: There was a significant improvement in all clinical parameters along with an 8-fold greater antioxidant capacity in GCF in the case group than in the control group.
Conclusion: Green tea intake as a component of nonsurgical periodontal therapy is promising for superior and rapid resolution of the disease process. Green tea increases the total antioxidant capacity of GCF and plasma along with potent anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-plaque effects.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System to be Featured & Demonstrated at ACTA, Amsterdam

Surgical Placement of the Minimally Invasive, REPLICATE™ Tooth 
Will be Streamed Live Into Lecture Hall
BERLIN, GERMANY – September 15, 2016 – Natural Dental Implants (NDI), AG today announced that its REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System 2.0 will be featured and demonstrated during the upcoming first Root Analogue Implant REPLICATE Tooth Congress at the Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam (ACTA) on Saturday, November 12th. ACTA is regarded as one of the top 5 dental research institutes in the world.

According to Lea Ellermeier Nesbit, CEO of Natural Dental Implants’ US subsidiary, “As we seek FDA approval, it’s worth noting that the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System has been used successfully for several years by some of Europe’s most respected oral surgeons and implantologists. This prestigious event will showcase the clinical acceptance and breadth of this technology.”

The conference will be co-hosted by Prof. Dr. DaniĆ«l Wismeijer, the ACTA Department of Oral Surgery and Natural Dental Implants AG and will explore the technologies that enable personalized treatment and explain how they can raise the standard of care across dentistry and medicine.  

The REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System is at the forefront of this evolution and attendees will see firsthand how a customized root analog implant system works. They will learn about the design and manufacturing technologies used to make these custom dental implants, the clinical indications and patient selection process and also observe a live surgical placement of a REPLICATE™ Tooth. 

The complete agenda is available here: ACTA-REPLICATE Congress ( In addition, a recording of the surgical placement of a REPLICATETooth can be viewed by registering for the REPLICATE System Doctor Portal (

About the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System:

The REPLICATE™ System 2.0 features the REPLICATE™ Tooth, an anatomically-shaped, 100% customized, titanium-zirconia tooth, and the REPLICATE™ Temporary Protective Crown, a customized cover shield designed to protect the REPLICATE Tooth during the healing process. This new approach to single-tooth replacement offers patients an immediate, minimally invasive alternative to traditional dental implants and three-unit bridges. 

The REPLICATE Tooth is an anatomical copy of the patient’s natural tooth that fits into the space occupied by the tooth being removed. It is one piece; a super-hydrophilic titanium root fused to a zirconia preparation with an emerging profile similar to that of a natural tooth. Each REPLICATE Tooth component is designed individually and can be modified to overcome anatomical limitations or to meet specific clinical requirements. This unique approach allows general dentists and specialists to immediately replace single and multi-rooted teeth without drilling or altering the adjacent teeth.
Natural Dental Implants AG, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and a U.S. subsidiary based in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2006 to develop the intellectual property behind the REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System.  Research and development operations began in 2009.  The REPLICATE System is available in the European Union and will be offered in the United States pending FDA approval. Visit to learn more.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

University of Mississippi Medical Center Fined for HIPAA Violations

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has agreed to pay a $2.75 million fine for HIPAA violations.  I've said it before here and I will continue to say it, you have got to do everything you can to make sure patient data is secure.  In the case below, having an open wifi access point is something anyone remotely involved with security should notice.

Here is all the pertinent info from the Department of Health and Human Services:

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has agreed to settle multiple alleged violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR). OCR’s investigation of UMMC was triggered by a breach of unsecured electronic protected health information (“ePHI”) affecting approximately 10,000 individuals. During the investigation, OCR determined that UMMC was aware of risks and vulnerabilities to its systems as far back as April 2005, yet no significant risk management activity occurred until after the breach, due largely to organizational deficiencies and insufficient institutional oversight. UMMC will pay a resolution amount of $2,750,000 and adopt a corrective action plan to help assure future compliance with HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.
“In addition to identifying risks and vulnerabilities to their ePHI, entities must also implement reasonable and appropriate safeguards to address them within an appropriate time frame,” said OCR Director Jocelyn Samuels. “We at OCR remain particularly concerned with unaddressed risks that may lead to impermissible access to ePHI.”
On March 21, 2013, OCR was notified of a breach after UMMC’s privacy officer discovered that a password-protected laptop was missing from UMMC’s Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). UMMC's investigation concluded that it had likely been stolen by a visitor to the MICU who had inquired about borrowing one of the laptops.  OCR’s investigation revealed that ePHI stored on a UMMC network drive was vulnerable to unauthorized access via UMMC’s wireless network because users could access an active directory containing 67,000 files after entering a generic username and password. The directory included 328 files containing the ePHI of an estimated 10,000 patients dating back to 2008. 
Further, OCR’s investigation revealed that UMMC failed to:
  • implement its policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations; 
  • implement physical safeguards for all workstations that access ePHI to restrict access to authorized users;
  • assign a unique user name and/or number for identifying and tracking user identity in information systems containing ePHI; and
  • notify each individual whose unsecured ePHI was reasonably believed to have been accessed, acquired, used, or disclosed as a result of the breach.
University of Mississippi is the state’s sole public academic health science center with education and research functions. In addition it provides patient care in four specialized hospitals on the Jackson campus and at clinics throughout Jackson and the state. Its designated health care component, UMMC, includes University Hospital, the site of the breach in this case, located on the main UMMC campus in Jackson.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Retired NFL Players Sue to Block Settlement

BleacherReport is stating that a group of NFL retired players is trying to stop the 1 billion dollar concussion settlement.  Interesting info lies in the article below.  As someone who has had severe head trauma and has a buddy who is a retired player, I stand with the plaintiffs on this one...

A petition filed Monday by 31 former NFL players is asking the United States Supreme Court to block the $1 billion settlement between the league and players regarding its handling of concussions.
Maryclaire Dale of the Associated Press obtained the motion, which argued the NFL wouldn't be doing enough regarding future diagnoses of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The settlement set a cutoff date of April 2015, which means players diagnosed with CTE after that date would not receive compensation.
The NFL has offered to pay players individual settlements of up to $4 million, depending on the severity of their conditions. In their motion, the players argued the deal violates Supreme Court rulings that state all members of a class-action settlement must be treated fairly.
A proposed settlement, which first took form in August 2013, has been tied up in court for more than three years. A federal judge blocked the initial settlement, asking the NFL to make sweeping changes that would ensure a potential money pool would not run out. Thesettlement was then preliminarily approved in July 2014 before hitting another roadblock, with the judge again asking the NFL to ensure an equitable agreement.
An appeals court upheld the final approval of the settlement in April this year.
"They risk making the perfect the enemy of the good," the court said of the players who objected that the settlement was too restrictive, per Ken Belson of the New York Times. "This settlement will provide nearly $1 billion in value to the class of retired players. It is a testament to the players, researchers and advocates who have worked to expose the true human costs of a sport so many love. Though not perfect, it is fair."
The estate of former running back Cookie Gilchrist previously askedthe Supreme Court to look at the settlement in August.
"We live in a country that is governed by the rule of law," Jared Beck, one of the attorneys handling the Gilchrist estate, told A.J. Perez of USA Today. "We are pursuing the case on behalf of an extraordinary gentleman, Cookie Gilchrist. The settlement is unfair."
With the agreement tied up in litigation, none of the players or their families have received payment. Those handling the agreement from both sides have asked the courts to reject appeals so the payment process can begin.
It is unlikely that the Supreme Court would hear the case. As Perez noted, the Supreme Court hears about 1 percent of the petitions it receives each year.