Friday, January 30, 2015

DEXIS launches its updated version of the iPad® app, DEXIS go 2.0, with new levels of usability and aesthetics designed for patient communication

Hatfield, PA (January 27, 2014) DEXIS™, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, is pleased to release its newest version of the iPad app, DEXIS go 2.0. This update brings new levels of usability, aesthetics and image quality to the engaging app that allows dental professionals to communicate with patients using an iPad. DEXIS go 2.0 continues to provide a great visual patient experience around image presentation with added enhancements resulting in highly intuitive, useful imaging tools.

Utilizing an iPad, DEXIS go 2.0 provides these added benefits: 
  • Seamless connection with DEXIS Mac
  • Faster image transfer
  • Simplified interface leading to clearer navigation
  • Expanded imaging browsing methods
  • Privacy enhancements
  • Extended connectivity for dental professionals who port their iPad to multiple practices
DEXIS go 2.0 still offers the features that provide a great visual patient experience around image presentation in support of clinical findings and treatment recommendations. DEXIS go functions as an imaging hub and displays all images within a patient record: intra- and extra-oral radiographs as well as intra- and extra-oral photographs.  Its graphical environment looks beautiful, whether on the iPad’s retina display or on non-retina displays.

Even with these enhancements, DEXIS go 2.0 remains simple to use. A tap of the 3-way toggle changes the display from a new standard mouth view to the horizontal-scrolling historical mouth view. Another tap puts all images into a vertical-scrolling format sorted by date. As always, a quick tap of any thumbnail image displays that image in full screen mode. From that enlarged view, a single tap anywhere within the image area also displays a convenient "filmstrip" of all available patient images of the same type, so that the clinician can locate a desired thumbnail and tap it to see it in full size. 

The new DEXIS 2.0 still retains the quad environment of the original app, while new animations and transitions enhance the user experience. “We focused on implementing the changes that improve usability. With quick taps on the iPad, clinicians can access the most recent image or locate a specific historical image quickly,” states John Steck, Vice President of Product Management for DEXIS. “With credential management, it is secure for purposes of HIPAA in the dental environment, but with the convenience, familiarity and flair that people have come to expect from the iPad.”

To experience the new DEXIS go 2.0, download it for free from the Apple® iTunes® store; it includes a set of sample patients and images that can be used to try out the app even without having DEXIS Imaging Suite installed.

Indications for use: DEXIS go is an optional patient image presentation application for portable devices to be used with the DEXIS Software. It allows presentation of intra-oral and extra-oral images to the patients. 

DEXIS is an industry leader in developing high quality digital imaging solutions for the dental community. In 1997, DEXIS introduced digital radiography on laptop computers — making it the first truly portable and affordable digital X-ray system. In 2001, DEXIS became the first intra-oral digital radiography system to be accepted by the American Dental Association into the highly prestigious ADA Seal Program. Today, DEXIS is the most highly awarded intra-oral digital X-ray system with numerous awards from dental researchers and well-respected dental publications. For more information on the DEXIS Imaging Suite of products including the DEXIS™ Platinum Sensor and CariVu™, visit

DEXIS is a member of the KaVo Kerr Group. KaVo Kerr Group is a global portfolio of leading dental brands that share common values of Trust, Experience, Choices, Quality and Smart Innovation. Brands include KaVo, Kerr, Kerr Total Care, Pentron, Axis|Sybron Endo, Orascoptic, Pelton & Crane, Marus, Gendex, DEXIS, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, i-CAT, NOMAD, Implant Direct and Ormco. With over 500 years of combined experience and proven solutions, KaVo Kerr Group uniquely serves 99% of all dental practices. Visit for more information. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Birds of Prey with Head Mounted Camera...

I found this pretty interesting.  Obviously with the proliferation of wearable cameras to capture our every moment, you knew someone was going to put one on an animal at some point.

I'm pretty sure we can learn a lot about all kinds of zoological things utilizing this in the future.  As the technology continues to evolve we'll see size and weight of the devices continue to drop.  That means we'll probably get a truer picture (pun intended) of what the animal sees & does.   Heck, when they get small enough, I'd love to see inside a beehive, follow a mosquito, or let's mount one of these on a Reef Shark and see what's going on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microsoft Announces AR System Hololens

I absolutely, *love* Ironman.  For those of you who have seen the first one, you will remember Tony Stark interacting with his design software as the designs floated in the air in front of him.  At the time I thought that was some pretty CGI, now it turns out, Microsoft is about to make that a reality.

The Microsoft Hololens will add AR or Augmented Reality to your world.  Curious about what that means?  Just  watch the video.  It explains it better than I ever could.  Enjoy!  Oh, and I'm buying one of these.  I just need to know where to send my money...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Internet Brands Acquires Sesame Communications

Best-in-Class, Cloud-Based Patient Engagement Solutions Firm a Valuable Addition to Internet Brands’ Rapidly Growing Health Portfolio
LOS ANGELES, CA–(Jan 26, 2015) – Internet Brands today announced that it has acquired Seattle-based Sesame Communications, a leading provider of cloud-based patient engagement and digital marketing solutions for the dental and orthodontic industries.
Founded in 1999, Sesame Communications is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the United States. It serves thousands of dental and orthodontic practices with products and services that help them grow their practices.
Sesame Communications joins Internet Brands’ rapidly growing Health portfolio, which includes the Internet’s leading collection of web presence solution providers for health professionals. These include Officite, eDoctors, TherapySites, iMatrix, and Baystone Media.
“Sesame has built an incredibly nimble and innovative business that owns its category and has literally transformed the way dental practices do business,” said Bob Brisco, CEO of Internet Brands. “Sesame’s best-in-class products and services are a valuable addition to our Health portfolio.”
Differentiating Sesame Communications in its category is the company’s proprietary suite of patient engagement and communications solutions. These include patient scheduling and appointment reminder systems, online bill pay and financial reminders, and portals that allow patients to view their appointments and full online health histories. The company also offers traditional web presence services including website design, SEO, and social media support.
Sesame Communications will continue to operate from its Seattle headquarters following the acquisition. The company was represented by Cascadia Capital LLC in the transaction.
About Internet Brands
Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Internet Brands® is a fully integrated online media and software services organization focused on four high-value vertical categories: Automotive, Health, Legal and Home / Travel. The company’s award-winning consumer websites lead their categories and serve more than 100 million monthly visitors, while a full range of web presence offerings has established deep, long-term relationships with SMB and enterprise clients. Internet Brands’ powerful, propriety operating platform provides the flexibility and scalability to fuel the company’s continued growth. For more information, please visit
About Sesame Communications
Sesame Communications helps dental and orthodontic practices harness the power of the Internet to accelerate new patient acquisition and transform the patient experience. The company supports thousands of practices in their efforts to grow and increase profitability in the digital age. The Sesame 24-7 platform provides an end-to-end, HIPAA-compliant system tailored to the unique and specific needs of dentistry. An Inc. 500|5000 company and 4-time winner of the Pride “Best of Class” Technology Award, Sesame is recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United States. For more information about Sesame, visit
- See more at:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Leatherman Introduces Wearable Tech Repair Device

I want one of these things so bad I can almost taste it...

Behold the Leatherman Tread Bracelet.  The company says it will be available this summer... I'm already in line...

I could go on and on, but instead, here's what the company has to say:

“The idea originated on a trip to Disneyland with my family,” said President Ben Rivera. “I was stopped at the gate by security for carrying a knife, when what they had actually seen was my Skeletool. I was unwilling to give it up, so they made me take it all the way back to my hotel room. I knew there had to be another way to carry my tools with me that would be accepted by security.” When he returned from his trip, Rivera, who began his tenure at Leatherman Tool Group 24 years ago as an engineer, began by wearing a bike chain bracelet to see how it would feel. As his thoughts took shape, he brought his idea to the engineers at Leatherman who helped fast track his plans.

The Tread bracelet began taking shape. Each complex link was metal injection molded for strength and intensity. The bracelet was crafted to be fully customizable with slotted fasteners, so the user could rearrange links, add new ones, or adjust for wrist size to ¼”. Even the clasp is functional with a bottle opener and #2 square drive. Other link tools include a cutting hook, hex drives, screwdrivers, box wrenches, and a carbide glass breaker.
“I began wearing prototypes myself to test comfort and usability, and to ask for feedback,” said Rivera. “Folks immediately associated the bracelet design with a watch and asked, where’s the watch? We decided to make a timepiece an optional part of the Tread.”
A version of the Tread bracelet that includes a watch will be available in Fall 2015. The Leatherman TreadTM QM1 will feature a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Worst Password List Released

Another year, another list of bad passwords.

Here they are in order:

1. 123456 (Unchanged from 2013)
2. password (Unchanged)
3. 12345 (Up 17)
4. 12345678 (Down 1)
5. qwerty (Down 1)
6. 1234567890 (Unchanged)
7. 1234 (Up 9)
8. baseball (New)
9. dragon (New)
10. football (New)
11. 1234567 (Down 4)
12. monkey (Up 5)
13. letmein (Up 1)
14. abc123 (Down 9)
15. 111111 (Down 8)
16. mustang (New)
17. access (New)
18. shadow (Unchanged)
19. master (New)
20. michael (New)
21. superman (New)
22. 696969 (New)
23. 123123 (Down 12)
24. batman (New)
25. trustno1 (Down 1)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Core3dcentres® NA Recognized as Authorized Milling Center for Thommen Implant System Abutments

Las Vegas, NV – January 20, 2015 – Core3dcentres® and Thommen Medical are pleased to announce that Core3dcentres has been recognized as the only Authorized Milling Center for Thommen Implant System custom and hybrid abutments in North America. Core3dcentres has undergone a rigorous certification process (including machined samples, material handling and product training) to ensure their Milling Centers are delivering custom and hybrid abutments, using genuine Thommen material, meeting the high standards and quality that Thommen demands.
Both Core3dcentres and Thommen Medical are very excited by this partnership as it opens up new opportunities for the dental industry and reinforces both companies’ commitment to using the best technologies, materials and processes available in the market today.
For more information on Thommen Implant System Abutment products from Core3dcentres, or any other products, services and educational offerings, please visit; or contact us toll-free at 1-888-750-9204 or by email at
About Core3dcentres®
With production centers in Sydney, Australia; Calgary, Canada; Las Vegas, USA; Glasgow, Scotland; Maartensdijk, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Osaka, Japan; Engelsbrand and Munich, Germany and growing every day, Core3dcentres offers the one of the most comprehensive suites of digital implant solutions today, allowing dental laboratories of any size to fully service every indication in dentistry’s most rapidly growing market segment with greater precision, faster turnaround and greater dentist and patient satisfaction. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technologies for a complete one-stop implant-crown solution, Core3dcentres supplies a full range of digital solutions, all supported by one of the largest ranges of dual-use lab/intraoral scan bodies (radiopaque and autoclavable) on the market today; lab analogs; digital model analogs; screws; titanium bases; hybrid abutments; titanium abutments and bars; and frameworks in PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium and Co-Cr for screw-retained bridges.
As an authorized milling partner for the Thommen Implant System, Dentsply CELTRATM Duo, VITA Zahnfabrik, Ivoclar VivadentTM, BioHorizons® and 3M LavaTM as well as a Cadent iTeroTM model milling center, Core3dcentres® offers access to all of the leading brands (CELTRATM Duo, VITA ENAMIC®, IPS

e.max® CAD, Telio CAD®, ZenoTec®, LavaTM) supported by continuing education, technical assistance, validated workflows and fast turnarounds.
About Thommen Medical
Thommen Medical is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of dental implant systems with a reputation for precision, quality and functional design. We are committed to creating products that satisfy our customers' high standards for safety, aesthetics and predictability.
The Thommen Implant System is based on more than 35 years of clinical experience. Our ongoing, intense collaborations with world-renowned clinicians and academic institutions enable us to provide easy to use and extremely precise solutions. As a result, our Thommen Implant System has become well-regarded for delivering superb clinical results and outstanding aesthetics to patients.
Thommen Medical world headquarters is located in Grenchen, Switzerland. The production of the Thommen Implant System takes place at the company’s own manufacturing facility in Grenchen. Thommen Medical has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Benelux, United States and Canada. Distribution partners represent Thommen Medical in other major markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
To learn more, please contact your local Thommen representative or visit 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Academy of Periodontology to Host Technology-focused Conference in Chicago

Dental team collaboration, shared learning are among event highlights

Chicago, IL (January 20, 2015)
—The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) will host its annual Spring Conference at the Hilton Chicago on May 2-3, 2015. This year’s theme, “Embracing Technology to Enhance Your Clinical Practice,” will equip periodontists, general dentists, hygienists, and office staff with the insight on how to integrate the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment, practice management, and communication systems within their practices. 

“Recent technological strides in dental treatment, practice management, and communication have created new opportunities for both periodontists and general dentists,” said Joan Otomo-Corgel, MPH, DDS, president of the AAP. “The conference is designed to provide dental professionals with tools that can further optimize patient care.”

The one-and-a-half day educational and interactive conference offers attendees a comprehensive look at how technology affects traditional collaborative dentistry. The event’s impressive roster of speakers will lead sessions on the following topics:

  • The power of the dental team collaboration in a digital world
  • Technology’s impact on enhancing treatment, including diagnostics and imaging 
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Digital restorative dentistry
  • And much more!

Attendees have the opportunity to earn up to 8.75 continuing education (CE) credits.

Registration fees for media representatives attending the AAP’s 2015 Spring Conference will be waived, granting access to all sessions. Presenters and AAP representatives will be available for on-site interviews, filming, and photo shoots, which must be scheduled in advance with AAP Public Relations staff. For press credentials, contact the Academy’s Public Relations Department at 312-573-3243 or For more information about the AAP’s Annual Spring Conference, visit, or e-mail

About the American Academy of Periodontology:
The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) is an 8,300-member professional organization for periodontists—specialists in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of inflammatory diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontics is one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Looks Like Google is Moving Glass to the Back Burner...

Google has announced a major shakeup of its Google Glass business, refocusing its efforts around enterprise applications and ending its Explorer program where individuals could buy the high-tech eyewear.
In a post on Google+ the tech giant explained that Jan. 19 will be the last day to get the $1,500 Glass Explorer Edition. “In the meantime, we’re continuing to build for the future, and you’ll start to see future versions of Glass when they’re ready,” it added.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Is Delta Dental of Missouri Playing Fair with Missouri Dentists?

I received this information yesterday from trusted friends whom I have known for years.  They have given me the OK to post this information here.

For those of you who are Missouri dentists, read this information carefully and remember to be forewarned is to be prepared.  For those of you who are dentists, but not licensed in Missouri, be aware that a similar situation may be coming your way...

For the full rundown on this situation, there is a great article available from the ADA.

Here is the letter I received:

Delta Dental Update from the point of view of the Plaintiffs in the Delta lawsuit:

Friday we received a mailing from Delta. Included in their letter was information about Delta's annual meeting and the election of directors. The legal agreement that we reached in the lawsuit spelled out specific steps that were to be taken regarding their annual meeting and election of directors. Delta's letter included information about their candidates, but had no mention of the candidates that have been nominated by petition. This, in our opinion, violates "the spirit of the agreement". We believe that this is an attempt by Delta to taint the election process by implying that "their candidates" are the only candidates that will be on the ballot, or at the very least, that their candidates are the "best" candidates. It seems that this letter, although not specifically prohibited by the legal agreement, is in poor taste, and once again shows that Delta is not being transparent in their dealings.

We will shortly send to our members information about the candidates that have been nominated by petition. We hope that you will make an informed decision when the election of directors by mail ballot is held later this month.

It seems that Delta is also not making it easy for us to get the list of its members (participating dentists), so, at least for now, this is our only means of contact. Delta, so far, has agreed to give us a copy of the list, but only if we agree to pay $.20/page! We will gladly pay the copying charge, we think it is petty, but we are not surprised! We have requested the list electronically, so far they have denied that request, again, we are not surprised. We believe that these actions are uncalled for, what do you think?

We hope that you will carefully consider all of the candidates as you elect directors to the Delta board. Do you want business as usual? We believe that there are candidates who will not hesitate to move Delta in a new direction.

Please keep in mind that these are the opinions of the three of us, each a past president of the Missouri Dental Association. They are not necessarily the opinions of any dental society, state or local, although the three of us have the support of large numbers of the members of the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association and the component societies of the MDA.

Mark Zust
Doug Wyckoff
Matt Niewald

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dental Recycling North America, Inc. to Begin Donating to Gastromotiva

I've been a customer of DRNA for several years now.  We try and run an office that does things in a state of the art manner, and that includes keeping our environment as pristine as possible.  To that end, we installed an amalgam separator from DRNA.

Many states are beginning to require one of these devices to be installed in a dental office, but we made the commitment to be proactive because it's better for the environment and we thought it was just "the right thing to do."  Even though the State of Missouri does not require an amalgam separator we made the decision to install one... and we are glad we did.  We're pretty sure the fish and other aquatic critters are glad as well.  As dentists we remove lots of silver fillings and, while there isn't a lot of mercury in them, there is some.

So, what *is* an amalgam separator, you ask?  Here is the definition:

Amalgam separators are devices designed to remove amalgam waste particles from dental office wastewater. Without an amalgam separator, these particles can be suctioned into the dental unit vacuum line and discharged into the public sewer system.

Now I have info from DRNA that they are working on a philanthropic project with an organization in Brazil.  Here are the details:

NEW YORK, NY January 14, 2015: As an extent of its corporate social responsibility, Dental Recycling North America, Inc. (DRNA) has agreed to donate a portion of its profits to Gastromotiva, a non-profit organization operating in Brazil since 2006. The organization runs training courses, holds events, and engages in projects on gastronomy to promote social development in Brazil. Gastromotiva provides qualification courses to young people in socially vulnerable populations and from low-income families as well as supports programs for micro-entrepreneurs. The primary course that Gastromotiva offers aims to prepare students to join the work force in the realm of gastronomy.

"I feel very thankful to start this partnership with DRNA. As I said at the Clinton Global Initiative, our belief is that we can transform million of lives by leveraging the gastronomy universe and we need individuals and companies who share the same dream to take this road with us. DRNA really captured the idea and it's no coincidence that we have likely commitments with the society", said David Hertz, chef and founder of Gastromotiva.

"Ensuring the integrity of local food systems is part of the objective of DRNA", said Marc M. Sussman, President & CEO of Dental Recycling North America, Inc. "The company's primary goal of keeping mercury out of the environment helps to safeguard the health of local agricultural systems and ultimately its people. By assisting Gastromotiva in achieving its goals, DRNA is working to extend its influence in promoting a healthier living for all."

Further information on Gastromotiva can be found by visiting their website.

About DRNA, Inc.

DRNA is the North American leader in dental waste management and recycling. Whether amalgam waste, x-ray chemistry, lead, bio-hazardous or pharmaceutical waste, DRNA provides essential and affordable solutions for every dental office. DRNA is the number one compliance partner providing equipment, recycling, long-term documentation and education.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Flame Thrower Powered By... Cornstarch???!!!

Today's post doesn't have anything to do with dentistry or healthcare, but as a diehard geek, I think sometimes I just have to let my readers know what really gets my inner-geek revved up!

One of the things that got me involved with technology in the first place is the joy of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.  I started out my technology journey by taking computers apart after hours.  I was a young dentist and had lots of time on my hands after hours.  I began taking computers apart to perform upgrades and found that I had a knack for that sort of thing.

As time went on, I began to connect all kinds of things to computers (I was told they wouldn't work, but I somehow got them to work...)

So, as I've gotten further and further into tech, I have developed a great respect for other DIY people and their labors of love.  Things like the device above.

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway... Do Not Try This At Home!!!  I have not and will not attempt this build and you should not either.  This is placed here because it is a great example of what can be done with engineering and ingenuity and it is a cool academic exercise.

The gentleman here is Ivan Owen.  He has a cool job making prosthetics for children.  This, however, is a project that is a lot more dangerous.

It turns out that cornstarch is pretty flammable... as you can see by the video above.  What Ivan has here is a battery operated leaf blower, a sifter (like you can find in a bakery), and a small propane blow torch.

I'm not going into great detail here on purpose.  As I said before here... Do Not Try This At Home!!!

To me it looks like the sifter is used to drop a uniform and consistently fine increment of powder into the stream of the leaf blower where it is then blown over the flame of the propane torch and ignited.  The flame is used to repel the zombies on the sticks.

Please... Do Not Try This At Home!!!  However, it  *is* pretty cool to watch.  Ivan Owen has his own YouTube  channel as well that has other pretty cool projects he's working on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chik-Fil-A May Just Be the Best Chicken Sandwich Place on the Planet...

I've always liked the marketing of Chik-Fil-A, even before they came to the Kansas City area.  I would occasionally be watching some cable channel they advertised on & I would see the cows (shown above) and I couldn't help but smile.

In my travels around the country, I'd see the billboards with the cows and, even though I'd never eaten there, I'd smile and think that it had the kind of attitude I like.

However, all that being said, I had no idea how big a fan I would become later on... that has to deal with today's post.

When Chik-Fil-A came to the Kansas City area, I had friends tell me that I just had to go because they had the best chicken sandwich in the world.  These were friends not prone to hyperbole, so I figured that it had to be a pretty good sandwich.  The only complaint I ever heard was that they cost a bit more than other places, but I've always believed in paying for quality.

In my mind there is  1. Speed  2. Quality   3. Price   and you can only pick two of them.  Think about that for a minute and you'll realize it's true...

Anyway, I tried the place and my friends were right!!!!!  It was a great chicken sandwich.  I was hooked.

Then, yesterday I came across the following story on  The full story is available at that link.  What I'm posting here is an abbreviated copy & paste that I've created from that original story.  Here are the main points I want you to be aware of:

It was especially bitter on the afternoon of January 7th and a good many folks had taken a respite from the cold by grabbing lunch at the Chick-fil-A on Highway 280 in Inverness.

One of the diners who came in that day was a bit unkempt. He was wearing jeans and a hoodie – hardly the kind of clothing for a day like that. Most folks just figured he was a homeless fellow...

So instead of ordering the indigent man to leave, Mark invited him to have a meal. As the man waited for his chicken sandwich and waffle fries, Mark could not help but notice the man was rubbing his hands together...

The man did not have a pair of gloves. So Mark gave him his.

“I went back and got his food and he put on the gloves and then he left,” Mark said...

“It all comes from Truett Cathy and the Cathy family and the principles Chick-fil-A has been established on,” he said.

And those principles are “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.”

Now after reading all that (and I highly recommend you read the entire article) I was hooked.  Never mind how good the food is, the company, the owners, the   people make it a better place to work.  I'm going to be going over this story during my office morning huddle today and I'll give you one guess where I will be going for lunch...

Thank you Chik-Fil-A for showing us how to treat our fellow human beings.  This isn't a business lesson, this is a life lesson.  One we can all learn from and repeat to as many as possible.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Video 3D Mapping Can Change Faces... Are Their Dental Applications/Implications Here?

Take a look at the video above.  It seems that researcher Nobumichi Asai has developed a way to project onto the human face.  By placing some dots on the model's faces for the projector & software to read, the system then uses the faces as a projection screen.

It's pretty amazing to watch & I won't bore you with all of the details.  Just watch & you'll see what I mean.

While I was watching this, I was thinking of the possibilities of what scanning like this might mean to dentistry & plastic surgery.  Can you imagine being able to project right onto a patient's face what they might look like after a cosmetic dentistry makeover or a plastic surgery procedure?  Being able to see it projected on your own face is the next best thing to *the real thing*.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ibuprofen Proven to Increase the Lifespan of Several Species... Possibly Even You

One of the most commonly used types of medications used both in medicine and also over the counter is a class of drugs called NSAIDs.  It stands for "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs".

These medicines are frequently used because they are non-narcotic and effective.  They help decrease fever, decrease the response to pain, and decrease inflammation.

Now comes word that, in addition to the benefits listed above, an even greater benefit *may be available*.

It seems that researchers at Buck Institute and Texas A&M University administered doses similar to an equivalent dose for a human to 3 different species.  These were flies, yeast, and worms.

Amazingly all 3 different organisms lived longer... 17% longer for yeast and 10% longer for  flies and worms compared to the experimental control organisms.  All of these increases are significant.

Obviously this doesn't automatically mean we should all begin taking dosages of this medication to live longer.  Many more studies and evaluations need to be done.  However, as someone who loves (and frequently gets to live) science, I find this intriguing.

Here is the info from Buck Institute.

The Texas A&M page will all of their information is here.  My pal Chris has *got* to be beaming about this!  Go Aggies!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brasseler USA® Updates Aluminum Bur Blocks with Silicone Inserts

This is the second post on Brasseler in as many days, but I think this one is important.

The addition of silicone inserts into bur blocks may seem miniscule, but it truly is a game changer.

Anyone who has ever dropped a bur block or knocked one off the counter during a procedure (c'mon don't deny it's happened to you) knows that the tiny burs scatter in all directions.  The silicone "donuts" hold the burs gently, but firmly in place and keep them from falling out.

I noticed some manufacturers tinkering with this concept about 18 months ago and I promptly began advocating for their usage to every bur company I had a conversation with.  It's nice to see that folks have listened.  This is just one more reason to take a look at "the little things" when making purchases.

New Silicone Inserts Provide Superior Storage and Organization 

SAVANNAH, GA (January 6, 2015) – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality instrumentation, is pleased to introduce an updated version of its standard aluminum bur block. Brasseler USA now offers aluminum bur blocks equipped with silicone inserts for optimum security and organization. 

The newly added silicone inserts provide a number of benefits making custom rotary procedure organization efficient and easy. The burs rest within the silicone inserts inside the aluminum block providing enhanced instrument retention, securing the bur firmly in place to avoid common slip or fall-out incidents.   

The new and improved aluminum bur blocks with silicone inserts are available for both clinical and laboratory rotary procedure instruments. The bur blocks are available in a wide variety of colors making rotary procedure organization completely customizable for each unique individual practice requirement.  

Available in a wide variety of sizes and slot numbers, the updated aluminum bur blocks have a versatile layout design with silicone inserts ready to accept any size or shape bur. The bur blocks are fully autoclavable and are validated for both block and instrument sterility.   

Moreover, the updated aluminum bur blocks are completely customizable to include laser-etched clinician or practice name, procedure, bur numbers and silhouette. Users can simply match up shapes, colors, and/or customized laser-etched bur blocks to experience unprecedented rotary procedure organization for custom-made configuration of burs and diamonds. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brasseler USA® Expands its Feather Lite™ Family with New Intra-Oral Composite Polisher: the DiaComp™ Feather Lite™

SAVANNAH, GA  – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality instrumentation, is pleased to expand its Feather Lite line of polishers with a new versatile intra-oral composite polisher, the DiaComp Feather Lite.   

The DiaComp Feather Lite is a simple two-step diamond infused polishing system that provides consistent and reliable results for the polishing of the widest variety of composite materials. The highly efficient DiaComp Feather Lite is extremely versatile and works well on all types of classic restorative composite materials as well as new hybrid composites. 

The unique finger design and flexible spirals of the DiaComp Feather Lite create an esthetically pleasing enamel-like finish while respecting existing surface differentiation. In addition, the DiaComp Feather Lite delivers a quick high-shine luster on every surface including hard-to-reach locations such as the occlusion region, leaving behind a complete finished surface area. 

The DiaComp Feather Lite works most efficiently at lower speed ranges (5,000-6,000 rpm) while using light pressure. After using the ET® Carbides and Diamonds to finish your composites, using Diacomp Feather Lite will maintain surface differentiation and restore a natural finish.

Using the DiaComp Feather Lite results in well-polished restorations that resist the formation of plaque, calculus and staining, are easily cleaned, minimize irritation of soft tissue, and considerably increase the durability and service life of the restoration