Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thanks to Ultradent & the Good Folks in Boise!

On Friday I was in beautiful Boise, Idaho for a seminar sponsored by Ultradent.

It was a nice visit for me.  I'd never been to Idaho before and I had expected it to be beautiful… and it certainly was.  I also enjoyed the people of Bosie who were extremely friendly and very proud of their part of the world.

One of the great things about getting to teach like I do is the getting to meet new people and learning from them.  I know I've said it before here, but I feel I get as much, if not more, than the audience gets.  There was wonderful interaction with the group in Bosie and lots of good ideas were discussed.  Having a chance to just interact with folks in a friendly and informal environment is always fun for me, and this was certainly no exception.

It was a beautiful flight into Bosie on Thursday night.  I got in about 8:00 pm and the scenery as we came into the airport was breathtaking.  Definitely something that has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

So… thanks to Ultradent for allowing me to speak and thanks to everyone who attended and gave me the privilege of presenting.  I really enjoyed myself and I'm honored that you chose to spend the day with me!

Friday, June 28, 2013

GoPro Hero 3 Testing is About to Begin

GoPro Hero 3.jpg
Not everything I deal with and/or test from a technology standpoint has a direct relationship to dentistry and this is one of those things.
Our lives are becoming increasingly digital and one of the things that some folks (especially outdoorsy types) are doing is recording their adventures with movies or photos.
The problem with that comes from the durability factor.  Most off the shelf digital cameras today will shoot both stills & video, but most won't hold up to the beating that can come from trying to record extreme activities.  There also comes into play the ability to get the camera where it needs to be.  Mounting the camera on a helmet, a bicycle, or somehow mounting it & keeping it waterproof on a kayak is a real problem.
However, that problem has been tackled by a company called GoPro.
You may have seen their commercials (they are running some on TV now) or you may have seen some videos on YouTube.
The company has made a name for itself by manufacturing incredibly simple & durable cameras with waterproof housings & ways to mount them almost anywhere.  This allows the extreme sports person to be able to capture their adventures easily.
While I'm not an "extreme sports" kind of guy (not at my age at least) I am interested in being able to record photos & videos without worrying about damaging the camera.  To that end, I ordered the newest GoPro camera, the Hero 3.  It just arrived today and I'll start trying to put it through its paces in different activities soon.
Over the weekend I'm going to try using it in the pool and despite the fact it doesn't have a standard tripod attachment, I'm going to try to get it on the Hexacopter drone sometime soon as well.
GoPro not only makes a durable camera with a waterproof housing, they also make loads of different attachment pieces as well that allow the user to mount it in a variety of places.  The Hero 3 also has built-in WiFi that allows for remote control of the camera.  You can also access the camera over the WiFi connection via a free App for both iOS & Android.
I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do.  I'll report back and maybe post video as well.  Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google Reader is Shutting Down on Monday!

Just a quick FYI to everyone who is using Google Reader to RSS this blog or any other websites.

In case  you somehow missed it, Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1 (which is Monday).

If you haven't done so, now is the time to choose another reader program and migrate your data over to it.

I mainly use RSS readers on my iPad these days and I've selected a few to try out.

At this point probably the 2 most popular, at least in the media, are Feedly or Digg both are capable of importing all of your Google feeds and can be downloaded from the iOS App store.

I've been using Feedly for a while now and, while different from what I was used to, I've adapted to it and find that it works very well.  It is also available for Android

Digg just released their iOS app today and, while I have it installed, I haven't had a chance to use it.  They are working on an Android version which they hope to have out in a couple of weeks.

So… now is the time to make sure you've prepared.  After Sunday night it will be too late and you will have lost all of your feeds.  The import part of using Feedlly or Digg is simple, you just input your Google user name & password and the apps do all the work of getting your feeds and importing them to the app.

Although Google seems to think that RSS aggregators are passé, I still find myself using them anytime I read the news on my iPad or Xoom (Android).

Here's hoping that this helps you a little bit...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

D4D and Henry Schein Launch All-New E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center for Restorative Dentistry

 The folks at D4D continue to innovate.  They already have an amazing CAD/CAM system and now they taking things even further.
I saw this device about 6 months ago and was really impressed with it then.  Obviously some improvements have been made to it since that time.  Take  a look and see for yourself.
Read on for all the details...


Enhances Ease-of-Use in Digital Restoration Technology 


RICHARDSON, TX, USA (June 20, 2013) – D4D Technologies, LLC, the award-winning developer of digital technologies for dentistry, and Henry Schein, Inc. announced today the all-new E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center, enhancing the ease-of-use in digital dental restorations for the benefit of the patient and the practitioner.


Available exclusively in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand from Henry Schein, the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, medical and animal health practitioners, the E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center represents a new level of precision, proficiency and productivity versus prior D4D systems.   


The NEVO Scanner technology is based upon years of experience with powder-free image capture in the intraoral environment and is the first scanner to use E4D’s patent-pending blue laser technology, which provides exceptional quality of data capture, video-rate speed and ease of use.  The new E4D NEVO Design Center is a powerful laptop computer that uses high-speed Thunderbolt™ technology* with the NEVO Scanner to provide more energy and double the bandwidth of USB 3 connections, resulting in extremely fast processing and alignment of scans. Plug-and-play convenience gives offices of every size the flexibility to customize their E4D NEVO configuration, thereby enhancing the restorative workflow across the entire practice.  

“The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center represents what we call the ‘Natural EVOlution’ of digital dentistry,” said Mark Quadling, CEO of D4D Technologies. “We’ve combined the latest technologies to create an even easier-to-use restoration experience. With NEVO, we believe doctors have the potential to further improve the quality, fit and predictability of restorations, affording the patient a great outcome and strengthening the practitioner’s clinical offering.”


For example, the NEVO Scanner employs for the first time blue laser technology that features an improved ability to capture the fine details that allow for more precise and accurate prosthetics. The solid-state NEVO Scanner incorporates many other advances to ensure an exceptional intraoral scanning experience. These include fog-free scanning, ergonomic design for easy positioning, removable tips for infection control, active heat dissipation for full arch scanning, color-coded feedback to operator, and adjustable field of view. 


The new system features a laptop-based E4D NEVO Design Center, which gives the practitioner increased flexibility and portability. Dentists can easily move the E4D NEVO Design Center from operatory to operatory, or even among multiple offices, all while wirelessly connected to the milling center for maximum productivity and patient service.


“Henry Schein is proud to be the exclusive partner of D4D in bringing this exciting new technology to market,” said Tim Sullivan, President, Henry Schein North American Dental Group. “We believe in a patient-centric approach to clinical care, and the new E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center greatly enhances the benefits of digital dentistry for the patient, which in turn will enhance the practice of our customers. We fully expect that the E4D NEVO system will drive increased demand for digital dentistry, for the new user as well as for those customers who upgrade their systems.” 


The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center will be featured at the E4D Business of Dentistry conference in Las Vegas, August 8-10, 2013 (, and are expected to be available in September. 



About D4D Technologies


Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, D4D Technologies, LLC, is taking the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, patient comfort, and convenience with its E4D restorative systems. E4D’s open platform and E4D Sky communication network enable dental professionals to choose a custom solution to fit their needs. E4D offers high-speed laser scanning technology to produce digital 3D impressions of teeth without powder. Intuitive DentaLogic™ software enables operators to easily customize restoration designs and send them wirelessly to the precision mill that uses the latest restorative materials to produce fine esthetic restorations. D4D continues to expand the possibilities in dentistry with E4D Compass™ for restorative-driven implant solutions and E4D Compare™ adaptive learning technology for teaching institutions.  Contact us at or like us at



About Henry Schein, Inc. 


Henry Schein, Inc. is the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, medical and animal health practitioners. The Company also serves dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, and other alternate care sites. A Fortune 500® Company and a member of the NASDAQ 100® Index, Henry Schein employs more than 15,500 Team Schein Members and serves more than 775,000 customers. 


The Company offers a comprehensive selection of products and services, including value-added solutions for operating efficient practices and delivering high-quality care. Henry Schein operates through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 96,000 branded products and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 110,000 additional products available as special-order items. 


The Company also offers its customers exclusive, innovative technology solutions, including practice management software and e-commerce solutions, as well as a broad range of financial services. 


Headquartered in Melville, N.Y., Henry Schein has operations or affiliates in 25 countries. The Company's sales reached a record $8.9 billion in 2012, and have grown at a compound annual rate of 17% since Henry Schein became a public company in 1995. For more information, visit the Henry Schein Web site at

*Thunderbolt is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ColgateOral Pharmaceuticals Introduces New and Improved* PreviDent® Varnish Formula



New, Enhanced Formula for PreviDent® 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Provides 

Greater Enamel Fluoride Uptake 1


New York, NY (June 21, 2013) – Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive Company, introduces a new and improved formula for its Colgate PreviDent® Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride. The high-fluoride in-office treatment now contains advanced technology for greater enamel fluoride uptake.1  


Colgate PreviDent® Varnish with 5% sodium fluoride, the equivalent of 22,600 ppm fluoride provides greater enamel fluoride uptake vs. the leading varnish competitor brand** with: 


  • Four times greater fluoride uptake into lesioned enamel1 
  • Three times greater fluoride uptake into sound enamel1 


Moreover, the new formulation provides a smooth, even and quick application, and dries to a natural enamel color.


“Switching to PreviDent® Varnish was the best decision I could have made for my patients,” said Maria Perno Goldie, RDH MS, Current President, International Federation of Dental Hygienists

and Past President of the ADHA. “They love the flavors and the transparency after I apply it.”


Ideal for both children and adults, PreviDent® Varnish contains 22,600 ppm fluoride which has been shown to provide effective dentin hypersensitivity relief2-4. It sets rapidly on contact with saliva for patient comfort and compliance. PreviDent® Varnish also contains xylitol.   


“The new formula of PreviDent® Varnish offers a substantial advantage over the leading fluoride varnish,” remarked Dr. Barbara Shearer, BDS MDS PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals. “Our optimized in-office fluoride treatment formula provides significant fluoride uptake while being aesthetically pleasing.These attractive features combined with a great taste make PreviDent® Varnish a pleasure for both the dental professional and the patient.”  


PreviDent® Varnish is currently available in two great tasting flavors (Mint & Raspberry) and is conveniently packaged in ready-to-use unit doses (0.4mL) with disposable brushes.   


For more information, please visit  


*Compared to original Colgate® PreviDent® Fluoride Varnish in lesioned enamel

** Versus 3M Vanish Varnish






  1. 1.Data on file; Colgate-Palmolive 2012
  2. 2.Gaffar A. Treating hypersensitivity with fluoride varnishes. Compend Contin Dent Educ 1998; 19:1089-97.
  3. 3.Clark DC, Hanley JA, Geoghegan S, Vinet D. The effectiveness of a fluoride varnish and a desensitizing toothpaste in treating dentinal hypersensitivity. J Periodontal Res 1985; 20(2): 212-219.
  4. 4.Ritter AV, de L Diaz W, Miguez P, Caplan DJ, Swift EJ Jr. Treating cervical hypersensitivity with fluoride varnish: a randomized clinical study. J Am Dent Assoc 2006; 137(7): 1013-1020.


About Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive, a consumer products company, and a leader in the oral care market with both over-the-counter and therapeutic professional products. For more information, please visit  


About Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive is a leading global consumer products company, tightly focused on Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition. Colgate sells its products in over 200 countries and territories around the world under such internationally recognized brand names as Colgate, Palmolive, Mennen, Softsoap, Irish Spring, Protex, Sorriso, Kolynos, elmex, Tom’s of Maine, Sanex, Ajax, Axion, Soupline, and Suavitel, as well as Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet. For more information about Colgate’s global business, visit the Company’s website at To learn more about Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures®, Colgate’s global oral health education program, please visit

Monday, June 24, 2013

Technology and Tranformers… Why Universal is the Best Place to Ride

I can still remember reading in Wired Magazine in 1999 about The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman Ride in Universal Studios in Orlando.  It was a feature article that went into great detail about the ride and how the immersive 3D experience completely tricked the human brain into thinking that it was actually inside the experience.  Back then it was totally state of the art and I was completely blown away at how a virtual Spiderman could jump and land on your vehicle while your vehicle shuddered and tipped with the impact.
There were lots of other effects, of course, but I was just mesmerized by how all the computing power went to coordinate all of the special effects.  The ride actually created an environment that made you think you were there.  For several years, it was considered the greatest ride on the planet.  It was even upgraded when the newest Spiderman movie was released last year, which allowed the ride to evolve as the movie franchise and technology has evolved too.
Now, however, comes the next generation.  As we all know, one of the great things about technology is that it just continues to evolve… sometimes at breakneck speeds.  So now comes word that Universal Orlando is getting ready to launch the next generation of immersive action movie centered rides with, perhaps, an even bigger action based franchise.  I'm talking about Transformers.  
Last week, Universal Orlando took the Immersive theme park ride to a whole new level by incorporating technologies from the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and increasing them to a whole new level by using today's state of the art tech.  
I was at Universal last summer after speaking at the FNDC (Florida Nation al Dental Convention) which is a really great dental meeting held each summer in Orlando.  I've spoken there twice and both times I've come away impressed with the organization of the meeting, the quality of the courses, and the great accommodations.  If you're looking for great CE while being able to incorporate some family time after the meeting in Orlando's parks, this is your destination.
Anyway, I'd been waiting since 1999 to be able to ride the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and now I'm going to have to schedule a return trip to experience Transformers.
Foxnews has a really outstanding article on the new ride/experience (they aren't really "rides" anymore are they?)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Darby Dental Teams Up with Students from Molloy College to Provide Disaster Relief to Those Affected by Massive Tornado

I'd like to give a shout-out to the big hearted folks at Darby Dental Supply.  The company has made an honorable effort to help those who were affected by the terrible F5 tornados that struck Oklahoma recently.  I'm always moved by this kind of compassion and I thought my readers should know about this.  Way to go Darby!
Here is the press release:

Various Supplies Sent to Oklahoma Dental Association


Jericho, NY (June 23, 2013) – In an effort to provide much-needed assistance to Oklahoma tornado victims, Darby Dental Supply, LLC, the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, joined forces with students from the Molloy College National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) and Molloy American Red Cross Club to contribute a large quantity of supplies to the Oklahoma Dental Association.  


Darby provided items such as toothbrushes, toilet tissue, garbage bags and respirator masks to the Oklahoma Dental Association who in turn distributed them to local residents affected by the devastation of the recent tornado. In addition, students from the Molloy College National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association and Molloy American Red Cross Club worked directly with the Oklahoma Red Cross to allocate the items to areas most in need after the storm.


With assistance from the students at Molloy College, Darby was able to provide the supplies toward the recovery effort in a mere two days following the disaster. “We feel it’s our duty to support communities affected by natural disaster in any way that we can,” remarked Liz Meyers, Vice President Marketing & Purchasing for Darby Dental Supply.  “Providing supplies to those affected by the tornado is the least we can do. Our multi-faceted partnership with the students at Molloy College is a perfect extension of our philanthropic efforts that allow us to do even more nationwide."


In the recent years, Darby has adopted a “think globally, act locally” philanthropic philosophy, and has encouraged employees who want to help those affected by the tornado to make a donation to their local Red Cross chapter or the national Red Cross efforts in Oklahoma.  


Darby Dental Supply’s past diverse philanthropic efforts include both local and international relief efforts. Most recently, the company placed an emphasis on local Long Island residents who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, as well as providing numerous contributions to U.S. military troops deployed overseas. In addition, Darby provided much-needed medical supplies to a makeshift shelter in Kesennuma, Japan that was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, and throughout the years, the company has supported various programs sponsored by Physicians for Peace within the United States and internationally.


About Darby Dental Supply, LLC


For over 65 years, family-owned and -operated Darby Dental Supply, LLC has been breaking new ground as the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise to office-based practitioners in the United States. Through strategic distribution points, the company fulfills over one million shipments per year from leading manufacturers of dental products and equipment.


Darby is equally committed to providing superior value to the dental professional. All Darby Personal Account Managers have successfully completed a comprehensive regimen of product training and have instant access to their clients’ purchase histories and preferences. Alerting them to manufacturer specials, exclusive offers and even processing product rebates on their behalf, Darby reps work with their clients as strategic partners in helping to reduce fixed costs, save money and continue to grow their business. Honoring a “one customer at a time” philosophy for more than six decades has established Darby Dental Supply as one of the largest, most trusted dental distributors in the nation. For more information, visit

Friday, June 21, 2013

Curious About Digital Caries Detection? Take a Look at What Dr. Lou Graham & I have to Say About It

I love hanging out with my buddy Dr. Lou Graham.  He's a great guy and we always have some really great discussions.  Recently I was in Chicago and Lou & I got a chance to hangout, discuss all kinds of great stuff, and even video some of our discussions.  The one shown above is one I think you'll find especially enlightening. 

The world of dental diagnosis is changing.  More and more the idea of the doing the bulk of gathering data with an explorer is fading.  In its place is the concept of using digital devices to help the team locate caries as well as determine its depth.

The concept is this:  In order for a sharp explorer to actually "detect" caries, there must be sufficient breakdown of enamel to allow the tip of the explorer to penetrate the lesion.  In today's environment of enamel strengthened by fluoride and other remineralizing substances, this is a lot more difficult than it used to be.

Today we often find small channels of decay that progress through enamel without causing large amounts of breakdown.  When these "channels" reach dentin, they expand to create larger dentin based areas of decay that are more difficult to detect than in the past due to the presence of intact enamel.

To combat these clinical situations, there are 2 types of digital caries detection devices available to help.  One type of device (Kavo Diagnodent, MidWest Caries I.D.) is probe based.  It is used in a similar manner to an explorer, by tracing the grooves & pits of the tooth.  When caries is detected the devcies make a noise (the Diagnodent also offers a numeric score).

The visual devices?  They use intraoral imaging systems to actually show you where the decay is right on the computer screen.  Want to know even more about the Air Techniques Spectra and the Acteon Sopro CARE?  Watch the video above & then leave your comments below.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ever Wanted a '63 Chevy Impala?

Take a look at this 1963 Chevrolet Impala!  As I say, this blog is about "Technology and Life" and having a car like this would really be "living".
This beautiful car is owned by a patient of mine and the photos were taken in the parking lot of my building on June 19th.
While I don't know *all* the details about the car, I can tell you this… the man that rebuilt & owns this car is as particular about his vehicles as I am about dentistry.
This Impala was lovingly rebuilt over 16 years.  It is now a "state of the art" vehicle in every sense of the word with multiple features that definitely were not available in 1963 when this beautiful automobile rolled off the assembly line.  I'm not well versed in *every* extra it has, but I know it features the following:
  • Lightly tinted flames in the paint
  • Leather upholstery
  • Power windows
  • A custom designed & built dash
  • Automatic transmission
  • A fuel injected 350 V8 Corvette engine

Interested in having a car like this for your very own?  Well, this baby is for sale.   My patient told me yesterday he's looking for a buyer.  If you are interested, leave a comment or send me an email.

If you have ever dreamed of owning an Impala, believe me when I say you cannot find a better one than this one.  This gentleman knows cars and he's built this one from the ground up with tons of TLC and know how!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moab Utah and the Great Technology Drought...

So why wasn't I posting for a few days?  The pic above should give you a hint, but just in case… I was more or less incommunicado.
A few years ago, my friend from Curve Dental, Andy Jensen and the rest of the Curve team invited myself and some other industry tech types to spend some time learning about their company and their "Fresh Web Based Alternative to Dental Software".
Since Curve is a Utah based company, they hosted this event in the small town of Moab, Utah to help show off the beauty of their state.  I owe them a debt of gratitude for that because I flat out fell in love with the natural beauty and otherworldliness of the geography.  Thanks Andy and thanks Curve.
I vowed that I'd return one day and explore the wonders of Moab further… and last week was the time.  Moab is one of those places that really words and/or pictures can't do justice to.  You truly have to experience the beauty and the incredible panoramas for yourself.  That truly is the only way that I feel anyone can really understand why I love it so much.
Interestingly enough, I found myself in a bit of tech isolation.  Sometimes "going remote" can be a good thing for me.  I don't like to be away from my technology, but on occasion a brief respite can be a good thing.  However, in Moab I found that the WiFi connection at my hotel was agonizingly slow and my phone service was spotty… when it worked at all.  I had gone armed with only my iPad, my Canon digital camera, and my iPhone.  The only thing that truly worked the entire time was the camera.  Hence, the lack of posts.  When you can't connect and are spending all your time outside, you can't do tech research for these blog  posts.  I mean, I love this blog, but if you've never done something like this, trust me, this is hard work.
The lesson learned?  Sometimes you just gotta unplug… even me.  I found myself very content to be remote and removed from the speed of my techie lifestyle.  There was hiking, exploring, roaming the desert in a Polaris 4 wheel drive ATV, and over 1GB of photos.  Not that I expect you to, but if you'd like to see a few of the tons of photos I took, you can follow this link to my Flickr set of the trip.  
 So the  point?  Sometimes it's OK to unplug & get away.  If it works for me… trust me… if can work for you too.  Also, I highly recommend visiting Moab at some point in your life.  If you choose not to, you're missing out on one of the most beautiful areas on the planet.  There is no other place in the world like this!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Curious About What the NSA is Doing with All That Data?

Unless you've been living in a cave recently, you've no doubt heard about all the concern over the NSA monitoring  phone calls, emails, basically you name it when it comes to digital data.  Of course, one of the things that people have begun to ask is "where in the world can they store all that stuff?  They'll eventually run out of space right?"
Think again.  With data storage costs going down and the money that you government spends on security, get used to the idea that pretty much anything you put out there digitally will be around much, much longer than you think.
To that end, the NSA is almost done building an amazingly secure data center sour of Salt Lake City.  I've posted about it before, but now with all the NSA hoopla of the last couple of weeks, I think it bears repeating.
The capacity exists to store everything.  There is probably software that can sort, catalogue, and allow for searching of that "everything".
Is that good?  I'm honestly not sure.  However, knowing human nature, I'm not overly optimistic.
Want to know more about the NSA's Utah Data Center?  Check out this article on Fox news.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Worried About Security? Start with your Phone!

After a nice relaxing break (hey everybody needs some time away now and again) I'm back and engaged.
I saw this interesting piece on that I think bears reading.
It seems thats lots of us, especially here in the U.S. are losing our phones with amazing frequency and not even bothering to password protect them.
I can tell you, that's a really bad idea.  Once on my way to do a lecture in Buffalo, NY I took  the password off my iPad because I was reading a book on the plane and it was a bit of a hassle to have to re-enter the password every time I had dozed off, used the restroom, etc.  Of course I managed to somehow leave the thing on the airplane and was literally up all night changing passwords and altering my digital life and sign ins.
Somehow I got the device back the next day (thank you United Airlines!) but it was 8 hours of sleep I never got back.  My lecture went really well, all things considered, but believe me when I say, you need the security.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Really Truly, Why did Google Shut it's Reader Program Down?

I was really bummed when Google announced, earlier this year, that they were killing off one of my favorite programs of theirs... Reader.

I'm an avid Reader user and I absolutely *love* getting my news via RSS.  I can sit by the fireplace in the morning with my iPad on my lap, and quickly get a feel for the news of the day as well as some news that... well...l shouldn't be news at all.

Well it turns out that it isn't the program, and it really isn't the users.  It's sort of the way we users interact with the program.  It appears the world is shifting (again) and those of us who love RSS feeders are going along for the ride.

I found a really great and well thought article over Wired          that really hits this topic on the head and I thought Id share it with you.  Take a read and I think you'll walk away with a better understanding  .

Friday, June 7, 2013

Electric Handpiece Review with John & Lou


Over the past 18 months or so, I've been working with electric handpieces.  It started out as a clinical testing protocol, but i quickly discovered that I *loved* working with them and made them part of my every day armamentarium.  

The 2 systems I am using are the Kavo Comfort Drive and Bien-Air.  What I've discovered through my use of these 2 systems is that electrics offer significant benefits over air driven handpieces in many applications.

Now don't get me wrong, air turbines are still very good instruments and if you are using them, I'm not telling you to change.  What I am saying is, if you think electrics are not for you… for a variety of reasons, you might want to rethink that.

Take a look at the video above & you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Once you're done with the video, head on over to Dental Products Report & check out the full work up they've done, including featuring the handpieces I'm currently using.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zeus Trojan Resurfaces on Facebook

Zeus is back… with a vengeance.
Stating in February, those who monitor these things started to see an uptick in the virus's activity.
The risk with Zeus is that it is a  program that, once in a computer, steals login info from the user when they access financial or other types of security conscious sites.
The word is that Zeus is spreading like wild via Facebook, so be cautious in your activity there.
Obviously this type of program can be serious… really serious if you are infected.  The best way to protect yourself is to keep you antivirus up to date, scan your hard drive daily for infections, and do not open emails or click on links in emails that are questionable.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DentalEZ® Group Introduces the StarDental® E6 Replacement Turbine

New Replacement Turbine Provides Dental Professionals with
Quality StarDental® Performance at an Economical Price

Malvern, PA (June 4, 2013) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to offer the new StarDental® E6 Replacement Turbine.

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine is an economical choice for turbine replacement from a reliable and trusted name. “Our customers asked us for an economically priced replacement turbine while still providing the StarDental quality that they have come to know and trust,” remarked Rick Gross, Senior Product Manager for StarDental. “Many times dental professionals will seek less expensive alternatives, but these alternatives from off-brand models or internet companies are often not tested to manufacturer standards, and do not offer the service or warranties that a reputable company will provide.”

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine is a LubeFree™ replacement turbine that provides substantial cost and time savings. LubeFree™ products (including turbines, motors, attachments, and contra-angles) reduce maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication. Moreover, the E6 is designed with durable ceramic bearings.

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine carries a six-month warranty.

For more information on the new StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine and all DentalEZ offerings, please call 866-DTE-INFO or visit
About DentalEZ® Group

DentalEZ® Group is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through innovative products and services. Encompassing six distinct product brands — StarDental®, DentalEZ®, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs™ and Columbia Dentoform® — DentalEZ® Group manufactures everything in the operatory, from handpieces to chairs to vacuum systems to dental simulation models, creating a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort, and efficiency of the dental operatory. For more information, please visit

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Football Great Jim Kelly Announces he has Cancer in His Upper Jaw

Jim Kelly.jpg
News broke yesterday that NFL Hall of  Famer Jim Kelly is battling cancer of the upper jaw.
The is the second time this year a major sports figure of my generation as had to battle oral cancer.  The other was Tony Gwynn just a few months ago.  When you add to that the battle that has been fought by movie star Michael Douglas and it is easy to see that oral cancer is not some disease that is lurking in the shadows & in a rare problem.
For those of you who are a little younger than I am, Jim Kelly was one of the "Class of 83" quarterbacks.  The other 2 were John Elway and Dan Marino.  Needless to say those 3 guys were the gold standard for quarterbacks during the late 80's and early 90's.
While Jim Kelly never managed to win a Super Bowl, his Buffalo Bills did manage to make it to the "Big Game" 4 different times in the 90's.  Jim was known as a hard-nosed bought player, and now he'll need to bring all of that to bear in his fight against this disease.
Oral cancer is something that I look for everyday.  On average about 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with the disease every year and disease kills about one person per hour.  
There are 3 high tech screening devices on the market and I truly feel that they give the doctor a better degree of visualization than the naked eye alone.  If you are a doctor, take a look at DOE Kit from Dentlilght, the Velscope Vx from LED Dental, and the Identafi from DentalEZ.  
There is a great article on Jim Kelly, a bit about his diagnosis, and some of the great things he's done for charity that you can read at USA Today.  Click here for the full article.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way...

As I'm sure you have all noticed from time to time, life can be pretty demanding sometimes...


The month of June is going to be like that for me.  I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days.  I'm going to backfill some of them as I do my usual research on the hottest tech topics.


Today I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that things will be a little crazy for me until about June 17th.  I'll post when I can, and maybe there won't be a noticeable drop at all… but just in case there is,  you'll know why.


Rest assured that after mid-June I'll be back in full force.  Thanks to everyone for your support and especial of reading the blog!