Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kindle Paperwhite is Coming - See the Technology Now


In the next month Amazon is planning on releasing its latest Kindle product, called the Kindle Paperwhilte.


The device is "similar" to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch With Glowlight, but from what I'm hearing, it takes it to a brand new level.


The device *should* be available October 22 if you order now with the most affordable version listing at $119.  


The advantages are pretty amazing.  The screen is supposed to be as easy to read in direct sunlight as it is in the dark.  That alone is pretty darn sweet, in my opinion.  But y ou follow that up with the fact that the device is incredibly thin, has a better screen than any Kindle that has come before it, and from what I understand a pixel resolution about 25% better than previous versions and you have the best Ereader on the market today.


The video above is designed to explain just what went into the the Paperwhite and watching it does a much better job than just having me sit here and type about it.  So give the video a view.  I think you'll come away impressed.  I sure was, especially with the way they creatively figured out a way to light the display from the front which has always been something screen devices have been trying to create.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks to All Those at My Lecture Yesterday in Dallas

A big Thank You to all of you who chose to spend the day with me yesterday in Dallas.  I was there presenting on The Science of Curing & Aesthetics for Ultradent.


We had a great crowd of doctors & team members who spent the day with us at the Omni Hotel learning about all kinds of geeky dental type things.


The Omni was wonderful.  I don't know that i've ever had better food at a hotel event.


I'm always truly honored whenever I am given the chance to talk to my peers and this is certainly no exception.  We had great discussions, great conversations, and also some great laughs.  Form the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who attended and let you know what a great time I had.  God Bess Texas!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Darby Dental Supply Expands Offerings with New Products, New Brands


Jericho, NY (September 28, 2012) – Darby Dental Supply, LLC, the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise and equipment, has recently enhanced its product offerings with several new distribution agreements.   


Newly-inked distribution agreements with Suni Medical Imaging, Ritter Dental, CarieScan LTD, ClikTech, Inc., and DentalEZ® Group, have broadened Darby’s expanding roster of leading-brand names and dental products:   


Ritter Dental, a leading German dental product manufacturer, has chosen Darby Dental as the exclusive distributor for its long-awaited North American market re-launch. Unavailable to the U.S. dental market for many years, Ritter products will be available to American dental professionals, including a full assortment of Rittter chair units, operating lights, stools, x-ray units, and compressors – all now available exclusively through Darby Dental Supply.


With almost 125 years of experience, Ritter remains one of the leading providers of the world’s finest dental equipment. “We are honored that Ritter Dental has chosen Darby as the exclusive distributor for this exciting North American launch,” remarked Darby Dental Supply President, Gary Rosenberg. “Ritter has a long history of producing high quality dental products. Moreover, in line with Darby’s mission and philosophy, Ritter prides itself on providing an advanced level of customer care which serves to compliment their superior product assortment.” 


Suni Medical Imaging, a leader in digital radiography, is a pioneer of several advanced digital sensor technologies Several Suni products such as the SuniRay cross platform sensor, Dr. Suni Plus intraoral sensors, and the full line of Suni3D panoramic, cephalometric and cone beam products are now available through Darby Dental Supply.   


Suni’s team of physicists and engineers has significantly advanced the field of digital radiography by creating the world’s thinnest sensors. Moreover, Suni provides several leading digital radiography brands with a variety of sensor components and manufacturing capabilities. 


CarieScan, LTD now offers its CarieScan PRO through Darby Dental Supply. The CarieScan PRO is an accurate method for the early detection of caries lesions that may not be visible to the naked eye. The device provides accurate and repeatable data to monitor caries over time, enabling preventive treatment and confidence that the correct diagnosis has been determined.


ClikTech, Inc. is now offering several of its products through Darby Dental Supply including its ClikRay sensor covers, ClikStik rings and rods, X-Series sensor holding kit, ShaRing, and Litening Rods. ClikTech’s simple rings and rods can be used with all ClikTech products and its universal holders are ideal for most sensor and x-ray needs.  


Moreover, DentalEZ Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide and long-time Darby Dental partner, has made additional products available through Darby Dental Supply including its Generation operator and assistant stools and elbow supports, as well as the CustomAir® line of vacuum systems.  


For more information about all Darby products and services, please call your local Darby representative or visit  


About Darby Dental Supply, LLC


For over 64 years, Darby Dental Supply, LLC has continued to thrive and evolve as the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise to office-based practitioners in the United States. Through strategic distribution points, the company fulfills over one million shipments per year from leading manufacturers of dental products. 


Darby is equally committed to providing in-depth training to its account managers and superior value to the dental professional. Darby’s efficient business model, competitive pricing and convenient ordering system continuously save its customers time and money. Honoring a “one customer at a time” philosophy for more than six decades has established Darby Dental Supply as one of the largest, most trusted dental distributors in the nation. For more information, visit

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cosmedent Introduces

V12b_USA_Today_Media_PlanetAug31_Banner_Ad copy.jpg

Cosmedent introduces, a new website completely dedicated to composite dentistry. This free resource has been developed by Cosmedent to help dentists improve their skills with composite. Come to to learn new composite techniques, to troubleshoot your composite problems and to share your work with the dental community in our Smile Gallery. Technique videos will guide you through restorative techniques and show you how to achieve better results with composite resin. From its inception, Cosmedent has been dedicated to educating clinicians in the use of composite materials for esthetic dentistry. is our next generation of educational services for the esthetic dentist.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Edelweise Expo in Kansas City

Looking to learn how to add a new procedure to your office?  Come learn about Edelweise, an amazing new cosmetic procedure from Ultradent, here in KC.
Read on for all the details:
EdelweissExpo_Save the date_email_shell.jpg

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patterson Acquired Iowa Dental Supply

If you follow my Twitter feed (you can subscribe by clicking on the Twitter link that is in the right hand column and down a bit on this page) then you heard from me last week or so about Patterson acquiring Iowa Dental Supply.


I got the word from a source who is "in the know" in the industry but prefers to remain anonymous.  However, Patterson has now begun notifying folks in earnest about the acquisition.  Here is the press release from Patterson about the purchase:


Patterson Dental Acquires Iowa Dental Supply, ...
September 11, 2012
Patterson Dental has acquired Iowa Dental Supply, a full-service dental distributor based in Des Moines.

Patterson Dental has acquired Iowa Dental Supply, a full-service dental distributor based in Des Moines.

Iowa Dental Supply (IDS) provided supplies, equipment and technology primarily to dental practices in Iowa. IDS extended its reach over the years through branch offices in Sioux Falls, S.D. and Omaha, Neb., and representatives serving customers in Missouri and Illinois.

“IDS has grown to a prominent position in the Midwest dental market and, like Patterson, has knowledgeable employees who have earned the trust of loyal customers,” Patterson Dental President Paul Guggenheim said. “Through our combined operations within the Patterson Dental Des Moines Branch, dental practices will benefit from additional technology and product offerings that continue to set the standard for the patient experience and practice lifestyle. We are excited to have Iowa Dental join the Patterson Dental organization. IDS will strengthen the competitive position of Patterson Dental in several of our Midwestern markets.”

IDS has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1935 in Des Moines. Brothers Rick and Mike Cacciatore are the third generation of the Cacciatore family to lead the business. A transition plan is in place for Rick Cacciatore to manage Patterson’s North Central Region, replacing Rich Kochmann, who announced his retirement in May. Cacciatore served as president of IDS for the past 12 years and has spent more than 30 years in the dental industry.

“The addition of IDS employees, our closely aligned cultures and our shared focus on taking care of the customer is great news for dental teams across the Midwest,” Guggenheim said.

About Patterson Dental
Patterson Dental, a leading distributor of dental products, equipment and technology in the U.S. and Canada, serves as the largest business in the progressive, global Patterson Companies (Nasdaq: PDCO) family of businesses. Patterson is committed to creating value for customers through products, services and lasting relationships. Dental professionals who partner with Patterson enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that come with relying on one trusted source for everything they need.

CONTACT: Tammy Love, Corporate Communications/PR Specialist
COMPANY: Patterson Companies, Inc.
TEL:  651.686.1921

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips for Your Trips

As regular readers know, I spend a fair amount of time on the road.


My travels take me to lots of places and I spend way too much time trying to organize myself and my trips.  However, I have found a few techy ways to keep track of myself when I'm spending time in  hotels & airports.  Here are a few of the things I like & use:


  • TripIt: This website & app does a great job of keeping me organized with my flights.  I have the pro account, but there is also a free one as well.  When you receive an email confirmation from your airline, simply forward it to TripIt.  They will create an online itinerary for you and then place it into your Google calendar with no intervention on your part.  Tripit will send you text and email alerts about upcoming trips and also keep you informed of connections, etc while you travel.  Available for iOS & Android, it is highly recommended.
  • Evernote: This cloud based way to organize your life does a lot more for me than just help with travel, but I use it constantly when I'm on the road.  It allows you create nested folders to  hold all kinds of data.  I have a place in it just for travel and create a note area for every trip I take.  In it I put everything that relates to that particular trip including email correspondence, airline info, hotel info, you name it.  I use the Pro version which allows me to save all of my data offline on my different devices.  The free version requires an Internet connection.  I even use it to keep track of my receipts.
  • GateGuru:  This is an app that helps you negotiate and locate things at any airport you happen to be in.  Using the GPS function on your phone, this app will identify what airport you are in and has all the details about that particular airport that you would ever want.  Locate shops, restaurants, and everything else.  If you have ever gone through security only to realize the only good food is *outside* security, this app is for you!
  • FlightView: Nobody likes flight delays & nobody likes arriving at the airport to pick someone up only to find out their flight won't arrive for an hour or more.  That's where FlightView shines.  This app lets you see where a flight is in real time.  If you are wondering if your flight is onetime, this is the place to look.  If you are picking someone up, this is the way to see when to leave for the airport.  This one was recommended to me by a limo driver in Las Vegas who makes his living picking people up at the airport.  If counts on it, you should too.  They have a great website as well.

Just a few ways to make travel a little more tolerable.  Got any recommendations?  Add them in the comments.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Map Problems Plague Apple in iOS 6

Apple Map Problem.jpg
What you are seeing is not a melted water color nor a Salvador Dali painting.  No, it is an example I located of an image from the Apple Maps portion of the new iOS 6.
In June, Apple announced that they were moving away from using Google Maps on iOS devices and instead, with the release of iOS 6, Apple would be using its own mapping software.
The problem is, it takes a lot of time to make really good mapping software and it seems that Apple just didn't have the time.  Consequently, since the release of iOS 6 on Wednesday… and especially since the iPhone 5 hit the market on Friday, there have been tons of complaints and images online about just how poorly the new Apple Maps is performing.
Besides having "melted" images like the one above, the software seems to be having trouble location lots of addresses and landmarks.  It also seems to be having trouble with all kinds of public transportation.
The easy workaround?  Just go to Google Maps and put a shortcut to it on your screen.  That way you always have it available.
I''m sure that Apple will get this fixed, but it reminds me of when they went live with MobileMe and it was a terrible failure.  The story goes that Jobs  himself called a meeting in the Apple auditorium with the entire MobileMe team and asked them, "Can anybody tell me what MobileMe does?"
One unlucky individual raised his hand and began to explain only to be cut off by Jobs who responded, "Then why the **** doesn't it DO it??!!!!!"
One has to wonder what the late Mr. Jobs would have to say about this debacle...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thanks to the 3rd District Dental Society of New York

Thanks to everyone at the 3rd District Dental Society of New York for a wonder time at the Greater Capital District Dental Syposium!
I had a great time in Albany, NY.  This local component of the American Dental Association covers 6 counties which include the Catskill Mountains as well as the city of Albany.
The meeting was amazing with over 50 vendors in attendance.
I spent the day giving my presentation on Day to Day Technology to Improve Your Practice - Or at Least Make You Geekier!  The audience was great and I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself.  It was a great time!
If you are anywhere near Albany, you owe it to yourself to check out this meeting in the years to come.  You won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The iPhone 5 Wait is Over

A short post today as what I really want is some interaction from you, the readers.


It's already been 2 weeks since the announcement (I can't believe how fast time passes!)  And lines are cuing up for the first day of sales of the iPhone 5.


I'm sure I'll make the purchase, but I tend to wait a couple of months to let any problems get resolved.


Remember the iPhone 4 launch?  That was when "antenna-gate" happened and people were getting lousy reception.  The situation was fixed, but it took a little while for Apple to get after it.


Last year with the 4S it was battery life - people were barely getting one day out of a full battery charge… and that was on standby.  Heaven forbid they actually used the  phone.  That took battery life down to a couple of hours.  Of course that was fixed quickly too.


So my question to you, dear readers, is "Are you in line?"  "Are you getting your new iPhone 5 today?" or will you be like me and wait on the sidelines until you are sure everything is just fine?  I'd really like to know, so leave me a comment!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catapult University is Allowing to Me to do 3 Webinars, 2 in October and 1 in November!!!

For several years now, I've been working with The Catapult Group. It's a great group of individuals who love to teach and love to work toward the common goal of improving our patient's lives.

In 2011 we had the idea of Catapult University, an online teaching initiative that allows for information to be disseminated easily and practically. This means that doctors can learn advanced ideas & techniques without having to take time out of their office or travel to do so.

Earlier this year, Catapult University "went live" as we began to do distance learning through webinars. I'm honored to be doing 3 of these in the next, couple of months. Read about my program below, for all the details.

Flucke - Advanced Technologies  flyer.jpg

If you would like to be part of the webinar, click here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ioSafe N2 Disaster-Proof Private Cloud

ioSafe N2.png
We're all familiar with The Cloud.  It's basically using a computer somewhere on the Internet to store your data and provide info like an email, calendar, or organizer.  However, those services are at the mercy of whoever is running the computers or the data centers where the computers are housed.
What if you could have the storage… yourself?  Does that strike a chord?  I thought it  might.  Now let's go one step further.  What if the storage was your very own and it was fireproof, waterproof, and network connected as well as multi-drive NAS/RAID?  Am I getting your attention?  Yup, I figured so.
If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, then read of for all the info from my friends at ioSafe.  This is the start of something big… trust me.  Here are the details:

It's all about you. Your data. Your stuff. All of it.

The ioSafe N2 is the first disaster-proof private cloud device of it's kind. Like an aircraft black box for your data, the N2 is designed to protect and secure terabytes of the most precious data on the planet - your data. 

The Cloud Problem: Slow, Pricy and Insecure

If you have a 20-30 GB to protect, the public cloud is an option. If you have terabytes to store, the traditional public cloud breaks down quickly.

Speed: Moving a terabyte online can take months. Three or four terabytes? Fuggedaboutit! Months to upload and months to download. It's faster to ship a hard drive across the country than to try to stream the data across the internet. The situation is only getting worse as data growth will continue to exceed bandwidth over the foreseeable future. It's the equivalent of pushing the Pacific Ocean through a garden hose.

Cost: To store a couple of terabytes on Amazon's S3 Storage over three years will cost over $8000. Granted Mozy, Carbonite or Backblaze combined with Dropbox can be a fantastic setup if (1) you don't have terabytes of data and (2) you don't have them on a NAS and (3) you don't care about disaster recovery for all your programs or OS in addition to your data.

SecurityNo one in the public cloud cares as much about your data as you do. Information gets hacked, deleted and compromised in the public cloud as the biggest databases represent the juiciest targets for hackers. Staying in control of how your local data is stored, accessed and managed is an excellent way to avoid risks of the public cloud.

Private Cloud: The private cloud (aka NAS with cloud-like applications: picture sharing, music streaming and file syncing) can help solve the speed and security issues associated with the public cloud. It's fast when you're local and accessible when you're remote. The security is set by you and only you: simply pull the plug out of the wall if you want to completely lock out all external access to your data. Once your data is out in the public cloud, you lose control over how or where your data is stored. It will invariably get replicated across the internet and can never be made completely secure again.

Disaster Recovery (DR) for the private cloud? Streaming your data offsite for disaster protection is slow and is fraught with unknown risks regarding your service provider's policies and employees. Trying to replicate onsite and then physically move the data offsite for DR is a daily hassle and expense. You risk losing the data through human error, an unlocked car, disgruntled employee, etc. - bad things happen. Streaming or syncing terabytes online leads straight back to the public cloud's cost and bandwidth issues.

Solution: ioSafe protects from natural disaster by wrapping its patented protection technology around vulnerable private cloud data - onsite. You get fast local access, redundant hard drives, security, nearly unlimited storage, cloud convenience, access to the data with virtually any device and onsite protection against natural disasters. It's a beautiful thing - digital Nirvana.

You can use our solution alone or in conjunction with your existing backup and DR practices if you have any already in place. Every situation is special and this technology is meant as a tool for you to use to reduce your vulnerability. There is simply no other another single solution available with all the advantages of the ioSafe N2 for speed, flexibility, cost and disaster recovery.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored to be Released in March

Samsung Logo.jpeg


Ah the constant of the product life cycle continues to give heartburn to both marketers and consumers alike.


You know as fast as you can buy the latest and greatest gadget, Moore's Law spins around and delivers something even better by the time your credit card statement shows up with the charges for the last  gadget you bought.


So it is with smartphones.  The iPhone 5 was just announced with all kinds of fanfare recently… in fact I'm pretty sure some fanboys have already pitched tents in front of some Apple stores...


Now, hot on the heels of the Apple announcement comes Samsung (can't these guys ever get along?) with rumors (granted they are just rumors) of the next generation Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S IV.  According to a story in the Korea Times the new Galaxy will be available in March 2013 and will have a 5 inch screen.


Samsung is famous for cranking out top of the line phones in record time, frequently replacing their best devcies in less than a year.  This would definitely keep with that cycle.


The only constant is change… and there will probably be some way of selling your formerly greatest smartphone, but that reminds me of the old textbook buyback programs when I was in college.  I really just showed my age with that comment, didn't I?

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Huge Thanks to the Ohio Dental Association!!!

There were no posts on Saturday or Sunday as I was traveling and recovering from the Ohio Dental Association's Annual Session.


It's held in beautiful downtown Columbus, OH and if  you haven't ever been there, you really owe it to  yourself to see it.  Columbus is a beautiful city with an amazing 30's-40's feel and charm to it.  Lots of brick buildings, lots of cool small stores and shops.  Of course, there are also lots of friendly and warm people to go along with it all.


I had some great food, good times, and loved every minute of it.


Also, my biggest "Thanks" to the folks at the Ohio Dental Association that made the meeting possible.  They did an amazing job.  The meeting is incredibly well run and organized.  I'm always amazed that meetings of this size can be so well organized given the constant number of "moving parts', but the good folks at the ODA made it look really easy and almost effortless.


My biggest compliments are to the A/V folks that the ODA provided.  While I don't normally need too much help with connecting into the system and getting set up, I averaged a minimum of 3 A/V professionals per lecture that checked in on me during set up time just to make sure that everything was going as it should.  These guys rocked!


It was a fun couple of days where I covered advances in bonded restorations, day to day technology to improve your practice, and clinical applications of diode lasers with a hands-on component.


Thanks too, to all the kind people who came to my lectures and made being in Columbus so much fun.  I'm always  honored when someone takes the time out of their life to come spend some time with me!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Beam Brush is now Available for Pre-Order

Beam Brush order.jpg
Beam Brush, the manual toothbrush that communicates with smartphones is now available for pre-ordering.
The device works with both iOS and Android phones.  The device can transmit data to phones so that you can monitor brushing by yourself or your children and the info can also be transmitted back to the dental office.
Here is the info from the website:
Beam Tech has officially opened pre-orders for the Beam Brush on our website !  For a limited time, customers will enjoy an early bird special price of $34.99 per unit for online orders.  The Beam Brush works on both the Android and IPhone platforms, and users can choose between blue and pink for their brush.  Adult and child replacement heads are available and cost just $3.99.  The Beam App is free and allows users to display brushing behavior for multiple people,  change brush heads efficiently,  and create brushing goals to make your oral care more exciting!  The expected delivery date for all orders is November.

Visit to get yours today.

Now is the best time to Brush Smart!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Announces iPhone 5

Much to almost no one's surprise, yesterday Apple announced a new iPhone model called iPhone 5.  Apple is billing it as "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone".  Which I suppose is true if you are a fan of the iPhone as a device.

For the record, I have an iPhone 4S and I really like it.  However, I've also owned the Samsung Galaxy and the Galaxy 2 and liked both of those phones as well.  I'm really of the opinion that nowadays, the phone is a tool and both Android and iOS do some very cool and helpful things.  Both have advantages over the other… both have disadvantages.


But enough of that, let's take a look at what makes the newest piece of Apple goodness so deserving of all the hype.


  • Faster processor.  The iPhone 5 sports an A6 processor which, I believe, is faster than the iPad 3 which has an A5 processor.  This thing will be smoking' fast.
  • 18% thinner.  Things keep evolving and this time there is no need for a separate touch sensing layer being built into the screen.  Doing away with this layer lets the engineers decrease the thickness by almost 1/5th
  • 20% lighter.  Not only does doing away with the touch sensing layer make the device thinner, it also cuts the weight.  Cool!
  • Larger screen.  Now that people are using their phones for watching TV and movies as well as games, more screen size means better viewing.  The new iPhone has a 4 inch screen
  • Faster mobile wireless.  For years the iPhone has be 3G while all the competitors have been 4G.  That's been one of the major knocks on the device.  This latest model is compatible with LTE, DC-HSDPA, and HSPA+
  • iOS 6.  Although other devices (4s, 4, 3GS, iPad 3, and iPad 2) will be able to upgrade to it, the iPhone 5 will come with iOS 6 installed



  • 8MP camera which hasn't changed a lot since 4S.  Supposedly it's a bit faster and better in low light, but that isn't Earth shattering.  It will also now shoot in panorama which is a nice feature.
  • New connector.  This is going to cause some waves.  Apple has done away with the connector they've been using for years.  The reason for this is the decreased size of the device.  By making the iPhone 5 thinner, the company had to also have a thinner connector.  The new one is 8 pins and is reversible which means there is no wrong way to plug in the cable.   While I understand the reason behind the change and even support it, there are lots of people out there with lots of accessories that plug into the 30 pin adapter slot.  To help those folks, Apple is selling a Lightning to 30-pin adapter that will allow 30 pin accessories to connect to the iPhone 5.

So there's the low down.  Excited?  Want one?  Post your comments.  I'm probably going to upgrade, but I'll wait a month or 2 to make sure there are no battery or antenna issues before I make the jump...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Academy of Periodontology to Host 98th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles





Registration now open for periodontology’s premier event


Chicago (September 7, 2012)—The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), in collaboration with the Japanese Society of Periodontology, will host its 98th Annual Meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 29 to October 2, 2012. Attendee registration is open, and all members of the dental team are encouraged to register to learn about the latest advancements in periodontology while networking with peers. 


According to AAP President Pamela McClain, DDS, the 2012 Annual Meeting should appeal to the entire dental profession. “The continuing education courses offered at this year’s conference are top notch. Topics range from the latest innovations in regeneration and dental implantsto practice managementto topics specific fordental hygiene,” said Dr. McClain. 


Hands-on workshops, clinical technique showcases and traditional continuing education courses are offered, totaling over 60 educational and scientific sessions. Choose from a diverse selection of expert-led sessions in eight different tracks. Topics include:

  • Imaging and Emerging Technologies
  • Implants
  • Interdisciplinary Therapy
  • Periodontal-Systemic Relationships
  • Periodontal Plastic/Oral Reconstructive Surgery
  • Practice Development and Management
  • Regeneration/Tissue Engineering
  • Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Disease. 


This year’s meeting also features:

  • The exhibition floor which showcases a variety of dental products and services to enhance your practice. 
  • The AAP Annual Meeting app which provides up-to-the-minute information, a customizable schedule, alerts in real-time, exhibitors’ locations, local places for dining, entertainment and attractions and many other handy features. 
  • The Welcome Reception featuring the legendary Pointer Sisters performing their show-stopping hits.


“This year’s Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for all members of the dental team to familiarize themselves with today’s most pertinent topics in periodontology - from the latest research to thenewest products and techniques,” states McClain. “The valuable education and the chance to interact with fellow dental colleagues combined with the exciting location of Los Angeles make this a meeting not to be missed!” 


To register or for more information, call 312/573-3213 or email Look for us on Facebook: and follow on Twitter @AmerAcadPerio. 


About the American Academy of Periodontology

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) is the professional organization for periodontists, specialists in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are also dentistry’s experts in the treatment of oral inflammation. They receive three additional years of specialized training following dental school, and periodontics is one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. The AAP has 8,200 members world-wide.


NOTE: Members of the media are encouraged to attend the 2012 AAP Annual Meeting in order to cover the wide array of emerging periodontal research and other oral health topics that will be presented. Media representatives must be currently employed by an established news outlet and must provide appropriate identification before being issued a press pass. For more information or to obtain an application for press credentials, contact the Academy’s Public Affairs Department at 312/573-3242 or


# # #

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SciCan Statim 500 G4 Now Undergoing Testing

Statim 5000 G4.jpg
The smart folks at SciCan are at it again.  They have just released the new G4 series of fast autoclaves and we'll be testing the model 5000 in our office.
What makes the G4  different is that it has Internet connectivity.  It can connect either directly via Ethernet or via an optional wireless networking attachment.
The device communicates with an online portal that is password protected and allows the doctor or service personnel to be able to see exactly what the unit is doing and how it is performing during sterilizing cycles.
It can also communicate with your designated repair department to alert them when problems arise and can help prevent down time by alerting for repairs before the situation becomes critical.
We've owned an older Statim 2000 unit for about 5 years now and are excited to give the new 5000 G4 a shakedown cruise.  I'll report back as things develop.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Aerofex Hover Vehicle is a Realilty

I saw this device pictured on the Fox News website and as a geek, I had to know more.
It turns out this device, made by Aerofex, is a prototype of a hovering transport system.
The idea is ingenious.  It basically combines the advantages of a hovercraft with the ease of use of a bicycle.
However, the company is mainly focussing on unmanned drones that can lift heavy objects.  The problem becomes flight efficiency since the rotor blades are ducted in the front and the back and the blades themselves are much shorter than that of a helicopter.  Shorter blades mean less efficiency and that means they are less able to haul heavy loads.
However, the company does feel that the platform could at some point be used for humans, which I find thrilling and fascinating.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks to Philips SoniCare

I've just returned from a "think tank" retreat in Colorado with the team from Philips SoniCare and a bunch of bright minds in dentistry.


We spent the last day and a half reviewing information on new ideas and ways to improve existing products.


There is a ton of innovation at Philips and I'm excited by what I got a chance to see and learn, although I'm sworn to secrecy on it.  I'll be letting you in on things as I'm allowed by my signed agreements.


Suffice it to say that the gang at Philips that handles the dental market has some very cool and beneficial things in the pipeline.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Space Station Repair Aided by Toothbrush

There's nothing better in my book than a little geek engineering.

Frequently when things aren't going as planned on some project, you can find solutions in an outside the box manner.  No where is this more evident than in any type of manned space exploration.

This time, the repair was made thanks to the efforts of a common toothbrush.

It seems some external repairs were being done on the International Space Station when progress was halted due to some type of debris in a hole where a bolt was to be placed.  So... a toothbrush was attached to a pole and then used to scrub clean the hole.

Presto!  Problem solved & repair completed.

For the full story, check out ABC News.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Google Decreases Numbers Needed to get Fiber in KC

Google Logo.jpg
For those of us in the KC area, we can't wait to get Google Fiber!
Unfortunately it's not available in the entire metro area, which depresses me because it won't be available in my area for a while.
However, the Mountain View, CA company has now changed it's requirements of the needed number of subscribers to begin creating "fiber hoods".
Of the 202 neighborhoods that can potentially receive the service, 73 of them have had the necessary number of subscribers dropped.  Obviously this is good news for those folks wanting Google Fiber in this sluggish economy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smartphones and Their Batteries - Our Love - Hate Relationship

How Stuff Works Lithium Ion.jpg
Last week, my office partner Kelly came to me with that look in her eyes.  We all know that look.  We've probably all given that look too.  It's the look that says, "I'm fed up with my phone and I can't take it anymore."
Her problem is with the battery life that her not quite 2 year old smartphone is providing.  We've all become slaves to the almighty Lithium-ion power cell (depicted above in an image from one of my favorite sites
It seems that Kelly's  phone is already at a point where, even with an extended life battery, her phone cannot hold a charge for an entire day.
This can be a major nuisance to the average user, but when you are in health care, your phone becomes a lifeline of communication with your patients after hours.  A dead battery can seriously impact your availability.
So the question for many, many users has become, "why do we have all of this great technology that is constantly evolving, and yet battery technology seems to be lagging behind the growth curve?"
There are battery improvements in the pipeline, but it may be 2 years (one of we are lucky) before any of them make it to market.
I found a great article on Cnet that does a great job of teaching not only why batteries are still the weak link, but also the new battery ideas that we may see in the not too distant future.

Monday, September 3, 2012

No Post for Labor Day

Here in the US, it is the Labor Day weekend.


The idea is a celebration of the workers who keep our country and our economy humming.  It is also considered traditionally the last weekend of summer.


To that end, there will be no post today.  Enjoy the day off with your family and/or friends!


I'll be back tomorrow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Genome of Human Predecessor Sequenced from Tooth

Denisovan Tooth.jpg
It seems that a prehistoric humanoid type has had it genes sequenced.  The discovery of a piece of a finger bone and 2 teeth were all that was discovered in 2008.
Using the DNA, scientists have concluded that modern humans are different in at least our brain functions, nervous systems, skin, eyes, and teeth.
I personally find it fascinating that all of this info was gleaned form 3 small pieces of a being that lived 30,000 to 80,000 years ago.