Monday, August 31, 2009

Addent CoMax Composite Dispenser

I got my hands on the CoMax from Addent a couple of weeks ago, and now you couldn't get it back if you tried to pry it out of my grip. Addent is a great company that keeps succeeding in making "better mousetraps" for our profession. In the case of the Comax they've come up with a better composite dispensing device.

The CoMax is a typical gun style dispenser that is anything but typical. The device is incredibly sturdy, just pick one up and you'll know what I mean. The plastic is glossy and easy to clean and made to resist discoloring from repeated steam autoclaving. The stainless steel inner workings provide an amazing mechanical advantage that make dispensing composite considerably easier than with any other gun dispenser currently on the market.

It will accommodate all composite cartridges and can be unloaded with one hand. Simply pull back the knob on the barrel with your index and middle fingers and the empty cartridge falls out. Place another in the barrel, release the knob, and the cartridge is loaded and ready for use.

If you are suffering with or concerned about carpal tunnel or if you are just tired of fighting the old composite guns (and who of us isn't?) then give the CoMax a try. This is a great improvement on something that you'll use every day. The device is highly recommended.

For more info go to the Addent website.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vibram KSO - You say you want a revolution?

Most of my life I've despised going barefoot. I've been cursed with very tender feet and even the smallest pebble can have me doing "the pain dance" like I belong in a 3 Stooges outtake reel. Because of that, I've been forced to always wear shoes with the exception, more or less, of getting in and out of a pool, lake, ocean, etc.

I was absolutely thrilled a few years ago when Crocs came on the scene. There was finally something that fit like a shoe but was easy to wear with no socks and easy to walk in (I can be a bit clumsy in flip-flops).

Now, however, I have a new love. A great idea with a high tech design that makes wearing a shoe just like being barefoot... except when you step on a rock, you don't feel pain.

Say hello to the Vibram Fivefingers design. The product is footwear that completely replicates the human foot. Not only do you have separate compartments for each toe, but the sole of the Vibram is also designed to replicate the sole of your foot. It's as close to being barefoot as you can get while still using footwear.

I own a pair of the KSO model and I can tell you from personal experience these things are "limousines for the feet". The initial wearing is a bit weird as you get used to the feeling of having your toes separated, but that feeling quickly fades. They are incredibly comfortable and truly give you the feeling of being barefoot without the compromises that I've had to deal with. I feel more stable and well balanced.

The downside? Well, getting them on so far has been a bit challenging. My forth and fifth toes are hard to separate which leads to some struggles in getting them on. I'm sure that like anything in life there is a learning cure and that this will fade as I get more efficient at orienting my feet/toes while putting them on.

There are 4 different types of these and a selection of colors as well. All for only $85. For all the info check out the company website.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snow Leopard - First Impressions

Being on the tech edge I figure its my job to push it every once in a while for the benefit of my readers... at least that's the excuse I use to buy and tinker with lots of great technology. Yesterday while I was doing my Ultradent Webinar, the FedEx guy showed up with my copy of Mac OSX Snow Leopard. It was available on Friday so I had ordered it earlier in the week for a Friday delivery.

Let me say first of all that while I'm happy with the results, they are in no way Earth shattering. It's more under the hood changes than obvious ones.

It took less than an hour to do the install which was completely automated other than the final required re-start. Throw the CD in the drive and let it do its thing.

The machine came back just the way I left it from an appearance standpoint. To the casual observer, it was like nothing had changed.

What I did find was that some of the icons on my toolbar that related to OS features or built-in programs needed to be changed. Mail upgraded itself when I started it, but iCal and System Preferences, when clicked, informed me that this version was no longer supported. I had to hunt for the new icons and replace them myself in the toolbar. It would have been nice if the update had done it automatically.

So far the only program I've found that is not compatible is my Matrix Code screen saver.

Expose has access from the Dock which is a feature I really like. You can see all the open windows from one ap. You can also zoom on an open window with the space bar. Nice!

Quicktime X is a better player and now allows you to record audio and video to then upload to the web all as part of the program.

Microsoft Exchange Support is now built in. Although I don't use it personally, this should make a gigantic difference for those Apple users in a corporate environment.

A nice update that does some good things. Not a true makeover, but really nice nonetheless. I'm recommending it, especially at $29.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been a Lares Powerlase user since it came on the market. This is, in my opinion, the best hard tissue laser on the market. I'm impressed that despite it's obvious clinical advantage, the company just keeps trying to improve the platform. Here is the latest press release:

Chico, CA: August 26, 2009— Lares Research has added a 650 microsecond pulse duration (FW) to the Nd:YAG capability of its PowerLase® AT Dual Wavelength Laser System. The new long pulse duration option provides enhanced coagulation during soft tissue procedures, particularly when performing the company’s Laser SoftCare™ Periodontal Disease Treatment Protocol.

The 650 microsecond pulse duration option adds to the existing benefits provided by the PowerLase AT laser system. The PowerLase AT combines dentistry’s two best laser wavelengths: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG to provide dentists with The Complete Laser Operatory™. The PowerLase AT enables dentists to provide minimally invasive hard and soft tissue treatments in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, soft tissue surgery, osseous surgery, endodontics, and periodontics.

Lares is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of oral cutting technology, supplying dentists with precision handpieces and high performance lasers worldwide. The company has been an innovator in the field of dental lasers since it began offering lasers to dental clinicians in 1997. For more information, call 1-888-333-8440, ext. 2050, or go to

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Phillips Announces FlexCare+ the Latest SoniCare Powered Toothbrush

At the ADA Annual Meeting next month in Honolulu, SoniCare will be demonstrating their latest powered toothbrush, the FlecCare+. This brush will be in addition to the FlexCare which came to market 2 years ago.

The announcement just made its way to me today so I don't have any hands-on experience with it yet, but when I do, I'll report on it here. Also, I don't know what the consumer price will be yet, but here is a list of the features:

Patented sonic technology
• Dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth
5 brushing modes
• Clean
• Gum Care
• Refresh
• Sensitive
• Massage
UV Brush Head Sanitizer
• Helps kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses on brush head*
Quadpacer & Smartimer
• Encourages recommended whole mouth cleaning for 2 minutes
Illuminated display
• Unique backlighting indicates selected mode

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clinical Trial of New ProDrive Handpiece

For over a month now I've been using the new ProDrive Handpiece (manufactured by Sirona) for all my fixed prosthetics. After almost 6 weeks of use, I can state that the handpiece has performed exceptionally well.

Torque is exceptional, as it is with all the ProDrive systems, although I feel that this one might be even better. Though it has a smooth finish, the device is comfortable to hold and has does not slip or feel slippery with wet gloves.

The chuck is easy to operate and the ProDrive burs go into the head a bit further than they do in the Kavo handpieces I also use. This makes maneuvering in areas of difficult access easier.

The noise is no more and no less than other ProDrive turbines. Cutting speed, vibration, ease of use are all outstanding.

If you have been thinking about ProDrive and are in the market for new factory handpieces, definitely take the new one for a test drive. I think you will be impressed. I was.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

P&G in Lawsuit over Staining from Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash

Here's an interesting bit of news. A lawyer is alleging that Crest-Pro Health mouthwash has stained his teeth brown. The lawyer states he has always been meticulous about his oral care but noticed the staining after using his first bottle of the Pro-Health.

The lawsuit is of the class action variety meaning that anyone who has used the product and feels that they have had staining can be part of the litigation and be subject to some type of cash settlement if Proctor and Gamble is found guilty.

The full story is available at with the full list of complaints and allegations.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing 49 port USB Hub

That is not a typo in the header and this is not a gag photo... this product actually exists. While it is geared more for lab type applications such as testing multiple hard drives or other devices for errors, I can see applications for everyday users as well. It's been developed and is available for purchase from Cambrionics in the UK.

Things like businesses that want to give away jump drives with promotional info at trade shows or to large client groups. I can even see dental offices that have open houses or high marketing goals using this device to create multiple jump drive copies.

It could also be used as a way to create multiple backups on portable hard drives and jump drives simultaneously while only requiring one computer to complete the task.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? If you're interested, the single unit price is £399. For all the details, visit the Cambrionics website.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sirius XM to Announce iPod-iPhone Dock Next Week

Sirius XM has a press conference scheduled for next week, and the rumors are flying. The one that is most intriguing to me is that the satellite radio company is planning even more integration with Apple products.

Earlier this year, Sirius XM released an iPhone app that allows iPod Touch and iPhone users to listen to satellite broadcasts on their respective devices. It allows anyone with a subscription to access the broadcasts as long as they have a cell or wifi signal.

Now the news is a dock type device that the iPhone or iPod can sit in and receive the broadcast via a satellite antenna virtually turning it into a satellite radio. Think of a small boom box type radio with speakers etc.

I suppose with external speakers and an A/C connection you could do this now, but the idea that Sirius XM is this willing to work with Apple is interesting to say the least. Now if the rumor only comes true...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flexible LED's could change things as We know Them

Flexible LED.jpg
One of the problems with LED's is that they sit on a substrate. What this means is the the light is created by passing an electrical current through 2 different types of materials. These inflexible materials are called a substrate and as the current passes through them, photons are emitted with a certain wavelength. This works great for TV's and other types of sturdy devices, but what about things that need flexibility?

Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered a way to make inorganic LED displays flexible. Think of the possibilities!

The full story can be read here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aegis Padlock Secure Drive Locks Down Data with Pass Code Encryption

You know you need to backup your data, but here are always those worries about HIPPA compliance. Or maybe you need to backup some important financial data, but your don't want to risk the chance of prying eyes? To the rescue comes Aegis Apricorn Padlock Encrypted Hard Drive.

This portable hard drive has a combination that the user sets. It also has a user determined 128 or 256 bit encryption algorithm that makes your data extremely difficult if not impossible to read. The drive is powered by the USB bus so no external power adapters are needed and it has a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system, protecting the drive from drops and knocks. Impressive!

The drives come in capacities up to 500GB. For all the manufacturer's info, click here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air Techniques Spectra Receives FDA Approval

Late last night I received the announcement I'd been waiting almost a year to hear. Spectra, the caries detection device that shows the location of decay on the tooth surface like weather radar, has been approved for sale by the FDA.

This amazing device takes pictures of individual teeth under a purple wavelength of light, applies a software algorithm to the picture, and then indicates where enamel and dentin breakdown is occurring by showing the decay on the photo.

While there are other high tech devices that can find decay, Spectra is the only one that can do it visually, allowing the area to be tracked over time for small lesions. The colors correspond to the depth of the decay so that it is easy to judge when a lesion can undergo remineralization therapy and when restorative options should be initiated.

I've had some extensive hands-on time with the device and can tell you first hand, it's a winner. Look for Air Techniques to get this market quickly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Align settles with Ormco

Shares of Align Technology Inc. jumped Monday after the dental products company settled a patent infringement lawsuit regarding its Invisalign teeth-straightening system.

Align agreed to issue $77 million in stock to Danaher Corp., and pay about $13 million to Danaher's Ormco business. Align and Ormco will also collaborate to make an orthodontic product combining their technologies. In June, a jury found that Invisalign violated a patent held by Danaher.

Shares of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Align rose $1.64, or 16.1 percent, to $11.77 in afternoon trading.

Standard & Poor's Equity Research analyst Phillip Seligman upgraded Align shares "Hold" from "Strong Sell" on the news, and raised his price target to $13 per share from $6. He said the stock would get a lift from the settlement, and added that investors will find Align shares more appealing as they look for a 2010 economic recovery.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Largest Corporate Identity Theft Case in History

When people ask me about computer security, I always tell them it's impossible to be too careful. To that end, here is a story from Fox News regarding what appears to be the largest identity hack in history. Of course, that only means the largest yet discovered. There may be one even bigger.

130,000,000 million credit card and debit card numbers were stolen. That is a staggering figure. As it turns out, one of the responsible parties was also involved in the T.J. Maxx id theft of a coupel of years ago.

Anyway, here is a link to the article. Remember you can't be too careful!

Monday, August 17, 2009

SolarStrap to Recharge your Items

Here is a nifty item that helps your gadgets and also helps keep the world green. The SolarStrap is a device that can be attached to your over the shoulder bag straps or your clothing and uses photovoltaic cells to charge a 950mAh capacity battery. You connect your devices to the battery that then provides the recharge you need without the need to plug anything into an electrical outlet.

All the details and other solar products manufactured by Suntrica can be found here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keyring USB Jump Drive

Sometimes you need to have a jump drive with you, and the easiest place is on your keychain. These devices are available in multiple sizes and different styles from Brando.

The USB drive folds out so that it can be attached to your computer and then folds back in so that the device is discreet and almost unnoticeable as a USB device. It's available in 2, 4, and 8GB capacities and is affordable with the 8 being only $29.00

They can be ordered online here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flash Drive Lock for your USB Jump Drives

Sometimes I look at products and I just have to ask, "Why?" This is one of those products. The idea is that you can put your jump drive into this and then lock it so that only someone with the proper 3 digit code can unlock it.

I suppose that makes sense, but did it ever occur to the manufacturer that if someone really wants inside they can just try every combination? It's only 3 digits and it wouldn't take that long to hack. I suppose if you just wanted to keep snooping eyes at the office out of it, it would be a decent deterrent. However, I don't think this is the kind of thing that would keep a healthcare office HIPPA compliant.

Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a drive preloaded with encryption software and just use that? Good. I thought so to.

However, if you really want to buy one, you can order here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MyVu Upgrades Personal Video Viewer System

myvu Crystal EV.jpg
I have one of the original MyVu systems. I bought it so that when I'm flying and want to tune out and watch a movie that is loaded on my iPod, I can completely immerse myself in the experience. However, these devices are well suited to those who don't have over the patient screens for entertainment. The MyVu people keep making improvements and now have the latest model available.

Called the Crystal EV, the device now has the equivalent viewing of a 64 inch screen right in front of your eyes. I'm jealous as the company says this is a 30% improvement over the model that I own. They also have gone the extra mile by achieving Apple iPhone Certification and Nokia Forum status.

The photo above is from the original MyVu so there may be some differences once the Crystal EV is seen "in the wild". Here is the info from the press release:

WESTWOOD, Mass., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Myvu Corporation, the leader in video eyewear, announces the release and availability of its latest innovation in video eyewear, the Crystal EV. The Crystal EV makes its debut at InMotion Entertainment airport stores nationwide. The Crystal EV represents a significant upgrade to the world's best selling personal media viewer (PMV), the original Myvu Crystal. Sporting Myvu's SolidOptix(R) technology, the Crystal EV has a 64" equivalent screen size, a 30% increase over the original Crystal. As the only video eyewear company to achieve Apple iPhone(R) Certification and Nokia Forum status, Myvu continues to set the standard for video eyewear with industry-leading design, mobility and the introduction of new groundbreaking functionality for gaming, mobile TV and Web surfing.

"Myvu is pleased to announce the release of Crystal EV and its initial availability through our retail partner, InMotion Entertainment," said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of Myvu Corporation. "Crystal EV is significant improvement upon the world's best selling PMV, the original Myvu Crystal. It is an example of Myvu's continued innovation in producing the most affordable, lightest profile with the largest image size, entertainment and personal productivity video eyewear on the market."

"InMotion continues to offer cutting-edge electronics and sought-after new gadgets to the discerning traveler. The innovative new Myvu Crystal EV is the perfect new portable device to enhance any passenger's experience," said Eden Goldberg, VP, Marketing and Business Development of InMotion Entertainment.

The Myvu product line includes; Myvu Crystal EV, the premium product offering full VGA resolution and the widest field-of-view available, Myvu Shades, featuring a unique glance-down design, and the new Myvu Solo Plus EV. Myvu products are available at many worldwide retail outlets.

About Myvu Corporation

Myvu Corporation is the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing innovative video eyewear for mobile entertainment. The company's Myvu line of personal media viewers has received widespread industry recognition for its breakthroughs in ergonomics, features and functionality. These accolades include RetailVision's "Best New Technology," "Best Product; Mobility" awards, iLounge's "Best Wearable Display" designation and the Consumer Electronics Association's Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering award. Myvu transforms portable media players and cellular phones, including all Apple iPod with video models, Apple iPhone, Zune, Nokia N series phones, Motorola ZN5 phone and others into a private viewing experience. Myvu is a privately held company based in Westwood, Massachusetts, with venture capital financing from The Hillman Company and Intel Capital. For more information, visit

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DigiDudes - For the Photographer in all of Us

This is a fun idea that has potential to be one of those "must have" products. DigiDudes come in several designs. The idea is they are small and portable tripods that also look like funny cartoon type characters.

You can keep one on a keychain or on the strap on your personal digital camera and when you need it, remove the head and pull out the legs... presto! Instant mini tripod.

With so many folks carrying a small digital camera with them everywhere they go, this can make group pictures for those spontaneous moments at the local watering hole that much easier to get... without the top of the table in every picture.

Digidudes are only $19.95 and are on presale now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DENTATRUST Digital Dental Laboratory Up and Running in Charlotte, North Carolina

New Dental Lab Specializing in Digital Dentistry Founded by Well-Known
Industry Leaders Norbert Ulmer, MBA and Tom Nieting, CDT

Charlotte, NC (August 11, 2009) – Tom Nieting, CDT and Norbert Ulmer, MBA are pleased to announce that their new dental laboratory, DENTATRUST LLC, a dental laboratory specializing in digital dentistry, is up and running in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founded by dental laboratory industry leaders Nieting and Ulmer, DENTATRUST focuses on digital dentistry and is by far the most experienced dental laboratory in utilizing CEREC 3D, inLab, and CEREC Connect technology.

Currently, DENTATRUST has a growing team of dental technician personnel, numerous professional collaborators, and a rigorous agenda of ongoing education and training for fellow dental professionals interested in maximizing their knowledge and practice of digital dentistry.

DENTATRUST offers many services for patients and dental professionals, such as treatment planning, digital design, and consulting services for dental professionals.

"As the most experienced and leading CEREC laboratory worldwide, we particularly welcome and enjoy working with CEREC dentists as we share not only the same technology platform but also the same philosophy." commented Nieting.

DENTATRUST is currently partnering with the following industry leaders: Fully Integrated Practice (FIP), Ivoclar Vivadent, Patterson Dental, Sirona Dental Systems, and Vident.

“In order for DENTATRUST to be the best in the dental laboratory field, we are teaming up with the best,” remarked Ulmer. “We are honored and thankful for the constructive relationships that we enjoy with our professional partners.”

In addition to superior dental restorations, DENTATRUST conducts ongoing research and instruction in the field of digital dentistry. Both Nieting and Ulmer conduct numerous lectures, training seminars, and study clubs throughout the year on topics such as digital impressions, Sirona software training, CEREC Connect, and CAD/CAM technology updates.

“DENTATRUST offers advice and guidance on the successful selection of a digital solution that fits individual professional CAD/CAM requirements,” remarked Ulmer. “We enjoy helping fellow dental professionals get started, grow, or simply help perfect the fabrication process and results.”

For more information about DENTATRUST products and services, log onto, or call toll-free: 1-866-363-9343.

About Tom Nieting, CDT

Tom Nieting started his career in 1972 as a dental technician trainee. Before founding DENTATRUST dental laboratory, he was Technical Marketing Manager for CAD/CAM Lab Applications at Sirona Dental Systems, LLC.

Prior to joining Sirona, Nieting was the General Manger of several successful large full-service dental laboratories located throughout the Midwest.

Through the years, Nieting advanced and focused his career on the management and marketing of dental laboratories. In 1997, he began to include the new evolving CAD/CAM systems. Nieting was the first Sirona inLab user, beta-tester, and trainer in North America.

He has been a speaker at countless dental meetings nationwide, and has contributed to and authored articles in various dental publications.

About Norbert Ulmer, MBA

Norbert Ulmer earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing from the University of Cooperative Education in Ravensburg, Germany, and holds a Master’s degree in General Management from the Berlin School of Economics.

Ulmer started his career in the dental industry with KaVo over 15 years ago, and has since gained extensive marketing and management experience in various roles in Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and North America.

Prior to founding DENTATRUST, Ulmer was most recently employed at Sirona Dental Systems for over 9 years, where he developed Sirona’s laboratory activities. He has been instrumental in the development and introduction of Sirona inLab, infiniDent, and CEREC Connect.

Ulmer serves as a member of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products, Subcommittee on CAD/CAM Dentistry, and the Advisory Board of the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT).


DENTATRUST was founded by Tom Nieting, CDT and Norbert Ulmer, MBA in June 2008. DENTATRUST’s main focus is on digital dentistry and is by far the most experienced dental laboratory in CEREC 3D, inLab, and CEREC Connect technology. DENTATRUST is a partner and educator to dentists and laboratories alike, assisting dental professionals in increasing profitability and the clinical performance of digital dental restorations and services.

For more information about DENTATRUST products and services, please log onto

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How NASA Helped Save Your Teeth

NASA worm.png

The next time you think that spending money on space exploration is pouring money down a rathole, consider this: I material called Nitinol, which was originally developed for aerospace uses, is now called Ni-Ti. The metal, which is a blend of nickel and titanium results in a metal that has a "memory".

Ni-Ti has become a mainstream dental material with its main uses being in Orthodontics by making a wire that continues to move teeth as it attempts to return to its original shape. It is also a huge factor in simplifying root canals. The majority of instruments used today are Ni-Ti and make the procedure more simple by being able to bend and not break while removing diseased tissue from inside a tooth.

Radar Online has a list of 13 things we take for granted today that are all a result of NASA. Care to take a look? All the products are located in this article. My good pal Dr. Paul Feuerstein will be especially amazed to see image #12.

Monday, August 10, 2009

TDK to Produce 2.5TB HDD by First Quarter 2010

It's hard to believe how quickly drive capacities are expanding. It sued to be that a 10GB hard drive was enormous and then it was 80GB. Just a year or so ago, we saw the arrival of affordable 1TB drives and I bought several of them to use in external drive bays so that I have reliable backups. Now comes the announcement from TDK that they will soon begin producing a 3.5" drive that will hold 2.5TB of data.

The secret? Everyone else is currently building their drives with 500GB platters while TDK has come up with 640GB platters giving them basically 140GB extra per platter. Multiply that times 4 (the number of platters in a hard drive) and you can see that they come up with just about the 2.5GB number.

The company says production will begin in November and that we should start seeing these drives in February. Of course this means that TDK has just raised the bar so everyone else will be scrambling to be able to offer something similar. This is another case of the end user being the winner.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sybron Dental Specialties Acquires Axis Dental

The Danaher company continues to make inroads in dentistry. They have purchased several dental companies over the last few years and on August 7th they made another (you may have seen my Tweet about this on Friday when I first heard the news). Danaher has now purchased bur company Axis Dental. Here is the press release:

ORANGE, CA – August 7, 2009 – Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. announced today the addition of the Axis® Dental brands to its corporate portfolio through the purchase of all the outstanding stock of Axis Corporation.
Daniel Even, President of Sybron Dental Specialties (SDS), said, “We are very enthusiastic about adding the Axis Dental brands to our family of companies. Beyond a market-leading position in rotary instruments, the acquisition enhances our talent funnel with the addition of the Axis associates.”
Axis Dental President Perry Lowe commented, “My colleague Wayne Brown and I are thrilled to join a superb organization like Sybron Dental Specialties. Our shared culture and values will result in tremendous opportunities for our employees, customers, dealer partners and suppliers. This acquisition will support our vision of becoming the number one rotary instrument company in the world.”
Even went on to say that Lowe and Brown and the Axis team have built a terrific company, often setting the benchmark for dealer relations. “We could not be more pleased,” he said.
Axis Dental will continue to operate out of Coppell, Texas as a standalone Rotary division within the SDS Dental Consumables platform. Axis customers will continue to secure products through their preferred source.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I Love my Mac - and Why I Love Goetze Dental's IT Guys

I've been a Mac user for about 3 years or so now. I'm not a Mac snob (we all know some of those people), but as someone who travels quite a bit and needs a computer to function reliably for lectures and other sorts of things, I've come to rely on my MacBook Pro to get me through.

I don't change computers as often as I used to. Years ago, it seemed that every 18 months or so I was salivating over some new piece of portable hardware. Now with processing speed being so fast on even the old machines, i just don't find myself needing the upgrades. However, my MacBook Pro only had a 120GB hard drive which is small compared to today's standards. Heck, I have between 30-40GB of music! So the 120GB in the Mac was more than maxed out. I had taken all the music off and moved it to a WD Passport drive that I carried around and connected if I wanted the tunes. I knew I needed the hard drive upgraded, but my schedule has been too hectic for me to do it and who could I trust?

For years, I've been touting the concept of having a relationship with dental supply company that has a top notch IT department. That way you have one source for supplies, service, and IT. So it was only natural that I called my guys at Goetze Dental's IT Department. One of the techs there is John and he's a Mac guy like me. Yesterday I dropped off the Mac with a new 500GB hard drive and asked him to do the install and the data move.

I'm happy to say that I'm now typing this on the upgraded machine with no problems. John got the work done easily and reliably.

The Mac has a way to transfer all user settings and programs over in cases like mine and my old hard drive was connected and the data was pulled over onto the new drive. That means that when I booted the new drive, the machine looked EXACTLY as it did before the upgrade. The only change is more hard drive space. That's why I love my Mac.

So the moral to the story is you have to have an IT Department you can trust and I've definitely found that. The whole process was incredibly low stress. Thanks to John and the rest of the good people at Goetze Dental!

Friday, August 7, 2009

3D Diagnosis and Planning for Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- DENTSPLY GAC announced today the worldwide release of VistaDent 3D, a diagnosis and planning software package for interpreting 3D DICOM data. VistaDent 3D offers many unique diagnostic features that allow dental professionals to analyze tooth roots, TMJ, impacted teeth, mixed dentition, mandibular nerve, tooth root positions, cortical bone thickness and bone quality, sinus cavity, and more -- all in 3D. It not only provides clinicians with accurate diagnostic tools but also contains a planning environment where users can virtually plan the placement of Temporary Anchorage Devices, oral and maxillofacial surgeries, occlusion of dentition, and simulate soft tissue profiles after treatment.

"VistaDent 3D is just another example by which DENTSPLY GAC is seeking to translate technology to treatment in the world of orthodontics," said Thomas Macari, DENTSPLY GAC's Director of Research and Development. "With breakthrough applications to benefit not only orthodontists, but also oral surgeons and other clinicians, we are thrilled to offer VistaDent 3D to even more users."

Traditional and 3D versions of industry standard Cephalometric Analyses such as Steiner, Ricketts, Tweed, Downs, etc. are available in VistaDent3D. Users can also create their own customized analyses using points, lines, planes, angles, distances and proportions. "VistaDent 3D offers clinicians a precise 3D environment for diagnosis, analysis and planning that leads to a predictable outcome and a renewed sense of confidence," explained Charles Dunham, DENTSPLY GAC's Software Manager . "The real world is 3D and our goal with VistaDent 3D is to give users different ways to interpret 3D data so that they can make the best clinical decisions."

Integration with VistaDent OC provides a complete solution for both orthodontists and oral surgeons. OrthoPlex(TM) users will be able to combine high-resolution digital models with cone-beam CT data and visualize the patient's occlusion before and after surgery. With stunning 3D diagnosis, analysis, and treatment planning capabilities, VistaDent 3D is a premier diagnostic and planning software.


VistaDent 3D can be used in a networked or single-user environment. It can be run as a standalone program or an additional module to VistaDent OC.

VistaDent 3D is currently available in North America, Europe, parts of South America and Asia either directly from Dentsply GAC, or through authorized distributors and/or partners outside US and Canada. For further information about pricing and availability, call 888.422.2376 (+1 205.945.8911 outside North America).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MyGlucoHealth Adds Patient Messaging and Alerts System to Integrated Diabetes Monitoring Platform

Good news for diabetics. MyGlucoHealth has developed a way to help keep you and your doctors informed of your conditions. It's all based on a BlueTooth enabled glucometer that does some pretty amazing things. Read on for all the details:

Entra Health Systems, an international applied healthcare technology company unveiled its new Patient Messaging and Alerts system built into the web technology that supports the MyGlucoHealth glucometer. Messaging and Alerts allows patients to automatically send notifications about their changing condition or reminders to tell them when to test. Individual notices can be sent by SMS text message or email.

"This unique feature helps engage persons with diabetes in their own individual care as well as forms a partnership with family members to help the patient better monitor their health and manage their disease," said Richard Strobridge, Chief Executive Officer of Entra Health Systems. "The targets and alerts section of the MyGlucoHealth Portal allows the patient to establish critical 'threshold' settings for blood glucose levels and then communicate significant changes to anyone they designate. The system monitors upload results and automatically sends notifications to the patient, their physician, family member, or caregiver whenever a threshold is exceeded."

By managing their individual online profile, each patient can establish high and low thresholds based on personal goals and health condition. The menu allows the patient to designate phone numbers for mobile phone text messages, as well as email addresses for recipients of alerts. In addition, there is a 'reminders' messaging feature on the MyGlucoHealth portal that allows the patient to set up a series of notifications to help them maintain a consistent level of testing, posting or a supply of strips. Reminders can be set up at 15-minute intervals throughout the day to alert the patient to test, upload their stored testing results or to order additional test strips when their supply is low. The website keeps count of strip usage and integrates with to notify the patient when it's time to order additional strips.

About MyGlucoHealth(r)

MyGlucoHealth is the first FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth blood glucose meter. The meter, along with the MyGlucoHealth Network, form an integrated telehealth platform supporting patients and healthcare professionals in the control and treatment of diabetes. MyGlucoHealth gives patients more direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers.

The MyGlucoHealth meter works in combination with a real-time online data collection network to upload and manage blood glucose readings using a mobile phone or PC. This eliminates the need for patients to maintain personal logbooks, improving data accuracy and removing the opportunity for incomplete or 'manufactured' readings. Using the MyGlucoHealth Portal at, or regional sites throughout the world, patients securely transmit and evaluate their daily readings while communicating those same results to their families, caregiver or diabetic care specialist.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Toshiba Announces 64GB SDXC Card - Coming Soon!

Holly cow! 64 GB on a tiny card? Yup, you read that right. Yesterday, Toshiba announced that they are going into production with their SDXC that will hold 64GB of info. With the constant increase of memory we're seeing, I'm not sure where the limit will be. Last year solid state drives for computers were looking pretty amazing and now we're seeing 64GB that you can stick in a camera! Here is the info from the press release:

TOKYO and IRVINE, Calif., August 3, 2009 — Toshiba Corporation, a leading innovator in NAND flash memory technologies and solutions, and Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC), a North American subsidiary, today announced the launch of the world's first 64GB1 SDXC Memory Card2 capable of operating at the world's fastest data transfer rate3 for reading and writing to a flash memory card. The new card is compliant with the new SD Memory Standard, Ver. 3.00, UHS104. Toshiba also extended its industry leadership in memory card solutions by unveiling 32GB and 16GB SDHC Memory Cards compliant with the world's fastest data transfer rate. Samples of the new SDXC Memory Cards will be available this November, and samples of the new SDHC Memory Cards will be available in December.

The new SDXC and SDHC Memory Cards are the world's first memory cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Version 3.00, UHS104, which brings a new level of ultra-fast read and write speeds to NAND flash based memory cards: a maximum write speed of 35MB4 per second, and a read speed of 60MB per second. The combination of large storage capacities and increased data transfer rates will meet the needs of a wide range of consumer electronics applications such as digital still cameras and digital camcorders that require high bandwidth data communication. For example, digital SLR cameras will be able to shoot longer continuous bursts in the highest quality RAW format. Similarly, with these cards, it will be possible to download a 2.4GB video in only 70 seconds.

The SDXC card is the next-generation standard defined by the SD Association in January 2009. The new standard applies to cards with capacities over 32GB and up to 2TB, compared to the SDHC standard, which applies to cards with capacities over 2GB and up to 32GB.

The high level specifications and wide range of memory cards announced by Toshiba will further open the way for developers to bring applications to future generations of consumer products. By further enhancing its SD Memory Card lineups with larger capacity and a higher data transfer rate, Toshiba will continue to meet market demand and to lead the NAND flash memory market.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Google Chrome Syncs Bookmarks - What Lingers Just Over the Horizon?

The Google browser, Chrome, is chugging right along. While it doesn't have the market share or Firefox or IE, it's still a great browser and one I use regularly on my Windows machines. It's from Google, so you know it will continue to evolve. In fact, I only use Chrome and Firefox now.

Well, Google is always going to be the subject of rumors. That's what happens when you have a company as financially productive as the Big G and it doesn't hurt that Google is always innovating and pushing the envelope. Now comes something that looks like it may have more to do with the rumored Google OS than just Chrome.

This month, data synching will come to the Chrome browser. That means that your bookmarks and other data will be stored with your Google account and accessed from it as you surf. Add a bookmark at work and it will be available on your home PC. It's just that simple and seamless. Of course this now brings up the big question of why. I mean, you can get many different toolbars that will store your bookmarks online. The speculation is that this is the first step for a web synching OS that will show up in the future.

Could that be showing up in Google Docs? When I look at my Docs page there is an "items by type" drop down that lists (among other things) "files". What are these mysterious "files" that you can store? Could it be that the mythical online "G-drive" storage is near? All speculation at this point, but Google is definitely changing the landscape. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Keeping Organized with Evernote

Evernote logo.jpg
My life is often hectic and I'd be willing to bet that yours can be as well. When things get really busy it's a double whammy for me.

1. It's difficult for me to stay organized because I don't have time to get things onto a "To Do" list.
2. When I need access to things I'm working on, I'm in a place where I can't access what I need.

Lately I've begun using a nice program called Evernote to help with these kinds of problems. Evernote is available as a download to my Palm Pre and I downloaded it just to see what it was like. It's a program that is web based, phone based, and also computer based.

It allows you to create notes, photos, documents, etc on any platform and then access them by any other. What this means is that I can create a shopping list from my desk at my office and then access it on my phone on the store.

One of the things that I've really enjoyed about it is using it to keep track of my many projects. This allows me to create multiple notes for each of my articles, speaking engagements, product testing, etc and then access them anywhere if a question comes up. I can also add to or edit these anywhere I have access to the Internet.

The program is free for limited usage and less than $50 for unlimited use. I've only scratched the surface of what it can do, but I can tell you it's making my life a lot easier.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sprint WiMax Deployment Schedule

I'm not sure how they got it, but the people at Endgadget somehow managed to find a chart that shows the scheduled deployment of Sprint's Wimax network across the USA. The 4G system is being anxiously awaited by gearheads like me who really want highspeed anywhere any time.

Although this is obviously subject to change, you can see where Sprint is planning to head in 2009. Unfortunately Kansas City, home of Sprint, is nowhere to be seen.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest Info from Align Technologies (Invisalign)

In my continuing effort to keep you updated on the saga of Align Technologies and their decision to pressure some doctors for more cases while eliminating others, here is the latest info. Since losing the lawsuit to Ormco, things have been a bit quiet... Thanks to my anonymous buddy who dug up this info. It's starting to look like it's all about the money:

ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC in Santa Clara, California reported a 4.5% drop in 2nd quarter revenues to $76.3 million. Gross margins improved to 76% from last year’s same-period 74.7%. Selling costs declined 10.3% to $29.1 million, G&A spending rose 1.3% to $16.5 million while R&D expenditures declined 19% to $0.4 million. Quarterly net income increased 12.8% to $4.5 million. The total number of Invisalign® cases shipped increased 5.9% with a worldwide blended average selling price of $1,400 per case.