Monday, December 31, 2012

A Careful & Cautious New Year's Eve to All!

As you head out to celebrate this evening, do so with a careful attitude.  


So many people take un-necessary risks on on New Year's Eve and I certainly don't want any of you to endanger yourselves or others with some revelry tonight.


We've got way too many great technology discussions in the year ahead!!!  So imbibe carefully and be sure to watch out for those who aren't as careful as you are!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing many of you this year as a I travel and lecture!


Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Under the Weather...

As luck would have it...


Normally I try and take some time off between Christmas & New Year's every year.  I've always told the staff that as long as we could muster it financially, I'd love to let us all thane this time and spend it with family & friends.  That, after all, is what it is all about… right?


Well, this year I've picked up a little bit of a bug that has me really tired and pretty achey as well.  I'm grateful that one of our local oral surgeons provides flu shots to all of us as his Christmas present each year.  Because of that, I don't feel nearly as bad as I could… but I *still* want to just relax and spend some time in front of the "home theater" that I don't get to be in nearly enough.


Don't worry, I'll be back soon enough!  :-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Google+ Now Storing Mobile Photos to your Google+ Account at *Full Size* for Android Users

I remember several years ago when the convergence of devices was starting to happen.  At the time, when I was on the road I would routinely carry a phone, a camera, and a music/entertainment device of some type.


Phones, at least the very high end ones, had cameras, but they were poor and the very good ones had either 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 resolution.  Needless to say, they were ok for documenting what you were seeing, but really not good for much else.  


The phones also had memory and the ability to store music, however, the combination of very little memory (due to expense) as well as battery life made the music option dicey.  If I used my phone for music on a flight, I could get 2 or 3 hours of music, but by the time I landed my battery was toast and, God forbid if I needed to make a call, I was completely out of juice and in desperate need of a charge.


Consequently, I traveled with a nice high quality Canon camera that took stunning photos as well as video.  It fit in the palm of my hand and because it was used rarely, it was always ready when I called on it.  I also traveled with my beloved black Video iPod.  It had a 60GB hard drive and could store movies.  That meant that I could actually watch the movie of my choice while I whistled through the atmosphere at 35,000 feet.  Sometimes when I landed, the battery was in the red, but my  phone was still pushing over 90% battery life and everything was good.


I remember having a discussing with my pal Justin during these days and he was excitedly looking forward to the days when one device would do it *all* and I kept arguing for the status quo so that I *never* had to worry about battery life when I was on the road.


Well those days are long gone and I've got to admit that Justin was right.  Now when I hop on a plane I'm not carrying my iPod and my Canon camera.  I'm carrying my iPhone 5 with a camera that has a resolution of 3264 x 2448, a 64GB storage capacity, and a battery that is very impressive.  Because of all that, I now have eliminated those "other" devcies and now just carry the iPhone.  In fact, for many folks their mobile phone is now their go-to device for running their lives.


I won't go into all the details because you know them too well, but we are using the phone to do just about everything we need when we're not at our desk.  Matter of fact, most folks under 30 prefer their phone to an actual computer (I actually had a link to a study on that, but alas I lost the link).


Now with the convergence of The Cloud we are seeing storage moving to a mobile option as well.  I love taking photos and because of that I will always take & back up my pics, but for those who are using the phone to record their lives, the idea of a phone is a great way to do just that.


That's why I was excited to see that Google, through their Google+ service is now offering users storage of their pics at full size through Google+ if you are an Android user.  The first 5GB are free & then after that users will have to buy more storage which will cost $2.49/month for 25GB of storage.  Since Android is the most popular mobile OS, this is a great treat for users.


Here is the info straight from Google:


About Instant Upload


By enabling Instant Upload, photos and videos you take on your mobile device are automatically uploaded to a private album on Google+. These photos and videos uploaded using Instant Upload are only accessible by you via the web, or your mobile device, until you choose to share them.

Instant Upload on iOS

Photos uploaded using Instant Upload will be resized so the image does not exceed 2048 pixels in length on any side.

Learn more:

Instant Upload on Android

Photos uploaded using Instant Upload are stored, by default, as full size resolution photos. You can choose whether you'd like your Instant Upload photos stored at full size or standard size resolution at anytime by adjusting your settings. Learn more about photo quality and storage options for Instant Upload photos and videos.

Learn more:

Instant Upload album on desktop

The Instant Upload album is a private web album. Photos are only visible to you unless you choose to share them. To view your uploaded photos in the Instant Upload album on the web or in the app, go to  Photos > Instant Upload. Learn more about how to share Instant Upload photos and videos.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Evidence insufficient to recommend antibiotics for joint replacement patients who undergo dental procedures

For years now, dentists & orthopedic surgeons have been trying to figure out  the proper protocol for protecting patients that have had total joint replacement surgeries.  Total joint includes things like hip, knee, & shoulder replacements where the entire joint becomes man made.  These surgeries are usually required for complicated situations where, for a variety of reasons, the body simply cannot heal itself back to the point where the patient can utilize the joint as before the injury.  In those cases, the natural structures are removed, and titanium prosthetics are used to recreate the joint.


Needless to say, these surgeries are complicated and expensive.  They can also require significant healing time as well as lots of physical therapy as the patient regains strength and range of motion.


Because of this, the medical community has always been extra cautious about the possibility of infection around these prosthetic joints.  If a joint becomes infected, the best case scenario involves lots of IV antibiotics and a hospital stay while the worst case scenario would require another surgery to remove the infected prosthetic and place a new one.  That is obviously something that no one wants to happen.


So, in order to help prevent these types of scenarios, patients undergoing certain invasive procedures have been given antibiotics before treatment.  The idea being that certain procedures, such as invasive dental procedures, can release bacteria into the blood stream that could potentially settle into the joint and create an infection.  The reasoning was that by having a pre-procedure circulating dose of antibiotics in the bloodstream, the bacteria are killed before having a chance to cause problems.  However, giving antibiotics has its own potential for problems and inherent risks.  There is also the matter of scientific proof.  Just because bacteria are released during a procedure does not guarantee that they will cause problems.


For years there has been a debate about whether the antibiotic prophylaxis, as it is called, was needed or could even be proven to be needed.  Now comes word from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Dental Association that evidence for this protocol is insufficient.


For the full story, follow this link to a great article by Dental Tribune that summarizes the whole situation.  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!!!

I hope this holiday finds you doing well in the warmth of your faith and your family!


Remember that life is short & fragile.  Treat each day and each person specially.


May the best for  you and yours be yet to come!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

NORAD Tracks Santa!


Every year the good folks at NORAD use their sophisticated satellite tracking systems for one of the coolest applications ever.  They actually monitor & video Santa as he makes his way around the world.


It's become a Christmas Eve tradition here at the Flucke household to check in throughout the day and watch the Jolly One's progress around the globe.


Go to the website and see for yourself.  It's awesome!  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Black Piranha has a Bite that Out Powers T-Rex… Amazing!

Black Piranha.jpg
As a dentist I always have a fascination with anatomy and other geeky things, especially when they have to do with the mouth.  So, needless to say, I perked up when I saw an article that discussed the biting force of a well known modern day Amazon  predator vs. an infamous but long gone alpha predator.
It seems that, for its size, the Black Piranha has an amazing amount of bite force.
I've got to give the researchers credit.  They actually went to South America and caught Black Piranha.  They then our their fingers at risk by holding the fish and placing a bite force device into the mouth.  These things have seriously sharp teeth and these brave researchers were going "mano et mano" with these fierce biting predators.
What they found was pretty amazing.  It seems that the Black Piranha has a bite force that is equal to 30 times its own body weight.  This body mass to bite force ratio is greater than that of other apex predators such as the Great White Shark.
Now, this does need to be put in perspective.  The study does not say the bite force of the piranha is greater than other predators, it's the ratio that is being measured.  However, even when just considering the ratio, the piranha has some extremely impressive jaws.  It's even more impressive when you consider that these fish are, like many canines, pack hunters.  When one considers the the bite force and then multiplies it by the number of fish in a school that is involved with an attack and you can see why the Amazon River strikes fear into many as they just consider the idea of paddling along it in a canoe.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jambox Portable Speaker from Jawbone

When you have your music collection digital, it's a blessing and a curse.  The blessings (if you are using Cloud storage) are obvious.  The music is available anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection.  That means that for me, my roughly 70GB of music is with me wherever I go.  I'm never limited to the music in my vehicle or on my iPod.
The curse?  Unless you have some really great headphones, you're forced to listen to your great music on tiny speakers built into your phone, iPad, or laptop that sound like 2 tin cans connected by dental floss.
What to do?
How about a cool external/auxiliary speaker system from Jawbone?  The box pictured above is called the Jambox and is a portable wireless speaker system.
The device is available in a wide array of colors and is currently selling for $149 which is a discount of $50 from its usual price of $199.
Here is a bit of the overall info direct from the website:
JAMBOX delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a portable wireless speaker so compact you won't believe it when you hear it. Unlike other portable speakers, JAMBOX is powered by a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unmatched in their ability to produce extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single, ultra-small dome speaker. They work in concert with an innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight enclosure to deliver shimmering highs and thumping lows that you can literally feel - the richest sound all in the palm of your hand.

JAMBOX is the only speaker in the world that gets smarter every time you plug it in. Just sync it with MyTALK, Jawbone's industry-first online platform to download apps, software upgrades, and the latest features - including LiveAudio™, an immersive three-dimensional listening experience. Jambox's integrated intelligence allows you to personalize it to your specific preferences. No other speaker on the planet is intelligent and updateable - but then again, nothing else is quite like JAMBOX.

JAMBOX gives you the freedom to bring pristine wireless audio to whatever you are doing, wherever you want. Carry it from room to room or just throw it in your bag - it's always ready to go. No more cords, docks or hassles. With JAMBOX, you can also enjoy streaming music, podcasts and sporting events while using your phone to do other things like email, post to Facebook or browse the web.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DenMat Announces Signing a Purchase Agreement to Acquire PeriOptix Inc., Leading Provider of Magnification and Illumination Technologies

It's funny how things come in cycles.  Here is the second piece of blog info for DenMat in the last few days.
It seems that the Santa Maria based company is expanding their holdings, now they have purchased Perioptix, a company that makes surgical telescopes and auxiliary LED lighting systems for dentistry.  One of the hygienists in our practice has been using these optics and light for several years and has been very pleased with the product.
I understand that the companies will be exhibiting together at the Chicago MidWinter meeting in February 2013.
Here are all the details:

Santa Maria, CA - December 3, 2012 - DenMat, recognized for innovative clinical dental technologies and materials, announced today its signing of a purchase agreement to acquire all outstanding stock of PeriOptix Inc., based in Escondido, California. The parties expect the deal to close in the next few days pending fulfillment of routine closing conditions. PeriOptix is one of the industry's leading providers of high-quality magnification and illumination technologies for dental and medical professionals.
PeriOptix is widely respected for its superior clinical vision solutions,” commented Steven Semmelmayer, CEO of DenMat. “From high-resolution lightweight loupes to the award-winning high-intensity SolarisTM LED headlight, PeriOptix empowers clinicians to see things better. Their innovative products are a perfect fit for dentists committed to exceptional restorative and other treatments.
Leading product solutions include the Air-XTM super-light frame system designed to be worn over existing eyewear, MicroLineTM“through-the-lens” loupes, the PanoramicTM and HogiesTM flip-up lines, and the popular high performance AdivistaTMlightweight loupes featuring Adidas® sport frames.
“We are very excited that DenMat has selected us to join in its mission to enhance clinical performance by healthcare professionals through high-quality, innovative and differentiated products,” commented Keith Tholin, President and co-founder of PeriOptix. “Our strategy is to focus on our core competencies in optics and illumination, and to introduce only products with distinctive features and improvements over existing products on the market. We know DenMat will continue this legacy while leveraging its marketing reach and distribution network.”
Since its founding, PeriOptix has introduced a number of innovations that include a unique modular frame system for loupes, the first portable LED light source, and a proprietary and patented locking mechanism designed to simplify the adjustment of flip-up style loupes.
To learn more about the truly visionary line of PeriOptix solutions, contact DenMat at +1-800-445-0345 or visit
About PeriOptix
PeriOptix offers a full suite of high-quality magnification and illumination products, all at an unbeatable value for the clinician. Since its founding in 1999, PeriOptix has introduced a number of innovations in the dental and surgical loupe market, including the first portable LED light source. For more information, call +1-949-366-3333 or visit
About DenMat
DenMat manufactures a broad range of cosmetic and restorative solutions as well as innovative small equipment devices, available in the U.S. and over 68 countries worldwide. LUMINEERS®, the contact-lens thin veneer system is the flagship of DenMat's Smile Solutions portfolio, along with Snap-On SmileTM, the Ultimate Provisional. DenMat also offers globally recognized brands such as Splash!® super-hydrophillic impression material, Lumibrite® chairside and take-home tooth whitening, Geristore® multi-use resin ionomer, FLASHLite® Portable LED Curing Light, and the Sapphire® platform of Plasma Arc Curing and soft tissue laser devices. Recently, DenMat became the exclusive distributor of the VELscope Vx®, the world’s leading adjunctive oral cancer screening device. In addition to award-winning products, DenMat also offers a wide array of continuing education programs, including Destination Education events. For more information, call +1-800-445-0345 or

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brtdge iPad Accessory Brings Laptop-like Functions to Apple's Tablet

iPad Brydge.png
If you have an iPad, you already know the advantages of the slick little tablet.  Many of us are now carrying some type of tablet routinely… instead of a laptop.
Of course, as with most things in life, improvements come along, but sometimes the old way "is just better".  So it can be with the laptop and the tablet.  I still use both devices.  The iPad is definitely my preferred "on the go" device and even when I'm on the road, if I am not giving a presentation or lecture, the MacBook Pro stays home.
However, there are things, like typing, that are easier on a true keyboard than they are on the soft touch virtual keyboard of the iPad.  Many people I've spoken with over the past 3 years say they wish there was a way they could get more laptop like functionality out of their iPad, but only when they wanted it.  
Well, the Brydge is ready to help with those problems.  The device is an iPad accessory that basically converts the iPad into a laptop.  It is an aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard and hinge that connects to the iPad and creates a laptop-like form factor.  Depending on the model, the Brydge can also have integrated speakers that play music from the iPad, and when folded closed it protects the screen.
The keyboard connects via Bluetooth.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DenMat Signs Exclusive Global Distribution of Velscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System

VELscope Vx.jpg


As many of you know, I am  *very* passionate about the subject of oral cancer screening. We have multiple devices in my office that allow us to do as careful in oral cancer screening as can currently be performed.


One of the devices currently on the market that allows the doctor to do an enhanced visual assessment is the Velscope Vx from LED Medical Diagnostics.    Over the years, LED Medical has sold the device as both a direct product as well as through dealers. I received a recent notice that Velscope Vx is now a product available exclusively through DenMat. Here are the details from the press release:


As a current Velscope customer, you may be pleased to know that DenMat has recently reached an agreement with LED Medical Diagnostics, Inc to become the exclusive global distributor (except for a handful of practice groups for a limited time) for Velscope Vx (and future generations of Velscope Vx) including all responsibility for sales and marketing. Please be assured that Velscope's unmatched, life-saving technology is not changing in any way.  LED's  commitment to quality and customer service is unwavering and rest assured that DenMat is dedicated to providing you with equally state-of-the-art quality and customer service.


Effective immediately, DenMat will be your exclusive source for Velscope Vx and all Velscope accessories and supplies, including Velcaps, Velsheaths, and marketing materials.  I encourage you to visit where you can reorder accessories through DenMat's new e-commerce web store.


Again, nothing has changed with Velscope. We at DenMat are here to serve you, and we look forward to speaking with you soon. In the meantime, please call us if you have any questions about Velscope at 800-433-6628 or visit

Monday, December 17, 2012

Backup Battery Solution for Apple "i" Products

 For those of you who are looking for a way to provide more power to your iPhone, you might consider the iCharge device that I came across.
The device has a built in battery that you charge.  Once charged, you carry it with you and when your iPhone battery runs low, the iCharge is attached.  Once attached it powers the phone just like the internal battery would.
It will interface with iPhone models 3G and higher as well as many iPods and iPads.
It's available for $39.99 from  Seems like a nice backup for those just in case instances.
Here is all the info from the seller's website:
If you’re in the market for a powerful backup battery for your iProduct, our iCharge All Portable Charger is just the thing you’re looking for!  Never again will you be stuck with a dead phone!  Just plug it into your device and it will charge right up!  Dead batteries will be a thing of the past!

The iCharge All Portable Charger can charge more than 100% of your iPhone!  Compatible with iPhones 3 & 4, iPods and iPads.  Lightning to 30-pin adapter required if using the iPhone 5.

Choose between red or black!

Measures 2.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches tall x .75 inches deep.  Includes a USB cable, handstrap and a built in Lithium-ion battery that charges via USB to computer or power adapter. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stanley 450 Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

Stanley Jump Starter.jpeg
Here's a cool device that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at the local Sam's Club although you can also pick up a similar device from Amazon.  
This is a pretty nifty gadget with several functions that I'll describe in a bit, but first a little background on why you should consider purchasing one of these.
I learned (the hard way) not too long ago that most new car batteries don't last much longer than 2 years.  After 24 months, you're on borrowed time.
During the Midwest Dental Conference here in KC in April, I had a chance to have dinner with my good friend Dr. Bob Lowe, who was speaking at the conference.  I had also been invited to speak and didn't want to take my laptop bag with me to dinner so Bob and I left our bags in his room at the downtown Sheraton and went out for a bite.  When we returned, we pulled up in front of the Sheraton and they were dealing with a lot of traffic due to the dental meeting.  The entry way was crowded with lots of vehicles coming and going.  When we navigated the traffic and managed to get to the front door, I told the doorman I needed to run up to Bob's room and grab my bag, but that I wasn't staying and wouldn't be more than a few minutes.  He told me to just shut the Tahoe off and leave the keys with him.
I ran up to Bob's room, grabbed my laptop bag, and headed back down.  I put the key in the ignition, turned it, and … zip, nadda, nothing.  A brief flicker of every dashboard light and then complete and utter darkness.  I wasn't going anywhere… and I was blocking major amounts of traffic in the main driveway in front of the hotel.  My heart began to race...
I hopped out and told the doorman who called the valet and they worked on getting an emergency starter device out to me.  Meanwhile I called AAA hoping that someone could save me.  The Sheraton guys got me jump started and the AAA guy arrived about 10 minutes later and gave the Tahoe a once over making sure it was just the battery.  He was the one who told me the new car battery life expectancy is 24 months.  I was 6 months past that.
I was pretty lucky in this, all things considered.  I was lucky enough to have a jump start system available and AAA able to quickly respond.  However, what if I had been out in the middle of nowhere?  Our new vehicles don't give us any warning of a low battery anymore, so this has the potential to happen anywhere at anytime.  
This is where the Stanley device pictured above comes to the rescue.  It has a battery that has 450 amps of instant starting power and 900 peak amps of power.  This allows you to start your vehicle without another vehicle.  It has jumper cables attached.  You just attach the cables, flip the switch, and turn your ignition.
It also has a built-in air compressor that will allow you to inflate low tires.
Of course, being a geek, I also like the fact that it has a DC power port that allows you plug in "cigarette lighter" plugs to charge devices or power a laptop if necessary.  It also has a USB charging port in case you don't have a DC power plug as well as a very bright LED light.
The battery is charged by plugging it into an AC power source.  Once charged, you just load it into your vehicle and you are good to go.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Learn More about Cone Beam 3D Imaging with My 3 Part Video Series

Are you looking to really learn why 3D imaging is so important to you and your patients?  Want the low down in a no-nonsense format?  Want to learn why I chose 3D imaging and the ways I use it every day?  If so, take about 45 minutes of  your time and watch my 3 part video series.  It's free and sponsored by Gendex.
At the ADA meeting in San Francisco this past October, I was asked to sit down in front of the camera and just talk about 3D.  So… on  Thursday night at about 9:00 pm I got my chance to tell my story and discuss why I'm so passionate about 3D.
The video series is unscripted and gives me a chance to tell the story of my 3D journey as well how the technology is something that I feel all dentists should have access to and use.
It was a great session and I truly feel that after watching, you'll feel much more confident about what 3D can do and when you should consider using it.
I'm proud of the project and hope that it helps doctors and patients.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Google Maps is Back on iOS - Users Rejoice

Google Maps Screenshot.jpg
The release of iOS 6 was supposed to be the next big thing for Apple.  The new operating system would bring all of their compatible devcies a new engine and it would usher in the release of the iPhone 5.  The key word in the previous sentence is supposed.

What iOS 6 did instead was to give users Apple's map software and remove Google Maps.  That was one of the worst mistakes that the Cupertino Crew has ever pulled off.  Their mapping software was nowhere ready to be released and fans and critics alike lambasted Apple for a terrible piece of software.  It was so bad, that some users even put off downloading and installing iOS 6 jus to keep using Google Maps.
Well all that is in the past now.  This week, Google released in iOS 6 compatible version of their mapping software and it is already the #1 download in the App Store.
The free download brings all the Google goodness back to a mapping software and allows people fed up with the Apple maps fiasco to completely do away with the Apple app and go back to using the hands down best mapping software on the planet.
I've already installed and tinkered with the app & I can tell you that it is as good as I remembered.  There is currently no iPad versions available, but you can download the iPhone version and run it on your iPad.
Head to the App store and get it now!  Everyone else is...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAESY Cloud 1.3 Adds Smile Channel Content, Search Features

Here is some new info direct from Patterson on CAESY Cloud.  Interesting stuff!

Version 1.3 offers redesigned interface, tag filtering, playlist options and more


ST. PAUL, Minn. – (December 12, 2012) – Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announces new updates to CAESY Cloud, its online patient education portal. Practices around the country have already experienced the convenience of accessing CAESY Patient Education multimedia presentations via the Cloud, and now CAESY Cloud version 1.3 offers improved functionality and presentation updates. New features include Smile Channel content, multiple new and updated videos, and improved search functionality – all available via fast, convenient Cloud delivery. 

For the first time, Smile Channel content has been added to CAESY Cloud, and most Smile Channel presentations are available in high definition for optimal patient viewing. Smile Channel presentations provide engaging programming for the reception area that entertains and educates patients while subtly promoting discretionary services unique to each practice. 

In addition to the new Smile Channel offering, a number of other features have been added to make CAESY Cloud even easier to navigate and run on PC and Mac desktop computers, Smartphones, as well as the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The interface has been completely redesigned to support mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. Additionally, videos now include more descriptive titles and explanations, making it simple to confirm the proper content is being shown during an appointment. A tag filtering feature and new search functionality make it easier to quickly find appropriate content, and dental professionals will now be able to create playlists that play a number of videos sequentially. 

CAESY Cloud continues to add new content to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry. The latest additions include a new TMD section in high definition, which features the presentations “Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy,” and “What is a T-Scan?” Updated presentations include information on diagnosing neuromuscular problems and treatment, the equilibration procedure, diagnosing bruxism, and more.


Launched in July 2011, CAESY Cloud currently offers more than 350 multimedia presentations that dental offices can access on multiple devices. CAESY Cloud requires no installation and no network connections between participating devices. All that is needed to access CAESY Cloud is a standard Internet connection. Dental professionals can simply sign up for the service by visiting gain access to the presentations for immediate use from anywhere. After subscribing, users can visit the website to access the full library of CAESY’s robust patient education presentations. A low monthly subscription fee makes CAESY Cloud available to dental practices with little initial investment.

CAESY Education Systems has been dentistry’s premier developer of leading-edge patient education technology and content since 1993. Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. acquired CAESY in May 2004. The award winning multimedia information on preventive, restorative and esthetic treatment options helps dental practices worldwide educate their patients and grow their practices. The CAESY content is distributed via video and computer networks, DVD players and the Cloud throughout the clinical and reception areas of the dental practice. The family of products includes CAESY Cloud, CAESY DVD, Smile Channel DVD, and CAESY Enterprise, which includes CAESY, Smile Channel and ShowCase. For more information, visit

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google News Will Soon Be Better Formatted for Tablets

Google Tablet.jpg
I really like Google News.  It creates my very own custom news feed with stories on topics & categories I'm interested in.  The  only problem has been reading it on a tablet.  It's just not the best format.
Well, in the next few days, Google is going to fix that.  Word is that a new formatting system for Google News will make it easier to read and a better fit on tablet devcies whether they be Android or iOS.
I'm thinking it will probably be available for Android first (that whole competition thing comes into play), but I can't imagine that iOS would be too far behind or left out completely.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kindle FreeTime on Kindle Fire HD7"

I stumbled across this information on Amazon and just had to pass it along.
As tablets continue to expand our horizons and proliferate in usage, Amazon had brought out their Kindle device to further consumer push & pull to the online retailer.
Of course with more and more tablets being purchased, more and more homes now have them.  This means that more and more children have access to them.  Now when it comes to a PC, there are a lot of parental control programs that can keep your kids safe by limiting access to sites, the browser, etc.  However, that really isn't' something you see currently with tablets.
Kudos to Amazon who noticed this deficiency and created FreeTime for the Kindle Fire HD.  It is basically an app that allows parents to create a kid centric and kid safe environment.  That means you can turn a youngster loose with a Kindle Fire HD without concern that they may end up somewhere they really shouldn't be.  I think this is a great idea.
If you'd like the full scoop you can read all the info here.  Otherwise, below are the main points from the Amazon website.  

About Kindle FreeTime

Kindle FreeTime is an app included on Kindle Fire HD that allows parents to create a customized content experience for each of their children.


While using Kindle FreeTime, children can enjoy the content parents make available to their profile, and parents can prevent children from accessing content or features outside of their Kindle FreeTime Profile.

Parents can:
  • Choose which books, apps, games and videos they want their children to view.
  • Individually set limits on the amount of time that children can access books, videos, apps, or total screen time.
  • Create profiles for up to six children.
  • Prevent children from accessing content or features outside of their Kindle FreeTime Profile.
Kids can:
  • See content in a kid-friendly interface and see their recently viewed content on the Home screen carousel.
  • Add items to Favorites, and view Favorites by tapping the star on their Home screen.
  • Navigate visually to content based on characters or topics - for example "Cinderella," "Dinosaurs," or "Puppies." These categories are dynamically generated from the content you choose to include in your child's profile.

Note: Kindle FreeTime is available exclusively in the Apps library on Kindle Fire 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HD. It is not available for Kindle Fire 1st Generation.

FreeTime vs. Parental Controls

  • Parental Controls allow you to restrict access to purchasing, content viewing, web browsing and other features on your Kindle Fire by requiring a password for access. For more information, see Setting Parental Controls.
  • Kindle FreeTime provides a personalized content viewing experience for up to six children. Each child sees only the content (books, videos and apps) added by you. Kids cannot exit Kindle FreeTime without the Parental Controls password.

Kindle FreeTime also:

  • Blocks access to the web browser
  • Blocks access to browsing and purchasing in the Amazon content stores
  • Disables location-based services
  • Disables social sharing (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Disables GameCircle
  • Requires entry of a password to turn wireless connectivity on or off
  • Requires entry of a password to make in-app purchases

Monday, December 10, 2012

HPV Linked to Throat Cancer

According to a study that was referenced by  Reuters Health, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is linked to cancer of the throat.  According to the study, researchers "found the cancerous throat tissue had 5.4 time the odds of testing positive for HPV infection, compared to non-cancerous tissue".


HPV has been linked to oral cancers for a while now, but the links of this virus to cancers continues to grow.


For the full report, check out this story form the Chicago Tribune.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lanmark360’s “Shave the Shore™” Campaign Exceeds Goal of $20,000



My friend Howard Klein at Lanmark360 set out, a couple of days after Sandy, to help raise money for those affected by the terrible storm.  He came up with the idea of "Shave the Shore™" and began to solicit donations that went to the American Red Cross.  I'm glad to say that the effort has gone very, very well.  Please read on for the press release with all of the details.  My personal thanks to Howard for stepping forward to help others at a really difficult time.  I am proud to call him my friend!


Collective Support From the Dental Industry Credited for Staggering Donation Amount that Continues to Grow


West Long Branch, NJ (December 7, 2012) – Lanmark360’s “Shave the Shore” campaign recently exceeded its fundraising goal by raising more than $20,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, and the agency contributes the majority of its success to donations collected from friends and colleagues throughout the dental industry. All proceeds from the campaign will be donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts in order to help local families affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Originally, in the first few days following super-storm Sandy, Lanmark360 President, Howard Klein, made a pledge on Facebook NOT to shave until he personally raised at least $10,000 to help Jersey Shore families struck by Sandy’s path. On Day 14 of the campaign, Michael Bocian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Darby Dental Supply, challenged Klein to raise his goal to $15,000, pledging that Darby Dental Supply would contribute an additional $5,000, bringing the total donation amount to $20,000. Since then, Klein and his team at Lanmark360 have exceeded that goal, and contributions continue to pour in.  


“I am so humbled by the amount of support we received for this campaign from the dental industry alone,” remarked Klein. “Following the storm, the amount of support we received from our friends and colleagues has been nothing short of amazing. This industry is truly like no other, and Lanmark360 is proud to serve our clients, publication partners and associates each and every day. In the dental industry, we often joke that once you enter dental, you can’t get out – well it’s times like these that I can’t ever imagine leaving. It confirmed to me that we all really do have an extended family that serves as a real united force within dental.”


Klein and his team at Lanmark360 celebrated the victory with a nice, hot shave at a Frank’s Barber Shop, a local business Klein has been frequenting for over 20 years.  


“Most importantly, everyone at Lanmark360 would like to thank all the individuals and companies within the dental industry who so generously showed their support through either not shaving, or funding monetary donations to the cause,” remarked Klein.  


Klein has decided to keep the Shave the Shore donation site active in order to maximize the total contribution to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. For more information about Shave the Shore and how you can help, please visit or visit for regular updates.  


You can also follow Shave the Shore on Twitter by using the hashtag, #ShaveTheShore or following Howard Klein at @ShaveTheShore.


About Lanmark360


Lanmark360 is a fully integrated advertising, marketing and communications agency serving a diverse roster of clients in the healthcare industry. Located at the Jersey Shore in West Long Branch, the company provides 360° of strategic marketing services. 


For more information, visit Follow Lanmark360 on Facebook (, LinkedIn (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended my Ultradent 3D Course Yesterday

Today I'm back in "The Land of Oz" and trying like crazy to get ready for the holidays as well as work on the drone.


I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time out of their schedules to come to Ultradent yesterday and listen to my presentation on Cone Beam 3D Technology.


I hope that you all came away with a better understanding of the concept of Cone Beam in dentistry and what it can do for you and your patients.  I was truly honored by how many of you came out to see me, and I was truly honored to be asked by my friends at Ultradent to come out and do the lecture.


Cone Beam technology is truly changing the way we in dentistry understand our patients and treatment plan their care. Once you understand what 3-D can truly provide, I know you'll find it to be an indispensable part of your data-gathering for complicated cases.


It was also really great to get a chance to speak with one of my instructors from my 1st year in dental school. It's always fun to reconnect with people from your past, especially when they helped shape your educational foundation.

Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Stay Safe on Public WiFi Connections

WiFi has changed our world.  I can remember when I first got an access point for my home.  I was completely unencumbered by wires and could surf at will.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my geek career.
Since then, WiFi has proliferated more than most of us could have imagined.  You can now find WiFi at Starbucks, McDonald's, almost anywhere.  If you pop open the WiFi settings of your phone or tablet, no matter where you are you can almost always find an access point.  It may be secured and unavailable, but you can still see them almost everywhere.
Of course, convenience always comes with a price.  The problem is now that with the almost universal presence of WiFi, you have to worry about security.
On open and unsecured Wi-Fi networks, there are lots of ways for the bad guys to see what you're doing as well as steal your usernames and passwords. For that reason, I have a couple of recommendations on how to keep your private data private. However, let me 1st state that no system is 100% foolproof. What I'm recommending are simply a couple of ways that make it much more difficult for your information to be stolen.
1. Get your own portable Wi-Fi access point. I know from many of you this may not be an option, but if it is possible for you to do so, the easiest way to ensure that your data is safe is to simply not use public access points and instead use your own portable one. These devices are available from any wireless carrier and simply connect to that carriers wireless network. I happen to use a device from Sprint called the Passport. It allows for 5 devices to connect wirelessly to Sprint's high-speed data network. It does require a monthly subscription fee, but as much time as I spend on the road I find having access to my own personal hotspot to be well worth it and because it is password protected it is more difficult for the bad guys to access my data.
2.  The other way I keep my data safe is by using a service called Hotspot Shield. This is a program that I have installed on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The software runs my Internet connection through a special server that encrypts my data. This makes me more or less "invisible" to both the bad guys and really anyone else. It can be used over Wi-Fi or on my Mac even through a wired connection. It comes in very handy when I don't have my wireless access point with me and I'm forced to use an open public network. Using this program I'm confident that no one can see what I'm doing. That means I can check e-mail, shop at Amazon, or do anything else that requires a username and password and I know my information is safe.
For even more ideas on how to safely use open public Wi-Fi, check out this article on Fox

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ultradent Supports Local Docs with 3D Scanning for Local Patients

Ultradent Logo.gif
Ultradent's Mission Statement is "Improving Oral Health Globally".  From my perspective as someone who treats patients as well as also having the opportunity to do research, speak, and write about the latest and greatest "leading edge" products in the field, I'm impressed by those 4 simple words.  For most of us who practice day in and day out, we truly care about our patients and while we  probably don't get an opportunity to think about it every day… we really do seek to "improve oral health locally".
We do this by constantly improving our skills through education and using the best possible products and equipment that we can.  We all working to do our little part that, overall, provides the best we can do.
When a company gets the idea to do more, they often have the resources to do just that.
Ultradent has recently made an investment that will benefit doctor's & patients in their local area of Salt Lake City and South Jordan in Utah.  The good folks at Ultradent have purchased & installed a 3D cone beam unit in their world headquarters.  They are now offering local doctors a chance to send their patients to the Ultradent Imaging Center where, for a reasonable fee, doctors can have 3D scans done on patients.  This will allow doctors to be able to have all of the benefits of 3D technology without having to purchase a machine themselves.
I have been doing the same thing from my office in Lee's Summit, MO and we have quite a few patients that are referred to us on an "as needed basis" by doctors who certainly understand the benefits of this amazing tech, but don't have the demand that would allow them to purchase a unit for themselves.
I think this is a great opportunity for doctors in the area of Ultradent to avail themselves of this service and get all of the info that CBCT  provides.
To help doctors get the grasp of the "why's and how's" of CBCT, Ultradent has asked me to come out to South Jordan and do a 1/2 day lecture covering CBCT from the perspective of the general dentist.
I'll be doing this presentation tomorrow, December 7th in the educational center at Ultradent.  I've been to the headquarters many times over the years and have watched lots of lectures in this room, but I've never ever given one there myself, so I'm excited but also just a little nervous…  :-)
If you're in the area, please give a call to 800-520-6640 and register.  We're going to have a great time and I'd love to meet you as well as help you understand this amazing technology a little bit better...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

YouTube Releases App for iOS 6 and Returns Functionality to iPads & iPhones Everywhere

You may remember a little debacle Apple had this past autumn where they replaced Google Maps with their own Apple version when the brain trust in Cupertino released iOS 6.
The resulting problems and PR nightmare that Apple suffered through is what most people remember, but there was more to it than just Apple deciding to create and distribute their own mapping software.
In reality it was about the friction between Apple and Google which goes back to the competition the two companies are having over their mobile operating systems and who will ultimately control the smartphone market.
Because Google owns and distributes Android OS, which is in direct competition with Apple's iOS, the 2 companies keep bumping heads over allowing each other to provide apps in the other company's mobile operating system.  In June of 2012, it became known that Google Maps would no longer be used in iOS.  Now Google Maps has been pretty much the gold standard for mapping and location software for quite some time now and it came as a bit of a shock when it was no longer going to be welcome on the iPhone.
However, it wasn't just maps that got pushed out of iOS.  For years, iPods, iPhones, and iPads had all had an icon that allowed the user to run a YouTube app on iOS.  Yet, you guessed it, with the release of iOS 6, not only was Google Maps no longer there… the YouTube app also magically disappeared.  This was just one more way for Apple to keep Google out of their mobile operating system.
It's been a bit of a pain to have to use a browser to access YouTube since the iOS 6 release, but now I'm happy to tell you Google has just released a YouTube app for the iPad.  That's right, once again you have an icon on the iPad that takes you directly to YouTube just like the good ol' days.  There has been an iPhone app for a little while now, but I've been anxiously awaiting the full version for iPad.
The iPad app, of course, takes advantage of the huge iPad screen and retina display.  So… if you've been missing YouTube since the iOS 6 upgrade… rejoice!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Smartphone Pics Can Give You Away

Vice & McAfee.jpg
I've been following, with great interest, the adventures of John McAfee as of late.  Mr. McAfee created an antivirus software in the early days of the Internet, sold it for a princely sum, and then began living the life of a wealthy retired mogul.
A few years ago, he moved to Belize.
In the last month, he has been accused of murder in the small nation and has been on the run ever since.  He claims he has been framed and is an innocent man on the run.
Since he is a bit of a well known name in tech circles (not to mention having a reputation as a loose canon), I've been following his exploits and adventures via his blog since he has gone into hiding/running.  
In the last couple of days, 2 folks from Vice Magazine have been with Mr. McAfee and are preparing to tell his story for their magazine.  As proof they are with him, they released a photo taken with a smartphone.  However, for those of  you who don't live & drool over tech like some of us, your smartphone can keep a lot of data about your photos and the location they were taken.  That's why today, there has been a lot of speculation over the fact that Vice may well have given away their location.  I find it ironic that a man who made a great deal of money with technology may have been betrayed (or at least put at risk) by it .

Monday, December 3, 2012

iTunes 11 is Finally Here

iTunes Logo.jpg
We've been expecting iTunes 11 for a while now.  It was supposed to be released in October, but word came from Cupertino that they needed a little more time to work some bugs out.  So… at the end of November, iTunes 11 was released to not  too much fanfare.  However, there are some things in it that should make most users happier with this version over some of the previous more bloated versions from the past.
Over the years, iTunes had migrated from a regular old "music player" to the center of the Apple media world.  It ran iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  It stored and played movies and kept track of Apps.  It grew and grew to the point where it had become bloated, heavy, and slow.  It desperately needed to be reworked and so Apple had taken the bull by the horns and tried to tame the oversized multimedia beast.
All in all, I think they did a decent job of it.  While I do miss the lefthand navigation panel, they have made the experience easy to navigate by providing a button that allows you to toggle through the different sections like "movies",  "TV shows", "Playlists", etc.
The sheer number of images of album covers, book covers, etc is a bit overwhelming, but I think that may just take some getting used to.
The biggest thing for me is that the program appears to be more responsive & works with fewer delays than the bloated versions of the past.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Could Apple have *Finally* Solved the Wireless Charging Scenario?

Apple Wireless Charging Patent.jpg
I know the graphic above looks complicated and… well it *is* complicated, but before your brain starts to emit small puffs of smoke, let me try to explain.
For years now we've been dealing with power issues for our devices.  We've all become addicted to our portable devices and whether it's a smart phone or a tablet, we *need* access to them almost all of the time.  Of course, the problem with that becomes battery life and trying to survive for as long as possible without plugging in.  As  you all know, I travel a lot and trust me when I say, you should see the demand for AC outlets in airports.  I actually travel with a Monster Powerstrip just so I can ask someone to share their outlet with me and we can both still have power.
Most of us are familiar with the process of inductive charging.  That is the science behind the Powermat and also things like the SoniCare Toothbrush.  Basically you put your device in contact with a charging system and power flows to the battery to charge it.  This is cool tech because it doesn't' require actually plugging in, but the problem is… it still requires a charger.  Add to the fact that your device has to actually be in physical contact with the charging system and it's cool tech, but still a tad clunky to use if you are on the go.
Now Apple has filed patents for a new type of system based on what is called "Near-Field Magnetic Resonance" or NFMR.  The idea is your phone or other device would have a NFMR resonator circuit located inside. This circuit would receive power from a nearby NFMR power supply that could provide power and charging inside of a 1 meter "bubble".
Basically the idea is that your laptop or some other device would house the NFMR power source and then whenever your rechargeable devices came within 1 meter of that power supply, charging would begin whenever you were within the "bubble" with no user intervention required.  Basically your phone & other devices would charge whenever you were close enough to the source.
A pretty cool idea if you ask me.  Anything that helps rid me of multiple charging devices is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My LED Provides Notifications for your iPhone

My LED.jpg
Here's kind of a cool idea for iPhone users.  Rumor has it that Steve Jobs hated the idea of LED's on phones.  I guess it ruined the aesthetic or something.  However, one of the things I miss about other phones I've owned is that the iPhone does not have a blinking notification when I get a message or miss a call.
My LED changes all that.  It plugs into your headphone jack and blinks when you receive a message, miss a call, or get an email.
It's a pretty slick and easy solution if you ask me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks to All Who Attended my Catapult University Webinar Last Night

It was a short night for me last night.  I finished my webinar and headed home for a good night's sleep.  Such is the price we pay for working in the Midwest on West Coast Time!  :-)


Seriously, I want to thank all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to spend the time with me.  I certainly and sincerely  hope the time spent was well worth it for you.


My first seminar series for Catapult University is now complete.  I'll be doing others in the future, so if you would lie to suggest topics, I'm certainly open to that.  Feel free to let me know your recommendations in the comments section.


Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Google Drive Now Provides Gmail with 10GB Attachments

Google Drive Logo.png
We've all had those moments where you try to send a rather large attachment and then you get the dreaded error message that tells you it's just too big to go through?  Usually this shows up after your computer has cranked a while *trying* to send it so you've also got the dreaded downtime that comes with it as well.
If you are a Gmail user, those days could be over.  On November 27th, Google announced it is providing integration between Gmail and the Google Drive service.  What that means is that now a Gmail message will be able to send an attachment that is up to 10GB.  That's right, 10GB.  I honestly cannot remember a time that I ever needed to send a file that large… and I've sent some pretty big files in my day.
If you are a Gmail user, you should know that the new integration will only with Google's new Compose Format, but that isn't a big deal.
I can remember when Gmail was invitation only and I was thrilled to finally get my invite.  I knew, even back then, that there would be some cool things to come along with it.
As I've said here before, it's becoming a Cloud based world and tons of our data is going to be there sooner as opposed to later.  Now we've got one more reason to embrace the Cloud for all of this stuff since Google Drive is a Cloud base storage service (which I happen to use and like, but i also use and like Amazon's service as well).
So Gmail users, I thought you'd like to know this.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DEXIS Connects with the All-New Dentrix Developer Program and with Dentrix® Users

Dexis Logo.jpg


Membership in the Dentrix Developer Program allows DEXIS to provide products that are Dentrix G5 Connected. These products, available in the brand new Dentrix MarketPlace, can assist Dentrix users in meeting their practice needs.


Hatfield, PA (November 26, 2012)   DEXIS, LLC, whose premier product is the only digital 
X-ray system that fully integrates with Dentrix, proudly announces that it is now a member of the Dentrix Developer Program. The Program was created for those companies that want to develop specific Dentrix G5 Connected applications.


Both the DEXIS® Digital Imaging System and the DEXIS® Integrator™ for DENTRIX® have also been accepted into the Dentrix MarketPlace program. The Dentrix MarketPlace online portal provides a central location for users to easily review and select technologies that are associated with their Dentrix program and which ultimately enhance their practices. 


The DEXIS Digital Imaging System with its award-winning Platinum Sensor and the feature-rich DEXIS® Imaging Suite software provides clinicians with the best image quality, most comfortable sensor, and fastest workflow.* DEXIS Integrator for DENTRIX affords a seamless way for DEXIS and Dentrix to work efficiently together.


“DEXIS has been with the Henry Schein Dental family for seven years and continues to offer the best digital imaging solution for Dentrix users,” states John Steck, Director of Product Management for DEXIS. “We look forward to our involvement in the Dentrix Developer Program and the DEXIS presence on Dentrix MarketPlace.”



DEXIS is an industry leader in developing high quality digital imaging solutions for the dental community. In 1997, DEXIS introduced digital radiography on laptop computers — making it the first truly portable and affordable digital X-ray system. In 2001, DEXIS became the first intra-oral digital radiography system to be accepted by the American Dental Association into the highly prestigious ADA Seal Program. Today, DEXIS is the most highly awarded intra-oral digital X-ray system with numerous awards from dental researchers and well-respected dental publications. For more information on DEXIS Imaging Suite and the DEXIS Platinum Sensor, and to learn about DEXIS imaging solutions, visit