Monday, December 31, 2007

A Merry Christmas with MyVu

Santa was good to me this year. He delivered to me my very own MyVu Universal Edition. I got a chance to play around with one of these in a preproduction model this fall. My buddy Justin Nolan of got them to try and loaned them to me for a trip to the west coast. I own a 5th generation iPod video and having the option of watching them on the MyVu is easier on the eyes and just plain more fun.

The MyVu is a personal viewing system that can connect to just about any video device out there. The images are bright, clean, and crisp. The unit I tried in the fall didn't have the best audio output, but I'm spoiled by my Bose noise canceling headphones and they cost about as much as the MyVu so I can't complain too much. I'll be giving it a try soon as I fly to the Dental Team Concepts meeting in Cancun.

When purchasing these, make sure you know what you will want to connect to. My Universal Edition connects to lots of devices, but not some of the newer iPods. In that regard, I'm not really sure what "Universal" means. The good news is that if you need a cord to connect, you can buy it, but I would think the "Universal" edition would come with all of those cords.

There are other versions that will connect to the newer iPods so perhaps that's what they are anticipating.

This new unit also comes with its own rechargeable battery which is a feature I like. The other one I tried was powered from the iPod. Building a battery into the MyVu should allow me to get longer video playback from the iPod battery. The MyVu comes with a USB charging cable that you can connect to a computer, but it does not come with an AC adapter. The AC adapter would be a nice edition. I've got a few of those adapters around, so I can quickly charge mine off of AC power instead of the slower USB, but many purchasers may not be so lucky (or geeky).

Overall I'm really happy with the quality of the MyVu and I'm looking forward to using it. Travel is just so much easier when you can watch James Bond.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Travel Pillow that Connects to your iPod

Well, I'm back. After the move to the new office and a bout with some bug that made me feel like I had a killer hangover for the past 3 days, I'm back to posting and (gratefully) living. As I type this, snow is falling outside and I've got patients to see in the new office this morning.

Today's post is about a product I have yet to try, but it looks pretty cool. I'm not sure about disinfection in a dental environment, although you could probably polywrap it or bag it somehow.

The device is the iSound Travel Pillow. It is basically a neck pillow like many travelers use, but it has built in speakers that connect to any output device like an iPod or a portable DVD player. If your patient entertainment doesn't yet include over the patient monitors, this could be a nice treat for your patients. It retails for $24.95

You can order one here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Changes at CRA

CRA (Clinical Research Associates) Foundation in Provo, Utah is changing its name to CR (Clinicians Report) Foundation effective January 1, 2008. In addition, its monthly clinical newsletter will be renamed the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report.

I'm not sure what this means at this point, but it's the first change of this type in quite some time from the organization.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving to the New Office

No in depth posting today as I'm up early to start the move to the new office. After 18 years at the old location (has it *really* been that long?), I'm moving to a brand new free standing building.

The new place is just shy of 4300 square feet with all the technology bells and whistles. I had been "making do" with the old place for the last several years and am thrilled to be moving in. I even went so far as to build a classroom so that events can be hosted here.

Now all I need to do is get all my stuff in it...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Radio Appearance

Last night I spent an hour talking about technology information management on the Computer Outlook show.

My thanks to host John Iasiuolo for having me on. We discussed handheld solutions in healthcare, why mobililty is important, and the security problems that face us as we move toward a totally electronic medical record.

If you missed the broadcast, they are frequently put on line for streaming.

Go to Computer Outlook for more details.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Low on Juice in your iPod or iPhone?

If so, you may want to consider the iPowerRush. This unique device uses 6AAA batteries and can provide power or a recharge.

It gives 10 hours of playback time to iPods, 15 hours for the iPhone, and amazingly 120 hours of standby time for the iPhone.

It also has a push button power indicator so you can tell how much juice is left in the device.

This is one of those gadgets that could be a life saver when you're stuck in an airport and all the outlets have already been grabbed.

The price is $40 and it is available from the iPowerRush website.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Multiple Jumpdrive Backups using Kanguru

The photo above shows the Kanguru USB duplicator that handles 10 jump drives, but there is also a model that can handle 24. The company's idea for this is for IT departments to be able to make multiple copies of jumpdrives with needed programs for members of departments. It's the same idea as the multiple CD burning drives.

My thought on this is that if you'd really like to have redundant off site backups or if you have multiple staff members who need to have the backup at their disposal due to rotating schedules etc this would make the process of creating multiple identical backups a pretty easy thing to do.

Also if you are a vendor and want to seed the market with some jump drives containing your software, this is much easier than creating them one at a time.

A pretty good idea being as I think that jump drives will be around for a long long time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Week with YouMail

Well, it's been a little over a week now since I switched over to YouMail and I've decided to stay with it. This service is a FREE voice mail service that saves your VMs online. You can listen to them on your phone or over the Internet. You can save VMs forever if you choose.

My favorite part is that it makes use of caller ID. When I have a VM, YouMail sends me a text message and an e-mail as a reminder. Using caller ID, the service lets me know the number *and* the name of who called. This is a great service for when you get a call from an unknown number and you don't know if it's a wrong number, urgent, etc.

You can also record custom greetings for friends and colleagues since caller ID will let YouMail know who they are.

This is a great service that I highly recommend. It's one of the best things I've tried lately. After one week with the service, I'm hooked.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

AIBO - A Return Engagement?

For those of you who have seen one of my lectures, I frequently show a picture of me posing with AIBO, Sony's robotic puppy. He was discontinued and sent to the big AI fire hydrant in the sky a few years ago and it was a sad day for me. At tech shows I would always find time to hang out in the Sony booth and watch the AIBO demos. It was a cool idea that was just a bit ahead of its time.

However, there are now rumors afoot that AIBO's demise may have been greatly exaggerated. It seems that *maybe* AIBO will be back only this time he will interface with the PSP and PS3. Cool huh?

I'm not sure how true this one is, but it's definitely worth mentioning here. AIBO is a geeks dream come true.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

GlucoBoy available in Australia - other areas may come soon

Here is a nifty idea to help diabetic kids pay attention their blood sugar levels. The game, called GlucoBoy, is a game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance that rewards kids for timely monitoring of their blood sugar levels. The game cartridge functions with or without the Game Boy as a glucometer, but plugging it into the Game Boy Advance means kids can earn points for timely monitoring and for keeping their levels within healthy limits.

Points are scored and acquiring points unlocks game on the cartridge. A great idea to get kids more involved in their own health. Hopefully it will be available everywhere soon.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sirona’s inLab® MC XL Milling Unit Named One of 2007’s Top Ten Products by Dental Lab Products

One of our sister publications, Dental Lab Products has announced that the Cerec inLab unit was one of the most popular devices of the year.

Here is the press release from Sirona:

Charlotte, NC (December 13, 2007) – Sirona Dental Systems’ inLab® MCXL Milling Unit has been named one of 2007’s Top Ten Products by Dental Lab Products. The Top Ten Products were chosen based on the number of reader response inquiries for the product.

Product profiles presented in the publication contain unique reader service numbers attached to each description in order for readers to request further information on the specific product of their choice. Sirona’s inLab MC XL received a substantial amount of reader response inquiries and interest when compared to other products.

“Sirona is extremely pleased that our latest innovation in CAD/CAM technology, the inLab MCXL Milling Unit, has peaked such high interest and support from Dental Lab Products’ readers,” remarked Norbert Ulmer, Director of Dental Laboratory Applications for Sirona Dental Systems. “This support is what inspires us to continue to supply the dental industry with the tools they need to become even more successful in their profession.”

The second annual Top Ten Products list will be included in Dental Lab Products’ annual Buyer’s Guide, made available and distributed to dental professionals in the month of December. It will include a special highlight of all Top Ten Products, detailing the unique features and benefits of each product.

To view the full list of Top Ten Products, please pick up December’s issue of Dental Lab Products, or visit

For more information on the inLab MC XL, please call 866-inLab4U, or logon to

About Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.
Recognized as a leading global manufacturer of technologically advanced, high quality dental equipment, Sirona has served equipment dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 125 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including the CAD/CAM restoration equipment (CEREC), digital and film-based intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric X-ray imaging systems, dental treatment centers and handpieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products.

About Sirona inLab® MC XL Milling Unit

The inLab MC XL features a modern, elegant design with solid, heavy-duty construction. Milling performance and precision has been optimized to +/- 25 microns, which is even 20% better than the current inLab system. The tandem burs now spin at 60,000 RPM resulting in considerably faster milling times—approximately 6 minutes for a full-contour crown.

The inLab MC XL can mill 40 to 60 units per day. The unit has 4 burs capable of milling the entire range of material blocks, so there is no need to change burs when changing materials.

The inLab MC XL can also mill large-span bridges of up to 8 to 10 units. A large window at the front of the milling chamber allows better visualization of the milling process with color-visualized status indication: the milling chamber lights up in certain colors to keep the lab technician apprised of system status from anywhere in the room. The unit comes with a full 3-year warranty on all parts and labor.

About Dental Lab Products

Dental Lab Products a sister publication to Dental Products Report, provides timely news on product developments that enhance dental laboratory operations and the production of laboratory fabricated restorations and appliances.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ePocrates Now Available on the iPhone

If you've got an iPhone and need ePocrates or if you've been wanting an iPhone but have held off making the purchase because you use ePocrates and don't want to be without it, have I got good news for you!

From the folks at ePocrates comes the following announcement:

At this time, it’s not possible to download Epocrates software to an iPhone device. However, we’re pleased to announce that the free Epocrates Online web-based drug reference is now available in a format that's optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Simply point your Safari browser to to access continually updated monographs for more than 3,300 drugs.

Here’s some of the enthusiastic feedback we’ve already received from customers:

"When I opened [it] and saw that it worked just like the iPhone, it actually made me smile!"
- Lewis Hofmann, MD

"It is a beautiful site."
- John Berry, MD

Apple recently announced that in early 2008 software developers will be able to begin to create applications for iPhone devices. We are excited to explore the opportunity to offer our mobile products on this new platform.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft Publishes Vista Service Pack 1

Attention Vista users (and you know who you are), the big boys in Redmond have got the first full update to the Vista operating system available for download.

For Vista SP1 and all the download details, go to the Vista SP1 site.

Anesthesia without any type of medication?

A company called BioMeDevice Ltd has developed and received FDA approval for a device that basically provides anesthesia through the use of a compound that gets very cold. An interesting idea.

From the company:
Oral pain relief in seconds without drugs? The FDA says yes, recently certifying the first cryoanesthetic dental mouthpiece for the US OTC market. The new gumEase provides pain relief without the side effects or complications of drugs. It's a tempting solution for clinicians plagued with patient needle phobia, sharps and the complex issues of hypodermic delivery.

A YouTube video by Dr. Deborah Ayala, president of the Latin American Institute of Dentistry, performs an extraction without anesthesia - just two chilled, disposable gumEase mouthpieces. The patient reports no pain during the procedure.

Inserted easily into the upper and lower sulci, the latex-free device delivers a soothing, cool temperature to the maxillofacial nerves, quickly diminishing pain across a wide area of the mouth. In patient tests the new gumEase diminished pain by 90% in 2 to 3 minutes for the average participant. Patients can also apply them post-operatively as needed, and reuse without side effects by storing in a household freezer.

"It gives dentists an option they didn't have before", says Tay McClellan, BioMeDevice CTO, "they can manage patient pain easily in a wider range of situations. Now it's not a problem to have a patient who can't use drug-based anesthesia." The device also holds promise for situations where needle use is limited; such as Brazil, whose interest in the gumEase is spurred by HIV initiatives there.

The Class 2 gumEase G-100 is prepared by storing in a conventional freezer until freezing temperature is reached. Proprietary solutions inside the mouthpiece prevent it from freezing, allowing it to form comfortably within the patient's mouth for several minutes. Pain reduction lasts for up to twenty minutes, and the process can be repeated as often as needed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Big Discount on the Ultimate James Bond Colletion

Shaken, not stirred. Those words bring tears to the eyes of Bond fans like myself. What's not to love about James Bond? The guy has it all... good looks, cool job, the girls, and THE GADGETS!!! For a gadget guy like me, James Bond is my ultimate hero.

I'm passing along a great deal I discovered this morning as I sit in my home office iced in from the freezing rain that has crippled the central U.S.

The "James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set" is available today and today only for 62% off! Every Bond movie for only 109.99

Click here for the Amazon page.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Could Sprint's Xohm service really change the way we use the Internet?

For those of you who haven't heard, Sprint is about to roll out a service in 3 cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C.) called Xohm. It uses a technology called WiMax which is an always on wireless broadband.

Popular Mechanics has a great article on the service and why it may well change the way Sprint is perceived *and* the way we use the Internet. Give it a look!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

American Airlines to offer Wi-Fi

Although it's currently just a rumor, I'm excited about the possibility. It seems that American Airlines may be getting ready to offer broadband wireless Internet connections on their fleet of 767-200s in 2008.

The rumored service will be provided by Aircell, the same company that is providing Wi-Fi to Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

I'm hearing $10 for the access, but for someone like me, it's worth it.

My only fear? Everyone firing up their laptops, logging into Skype, and yakking away into a headset. I'd prefer to keep the phone call stuff shut down as it is currently.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Experimenting with YouMail

I've begun experimenting with a web service called YouMail.

The idea is pretty simple. YouMail gets your voice mail and then contacts you via SMS and/or e-mail. You can listen to the message from your phone, from the web, or you can set the service up to send you an audio file of the message when you receive the "you have voice mail" e-mail.

The service allows you to actually SEE who has called and allows you to arrange and store your voicemails... forever if you'd like.

You can also record *personal* greetings that are triggered by caller ID from numbers in your contact list. My wife gets one message, friends get their own, unknown numbers get my standard greeting.

So far the service appears very slick. Oh... and did I mention that it's FREE? That's right no charge for all of this. That makes it really, really cool!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Clean Machine offers PC Concierge Service

For those of you who are less tech literate or don't have time to do all of your own IT, take a look at the press release below.

Far Hills. NJ – December 06, 2007 - This year, many PC and laptop computers will be given as holiday gifts. However, most of these nice gifts will have something naughty inside that can seriously compromise their performance. It’s appropriately named junkware.

Junkware is the trial software, games and so-called efficiency tools you didn’t ask for, but nonetheless came pre-loaded on your new PC or laptop. Computer manufacturers market junkware as free, extra-value programs. But in reality, they profit from companies who pay to have these programs bundled with new computers. While the computer manufacturers count the cash, you’re left to fend off the constant pop-ups reminding you to renew your expired trial software.

According to Larry Gordon, CEO and Founder of PC security and performance management services company Clean Machine, Inc., “Junkware is not only annoying, it can seriously impair the performance of your new computer. That’s because junkware uses valuable disk and memory resources, which in turn slows processing speeds and raises the potential for system crashing. If this wasn’t bad enough, much of this junkware is integrated into the computer’s operating system, which makes it tricky to remove without also removing vital system files by accident. Plus, it’s just clutter.”

There are ways to remove junkware. One way is to use a multitude of system cleaning tools. One leading computer magazine recommended 20 different tools to do the complete job; but this is can be complicated and time consuming. A computer consultant or the service department at your computer store can do the job as well but for a hefty fee.

Clean Machine will be offering a superior alternative globally in January when it launches its unique and powerful PC Concierge Service, which for $19.95 a month assigns a highly trained technician to remotely scan your PC or laptop to effectively remove virtually all junkware, spyware and viruses.

The PC Concierge Service technician is armed with an extensive arsenal of the latest system optimization and security tools. Clean Machine also provides the customer with the most secure environment. It is more secure than onsite or other remote access solutions, including, for example, those offered by Geek Squad. The company has a unique, patent pending, 5 stage security process based on their proprietary software and processes.

“Our PC Concierge Service is the most complete, cost-effective and secure way to remove junkware from your brand new PC or laptop and then continuously protect it from the constant onslaught of viruses and spyware,” explains Gordon. “You don’t have to learn anything, talk to anyone, know how the software or computer works, or do anything. You don’t even have to be at your computer! We can do everything to help keep your computer optimized and secure for as long as you own it.”

The PC Concierge Service is also the perfect system optimization and security solution for small businesses of 5-10 computers, such as dental practices which generally don’t have a dedicated IT staff. Clean Machine's remote PC support offers a very cost effective solution for supporting a dental practice’s critical business systems and avoiding downtime that can severely impact their bottom line.

About Clean Machine

Clean Machine is a NJ-based and incorporated company that helps consumers and small business owners easily manage and protect their computing environments safely and cost effectively. The company is has a unique, powerful and inexpensive PC Concierge Service. Specifically, for $19.95 per month (discounts available for multiple computers), each customer is assigned a highly-trained tech concierge who remotely examines their computer system on a scheduled and very secure basis. The tech concierge will immediately fix software-based problems and prevent new threats to the customer's computing environment including offensive pop-ups, browser redirects and slow performance, and then provide a detailed report. Clean Machine's proprietary Radar™ technology (Remote Access Detection Audit and Repair) allows its expert technicians to remotely resolve any problems, eliminating the need for customers to go through the frustrating process of speaking with a tech support expert, and still having to do the work themselves. In other words, the Clean Machine PC Concierges do it all. For more information on Clean Machine, its PC Concierge Service, and how to become an authorized reseller, please visit

A New Oral-B Triumph Toothbrush

The powered or "electric toothbrush" continues to evolve and improve.

The latest effort from Crest and Oral-B is an example of this continued evolution. Called the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide, it takes the idea of brushing feedback to a whole new level. The brush comes with a wireless "SmartGuide" display unit that shows the patient what quadrant they should be brushing, the amount of time elapsed, a brush head replacement indicator, and a pressure sensor alert which advises the user when they are applying too much pressure during brushing.

This is the first brush I've seen that provides *visual* feedback for the user. A very innovative approach.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fully adjustable dual monitor desktop setup

This dual monitor setup from Korea allows placement of the monitors in almost any position you can imagine i.e. stacked, side by side, etc. This setup would be great in a personal office or in a conference room/ consult room. It would help keep your dual monitor setup efficient in your personal office while also allow someone watching a mirrored monitor setup to be able to see your monitor no matter where they are in the room.

Photo courtesy of Aving.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Protection for your Digital SLR

If you are using a digital SLR camera in your office, chances are your staff has a certain fear of touching it. Sometimes this can be because using one of these cameras can be a bit complicated and intimidating. However, the other reason can be a more simple one... no one wants to damage such an expensive piece of equipment.

To the rescue comes Camera Armor. This unique product features a silicon rubber casing that fits around the camera to protect it from bumps and scratches. It even includes a polycarbonate shield for the LCD.

It is made specific to popular camera models so that all controls are accessible. Price is around $60.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Western Digital Expands Passport LIne to 320GB

Western Digital, one of the world's leading hard drive manufacturers, has released another version to their popular Passport line of portable hard drives. The newest member of the family features a 320GB hard drive.

I love this particular type of portable hard drive. They are small (roughly the height and width of a small paperback book) and incredibly light (about 5 ounces). One of the very best things is they receive their power direct from the USB connection so there is no need to carry a power adapter.

They are also affordable. This newest model is only $229.99

Monday, December 3, 2007

Robot Helps Dentists in Training

From Pink Tentacle

Simroid, a robotic dental patient with an eerily realistic appearance, has been spotted at the 2007 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. Designed primarily as a training tool for dentists, the fembot patient can follow spoken instructions, closely monitor a dentist’s performance during mock treatments, and react in a human-like way to mouth pain. Because Simroid’s realistic appearance and behavior motivate people to treat her like a human being, as opposed to an object, she helps dental trainees learn how to better communicate with patients.

Simroid’s body and control system was developed by Kokoro Company Ltd., creators of the Actroid receptionist robot. Like her Actroid sister, Simroid is equipped with a system of air-powered muscles and soft silicone skin. However, she has something the Actroid does not — sensitive teeth. Thanks to a mouth loaded with sensors, she knows when her dentist-in-training makes a mistake. And to express her pain, she grimaces, moves her hands and eyes, and says, “That hurts.”

Kokoro says that for an extra touch of realism, Simroid exhibits a gag reflex when instruments are inserted too far into her mouth.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Why I love Progeny

As I've gone through the process of designing and building a new office from the ground up I've learned a few things. One of those things was to expect the unexpected problem. Most problems can be anticipated and avoided with proper planning (and I AM a planner), but you can't think of everything.

So it was on Friday as I watched the technicians from Goetze dental assemble my European Design cabinetry in the clinical suite. "Hey Dr. Flucke," one of techs called, "we've got a problem." Now this was the first problem we've encountered in the dental install so I wasn't sure what it would be.

I made the decision not to move much of my existing equipment and to go almost totally with new. However, I had 2 fairly new intraoral x-ray units and those I had decided to install in the new location. Well it turns out that one of those units will not fit in the new cabinetry.

Since I would need more than these 2 older machines, I had purchased a Progeny Preva to use as the x-ray unit in my principle treatment area. The Progeny unit had already been installed and, of course, it fit in the cabinet with no trouble whatsoever.

My long term plan had been to get rid of the unit that wouldn't fit and replace it with a Progeny some time in 08, but now what was I going to do?

This is where the story of Progeny and their customer service comes into play. A call was placed to my local Progeny rep explaining the dilemma that Goetze was dealing with. She gracefully and generously got me a loaner unit to get me by.

The Progeny equipment is state of the art and I highly recommend it based on the quality of the equipment alone. However, when you combine that kind of quality with this kind of customer service, how you buy from anyone else?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Biolase offers 0% Financing on Purchase of ezlase diode laser

Biolase ( has announced a special purchase program for their ezlase diode laser. Between now and December 31, 2007, 0% interest on your purchase.

The ezlase is a diode laser that can be purchased in either 810nm or 980 nm wavelengths. It has a wireless foot control and unidose fiber tips.

In the last couple of years, many manufacturers have greatly reduced the footprint of their diodes. The ezlase is currently one of the smallest.

IOTEK Secure Portable Hard Drive Case

I've blogged about secure portable hard drives in the past. Most of them have had some type of biometric authentication like a fingerprint scanner. This drive, called the exSECU ez850 has a different form of security. This one is especially handy if it is used by more than one individual, say a multiple doctor practice where the same person isn't always doing the backups.

The drive enclosure has a touchscreen that allows input of a PIN that unlocks the drive's contents. It accepts SATA hard drives and supports USB 2.0 The PIN can be up to 12 digits. It also has a one button lock feature that will secure the drive in case you have it running and need to step away from your computer and don't want others to have access to the data on the drive.

A pretty nifty idea. Since it's an enclosure and you can swap hard drives at will, you could use this with multiple inexpensive 2.5 inch SATA drives.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lantis Laser Wins Coveted Popular Science Magazine Award

Company’s Breakthrough Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Dental Imaging System™ Named in “Best of What’s New” 2007

Denville, N.J. – November 29, 2007 – Lantis Laser Inc. (Other OTC: LLSR.PK - News) (, a New Jersey-based company specializing in the commercialization of advanced dental technology, recently won a Popular Science Magazine 2007 Best of What’s New award for its newly developed Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Dental Imaging System™. Lantis’ proprietary OCT System is a diagnostic aid that provides real-time, high-resolution chairside imaging of dental tissue for the early detection of tooth decay and other oral diseases.

”For 20 years, Popular Science’s Best of What's New awards have honored the innovations that make a positive impact on life today and change our views of the future,” says Mark Jannot, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. “PopSci’s editors evaluate thousands of products each year to develop this thoughtful list; there’s no higher accolade Popular Science can give.”

Lantis Laser’s OCT Dental Imaging System™, which is scheduled to launch in August 2008, was a winner in the Personal Health Category because it provides up to 10 times the resolution of a standard x-ray, which enables much earlier detection of tooth decay than is currently possible. Importantly, unlike x-rays, which emit harmful radiation, the OCT Dental Imaging System™ utilizes an innovative, safe, non-invasive light that is passed over the tooth surface using a small, pen-like handheld scanner to capture images of the teeth. It can be used safely on children (and pregnant women), enabling the dentist to diagnose and implement a program to safeguard the oral health of mother and child alike.

“We’re very pleased and honored to be recognized by the editors of Popular Science Magazine,” said Lantis President & CEO Stan Baron. “Up to this point, the support and interest among dental professionals and the dental trade media have been extremely positive. However, Popular Science Magazine’s Best of What’s New award validates on a larger scale how the capture of reflected light can immediately and accurately reveal on a chairside monitor the earliest stages of cavities, gum disease, and microstructural deficiencies. Lantis Laser’s OCT Dental Imaging System™ will give the dental profession a significant upgrade in chairside dental imaging as it meets important diagnostic needs and helps the dentist provide a much safer and superior level of care than what is now available.”

About Best of What's New

Each year, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products in search of the top 100 tech innovations of the year; breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. The winners — the Best of What's New — are awarded inclusion in the much-anticipated December issue of Popular Science, the most widely read issue of the year since the debut of Best of What's New in 1987. Best of What’s New awards are presented to 100 new products and technologies in 10 categories: Automotive, Aviation & Space, Computing, Engineering, Gadgets, Green Tech, Home Entertainment, Home Tech, Personal Health, and Recreation. Visit for more information.

About Popular Science

Founded in 1872, Popular Science is the world’s largest science and technology magazine, with a circulation of 1.3 million and 6.8 million monthly readers. Each month, Popular Science reports on the intersection of science and everyday life, with an eye toward what’s new and why it matters. Popular Science is published by Bonnier Active Media, a subsidiary of Bonnier Corporation.

About Lantis Laser

Lantis was formed to commercialize the application of novel technologies in the dental industry. The criteria for selected products include competitive edge, exclusivity, and large market potential. The Company plans to launch the OCT Dental Imaging System™ in the third quarter of 2008 as its first product. Lantis has exclusive rights to the application of OCT technology in the field of dentistry under its license agreements with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and LightLab Imaging. OCT was invented in the early 1990's at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently being commercialized by Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. in ophthalmology and by LightLab Imaging for cardiovascular imaging. To find out more about Lantis Laser (LLSR: PK), visit their website at

Toshiba Announces a new CT system called AquilionONE

CBCT scanners are beginning to make inroads in dentistry. The 3D volumetric images allow practitioners to see more and in much greater detail than can be done with a standard 2 dimensional radiograph.

Now Toshiba is announcing a new device for the medical field that provides similar types of images. The AquilionONE, which has received FDA clearance allows doctors to image entire organs in 3D for faster and more accurate diagnosis.

From the company press release:

With 510(k) Clearance, the New Dynamic Volume Computed Tomography System is on Schedule for Commercial Availability in 2008

CHICAGO, OH — November 27, 2007 — Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., a leader in diagnostic and medical imaging, today announced FDA clearance of the most advanced diagnostic imaging computed tomography (CT) equipment available — the AquilionONE™. With this clearance, Toshiba is on schedule to make the system commercially available in summer, 2008. AquilionONE, the world's first dynamic volume CT system, revolutionizes patient care because it can help reduce diagnosis time for life threatening diseases like stroke and heart disease from days and hours to mere minutes.

For the first time, physicians can see not only a three-dimensional depiction of an organ, but also the organ's blood flow and dynamic function. Unlike any other CT system, the AquilionONE can scan one organ — including heart, brain and others — in one rotation because it covers up to 16 cm of anatomy using 320 ultra high resolution 0.5mm detector elements. This reduces exam time, as well as radiation and contrast dose, and dramatically increases diagnostic confidence. With the AquilionONE, the organ or area is captured in a single rotation at one moment in time, eliminating the need to reconstruct slices from multiple points in time.

"I believe that the AquilionONE is a quantum leap in the versatility of CT to help manage patient care," said Doug Ryan, senior director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. "Dynamic volume CT helps provide a faster, more accurate diagnosis while reducing healthcare costs."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Increasing Displays for more Diagnostic Information

Planar Systems and NVIDIA have teamed up to develop a way to get more diagnostic information out of an image.

Traditional radiographic images which are simply black and white computer images are in a grayscale format that allows for the computer to interpret 256 shades of gray. This new system will allow the computer to interpret 864 shades of gray which should greatly increase the diagnostic accuracy of the images since it will have more than 3 times the image contrast.

No special hardware is required. NVIDIA has built-in the capacity into its Quadro driver which allows any Quadro FX 4600 or higher graphics cards to process the images in this format.

The initial market is medical imaging such as mammography, but I can see this reaching dentistry very shortly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 Gig of Storage - In Your Watch?

That's right, in your watch. This stylish time piece actually keeps time and contains a 1 GB USB flash memory drive in it. This strikes me as the ultimate way to *not* lose your data.

There isn't much info available for this device, but I predict as we need to keep more data portable things like this will definitely go mainstream. Imaging just plugging in your watch and then going to that big meeting or presentation with everything you need on your wrist. No digging form jump drives and no chance of losing them.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A solar toothbrush?

It seems a couple of researchers in Canada may have come up with the next big thing in toothbrushes.

A brush that uses light to create a chemical reaction that destroys plaque bacteria.

Drs. Kunio Komiyama and Gerry Uswak are currently looking for 120 subjects to test the brush on. The chemical reaction is said to work so well that toothpaste is not necessary.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shareholders Approve Sirius - XM Merger

As expected, shareholders from both satellite companies voted to approve the proposed merger.

Sirius stated that 96% of its subscribers voted in favor of the merger while XM reported that 99.8% of its subscribers voted in favor.

This development was no surprise. Next comes the decision by the FCC which will approve or deny the proposed merger between the former satellite radio rivals.

My take:

I'm in favor of the merger. There are so many entertainment options now for consumers that this only makes sense. As an XM subscriber I can hardly wait for a combined programming menu.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Non-contact Infrared Reading Thermometer

Kidz Med has created the Thermofocus non-contact thermometer. A pretty interesting device that may well change the way we assess temperatures.

From the company website:
• The first non-contact clinical thermometer
• Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology
• 9 memory function
• Used and recommended by pediatricians everywhere
• Patented global technology
• Takes forehead, navel or armpit readings
• Fahrenheit or Celsius digital LED display
• Over 10,000 readings using 4 AAA batteries (not included)
• FDA approved
• Instantaneous accurate readings
• Totally hygienic needing no expensive probe covers
• Non-invasive, non-irritating.
• Accurate to within +/- 0.4°F with normal usage
• Easily read ambient temperature and that
of other objects as well

Thermofocus is the most modern, advanced and safe device to measure body temperature. It is both convenient and easy to use. Indeed, it is the first “non-contact” medical thermometer. The device enables the temperature of adults and children to be taken without touching the skin, simply by moving the thermometer close to the forehead at the distance indicated by the device. With Thermofocus there is no need to place the thermometer in any part of your or your baby’s body. A sleeping baby or patient will not be woken when Thermofocus is used nor will they be caused any discomfort by the device if they are awake.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Full size medical radiographs heading to digital

Here is an interesting press release. I've been completely filmless and using digital radiography for several years. Of course the sensor size, etc makes that much easier for dentistry than for a chest film or other radiographs used by physicians. It looks like that may be changing soon...

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world’s largest provider of thin-film-transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, announced today that it has completed development of a flat panel X-ray detector (FPXD) for radiology machines, in collaboration with Vatech Ltd, a Korean medical machinery manufacturing company. By using digital imaging with thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, the diagnostic process is enhanced in many ways. In addition to delivering a much more precise image, Samsung’s new FPXD imaging sensor can save medical labs considerable time and money because no film or development process is needed.

An X-ray detector is an elaborate imaging sensor that converts invisible X-ray images into digital signals, which are then instantly transformed into pictures. Today, the medical profession still relies primarily on costly, plastic-based analog film for X-ray photography applications, which can take an excessively long period of time to develop in many medical situations.

Executive Vice President Yoon Jin-hyuk, chief of the Mobile LCD Division in the Samsung Electronics LCD Business, said, “The analog film camera market almost completely switched over to digital cameras within a decade. The X-ray detector market should move even faster and become completely digitized within a few years.”

The new FPXD measures 45 centimeters (cm) wide x 46cm high (or 61cm diagonally) and boasts a 3072 x 3072 (9.4 megapixels) resolution providing ultra-high definition images.

The new Samsung FXPD technology has virtually an endless range of applications beyond conventional X-ray systems. For example, it can be adopted for more advanced diagnostics such as CAT scans, for building inspections (scanning rebar structures, etc.) and for airport security scanners.

To create its FPXD, Samsung attached photodiodes to a TFT substrate that was produced using its proprietary amorphous silicon technology. The X-rays are detected photon by photon and then converted into visible light, which in turn is converted to electrical signals that can be displayed as diagnostic images on a flat panel screen. In addition, Samsung has created an image enhancement function to eliminate most digital image noise interference to provide the highest radiographic sensitivity in the industry.

Samsung’s expects that its new, FPXD one-stop, total solution will secure the leadership position in the growing market for medical equipment detectors.

The device will be available worldwide beginning first quarter, 2008.

Motion Tablet PC's *everywhere* in the hospital

I was visiting someone in the hospital this Thanksgiving week and I couldn't help notice the huge number of Motion Tablet PC's in use in the hospital.

Staff were using them as mobile workstations running Cerner software.

In the photo above you'll notice that they even have the hardwired charging easels mounted on the wall so nurses and doctors can just grab one and go when making rounds. Just slide them one out of its easel and it goes from being hardwired to the network to automatically connecting to the secure wireless LAN.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Old Apple Mail Bug shows up in new OS Leopard

From Information Week:

A security flaw in Apple Mail that was fixed last year has returned from the grave to haunt those using the e-mail app in conjunction with the latest version of Apple's operating system, Mac OS X 10.5, otherwise known as "Leopard."

An attacker exploiting the security flaw could create an e-mail attachment that appears to be, for example, a JPEG image file, but executes malicious code when clicked on, without the warning dialogue that should be present.

"In March 2006, Apple corrected this problem," says Heise Security on its Web site. "On a current installation of the Tiger OS, Apple Mail issues a warning that the supposed image file is a program and is to be opened with Terminal. Apple apparently either did not incorporate this update into Leopard, or did not do it correctly."

Apple's Security Update 2006-001 fixed the flaw. "In Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, when an e-mail attachment is double-clicked in Mail, Download Validation is used to warn the user if the file type is not 'safe," Apple's Security Update explains. "Certain techniques can be used to disguise the file's type so that Download Validation is bypassed. This update addresses the issue by presenting Download Validation with the entire file, providing more information for Download Validation to detect unknown or unsafe file types in attachments."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DentalEZ Purchases Nevin Laboratories, Inc

Malvern, PA (November 19, 2007) - The DentalEZ® Group, with corporate headquarters located in Malvern, PA. has expanded its presence in the dental industry with the recent purchase of Nevin Laboratories, Inc. of Chicago, IL.

Gordon Hagler, President of DentalEZ, along with Bob Nevin and Denis Sexton of Nevin, completed the transaction on November 14, 2007.

According to Hagler, “The addition of Nevin to the DentalEZ Group will provide DentalEZ, which already has customers in many of these same markets, a broader range of products with which to better meet our customer’s needs.”

“We know our association with DentalEZ will give us the resources necessary for significant growth,” remarked Nevin.

Nevin Laboratories, Inc. has been designing, building and installing modular steel cabinets and workstations for dental laboratories for over 85 years. Among Nevin’s other customers are both commercial and dental office laboratories, as well as vocational schools, universities, Veterans Administration, Military hospitals and clinics. For more information about Nevin Laboratories, please logon to

The DentalEZ Group, consisting of 5 well known brands, sells products for the dental operatory. StarDental manufactures dental handpieces, CustomAir manufactures wet ring pumps, DentalEZ manufactures dental chairs, units, lights, stools and operatory furniture, RAMVAC manufactures dry vacuum systems and CustomAir compressors, and Columbia Dentoform manufactures models, mannequins, teeth and other teaching aids for dentists, dental schools and veterinary practices. For more information about DentalEZ Group, please logon to

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RTX Telehealth Monitor

A definite peak at the future. Behold the RTX Telehealth Monitor. The device is aimed at patients suffering from chronic diseases who require monitoring by a health professional.

From the company website:

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor is an interactive and simple to use device, designed specifically to improve the way of providing healthcare to patients outside hospitals suffering from chronic diseases such as heart failure, COPD and diabetes.

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor engages the patients through personalized daily interactions and questionnaires while collecting vital signs and transmitting the information directly into a database using regular telephone lines.

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor is a wireless gateway, which serves as the central device for seamless and secure collection of data from chronically ill patients. The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor collects data from a range of standard external vital sign monitoring devices such as scales, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and peak flow meters and transmits the data to a HTTPs server on the Internet.

The device has a large easy-to-read display and large buttons. It is designed for the 60+ target group with simplicity and usability as important targets.

Besides collecting vital sign data, the device has the ability to serve as a communicator between the care provider and the patient. The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor can be configured to ask symptomatic questions and also for patient reminders.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Security for your Off-site Backups

The security of your patient data is important, especially when you are taking it off-site. You want to make sure your data is safe from disaster as well as from being stolen.

The device shown above is the "Cutie Bio" removable drive. This USB 2.0 drive has a fingerprint scanner built in which means only you and your fingerprint can access the data. Without the fingerprint scan, the encrypted data is unreadable.

The drive lists for $58.55 which seems incredibly reasonable, but the capacity of the drive is not yet known.

It comes with everything you need including a zippered carrying case. A couple of drawbacks are that it is Windows only at this time and the drive isn't powered through the USB bus. It actually has a power connector that connects to a separate USB so it requires 2 separate USB ports to run.

More info is available from the company website.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fireproof and Waterproof protection for On-Site Backups

Although not portable enough to be removed and taken off-site as your off-site backup, this device from Sentry Safe could keep your data safe in case of an on-site disaster.

The device is listed as "the world's first and only fire resistant and waterproof hard drive". The idea being that in case of a fire and/or flood, the sealed hard drive box would survive with your data intact, much as the black box in the airline industry. The sealed box also protects the hard drive from dust and dirt.

It comes in 80GB and 160GB sizes. The drives are Maxtor so you know the quality is there. It is USB 2.0 and receives power from the USB bus so there is no need for external power.

It is rated to resist 1500 degrees Farenheit for up to 30 minutes. and is ETL verified waterproof for submersion.

Cost of the 160GB model is $319 and it is due to be available on December 1.

For more info go to the company website.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vista SP1 is now in Beta

Microsoft has released the first beta of Vista Service Pack 1. The beta went out yesterday, November 16th. From what I'm reading it seems the update allows for faster networking, improved wake from sleep speeds, and better laptop battery life.

I think after all the headaches Vista has caused, this is welcome news. No word from
Redmond yet on what the final release date will be though.

Midmark purchases European Design

Midmark corporation, a manufacturer of dental and medical equipment has purchased dental cabinetry maker European Design as of November 9th.

Plans are for "business as usual" for European Design for at least the next 2 years.

From the press release:

DAYTON, OH — Medical equipment manufacturer Midmark Corp. has acquired Glasgow, Kentucky-based European Design, a designed-cabinetry manufacturer for the dental industry, according to the Dayton Business Journal. Midmark is based out of Versailles, OH, and makes a full line of products for the medical, dental, veterinary and digital diagnostic markets. European Design was recently rated the 12th fastest growing company in the wood industry by Wood & Wood Products magazine. John and Deborah Brinkerhoff, the company’s former owners and founders will remain with Midmark as consultants.

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Compressor is in the Warehouse

I was at the open house for Goetze Dental here in KC today. They are the supply house that has been helping with the equipment in my new facility. One of the highlights of the day was getting to see some of my new equipment which is being stored in their warehouse.

This is the Air Techniques AirStar 50 which is a special pink model in support of Air Technique's (and my) fight against breast cancer.

Both this compressor and my new Air Tech vacuum system are painted pink!

Motion Computing Driver Update

For those of you who are using Motion Tablet PC's, the company has created an e-mail notification system for driver updates.

To enroll, go to this signup page.

Whenever there is a driver update, you'll be notified. A good idea... and one I wish other hardware manufacturers would implement.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leopard Update Completed Successfully

I just completed the update to Leopard using "Software Update" and all went well. The update for my particular system was only about 38MB which only took a minute or so over my broadband connection. After the update download, the MacBook Pro required a reboot and during the boot process the update was installed. Overall it took about 5 minutes to complete.

I've only been using the system for about 10 minutes as of this posting and so far so good. If any problems present themselves, I'll be sure and let you know about it here.

Apple Makes First Leopard Update Available

The update is 110MB!!! and fixes multiple problems with Time Machine, Finder, and other programs.

Personally, I'm hoping that there is a fix for the imap mail problem, but I'm not holding my breath. (For the record, I managed to fix the problem myself, but it took a lot of effort and NO help from Apple).

The update can be downloaded via Software Update or from Apple's website. Here is the complete list of fixes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ivoclar Vivadent Announces Investment in Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

Ivoclar Vivadent AG announced today that it has made an investment in Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-technology dental equipment. Sirona's CEREC System today is the world's only CAD/CAM system for chairside dentistry, and their inLab technology is a market leader with dental laboratories. Ivoclar Vivadent is the market leader in all ceramic metal free materials for esthetic dentistry and is a material partner for Sirona's CEREC System and inLab Technology.

"This investment represents our commitment to the growth of CAD/CAM systems and our belief that this technology provides benefits to the dental industry, the dental profession and to the patient", said Robert A. Ganley, Chief Executive Officer of Ivoclar Vivadent AG. "Sirona has been a very valuable partner with Ivoclar Vivadent and we look forward to building the growth of CAD/CAM together in the future." CAD/CAM dentistry represents one of the fastest growing sectors of dentistry with expectations for continued rapid growth.

"We have had a long lasting relationship with Ivoclar Vivadent and we are very excited about this investment and our mutual success in the future. This year we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary of CEREC and this investment is further evidence of our established success and growth potential", said Jost Fischer, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

XM Radio now Features Channel 59 XM Led

Taking a cue from the people at Sirius, XM has announced that they now have an "All Led Zeppelin" channel. Until May 2008, XM channel 59 will be known as XM Led and features nothing but music by Led Zeppelin.

The channel features all of the songs that Zeppelin has released over the years as well as snippets of interviews recorded from different times since the band was formed.

As a committed Zep fan, I'm loving it. Rock on!

Today's Microsoft Patch Addresses 1-2% of all Vista Crashes

Well we can all hope, I suppose. As you know, I'm not a fan of Vista at this point in time, especially for running your business. However, if you're one of the people who have a machine (or several machines) running Vista, today is a big day. MS is releasing a patch that they hope will solve many Vista problems.

This update should help improve wireless connectivity (especially the stability of the connection), extend battery life, help with compatibility problems with some antivirus programs, and shorten recovery time from the sleep and hibernation modes.

There is also an update to Windows Media Player and a fix for some USB problems. Enjoy!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Follows Similar Action In Germany Where Court Agreed With Materialise; Contends that “NobelGuide” Drilling Templates Violate Materialise’s Patented “SurgiGuide” Technique

GLEN BURNIE, Md. ; LEUVEN, Belgium (November 12, 2007) --- Materialise N.V. and Materialise Dental N.V., manufacturer of 3D implant planning systems for accurate and predictable treatment planning of dental implants, have launched a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit in the Central District of California against Nobel Biocare, AB and its U.S. subsidiary Nobel Biocare USA. LLC.

Specifically, Materialise contends that Nobel Biocare’s manufacture of “NobelGuide” drilling template violates a Materialise U.S. patent that was issued in 1998 relating to Materialise’s “SurgiGuide” techniques.

The lawsuit in the U.S. is effectively an extension of a similar action in Europe where this past August the District Court of Dusseldorf ordered Nobel Biocare AB and Nobel Biocare Deutschland GmbH to stop offering the NobelGuide drilling templates in Germany, finding that they infringed Materialise’s analogous European Patent No. 0 756 735. This decision, which is preliminarily enforceable, is subject to an appeal of Nobel Biocare pending at the Düsseldorf Court of Appeals. Materialise’s U.S. lawsuit is also a response to a recent Nobel Biocare civil action (also filed in the Central District Court of California) that seeks declaratory judgments that Materialise’s U.S. patent is both not infringed by Nobel Biocare’s products and is invalid.

Bart Swaelens, CEO of Materialise Dental, said:

"With this lawsuit, we are protecting our technology. Our “SimPlant” software was launched in 1991, and was followed by our “SurgiGuide” drill guides in 1999. The introduction of NobelGuide by Nobel Biocare, on the other hand, did not occur until 2005. "

Materialise Dental has been promoting Computer Guided Implantology for many years, and our products, based on extensive Research & Development, have greatly contributed to the success of the implant dentistry field.

Fortunately, the German court agreed that Nobel Biocare was infringing on our European patent, and we’re now hopeful that the U.S. courts will follow suit.

The Evolution Of SurgiGuide
Dental drill guides transfer surgical implant planning to the actual surgery. The litigations in the U.S. and in Germany concern methods for making medical models, including guides for dental surgery, which involve the use of grey value images and rapid prototyping.

Over the last decade, Materialise Dental has gathered considerable clinical experience in this area. Research yielded groundbreaking results leading to the 1999 introduction of the first (bone-supported) version of SurgiGuide. This was followed in 2001 by a SurgiGuide version for zygomatic implants, in 2002 by a mucosa-supported SurgiGuide, and in 2003 by a tooth-supported SurgiGuide version. Dental experts and opinion leaders in the industry were well aware of the development of the SurgiGuide drill guides, which were presented at open conferences for clinicians.


* April 19, 1994 – Materialise files its first patent application (in Belgium) for a “Method for Making a Perfected Medical Model on the Basis of Digital Image Information of a Part of the Body,” followed in April, 1995, by patent applications in the European Patent Office and the United States. Materialise Dental subsequently releases SurgiGuide drill guides in 1999.
* June 16, 1998 – Materialise is awarded a U.S. Patent (No. 5,768,134) for same method as above.
* August 5, 1998 – Materialise is awarded a European Patent (No. 0.756,735) for the same method as above.
* June 5, 2005 – Nobel Biocare launches its NobelGuide product.
* November 23, 2006 – Materialise files a patent infringement action asserting its European patent No. 0 756 735 against Nobel Biocare in the Dusseldorf District Court (Germany).
* June 25, 2005 - Nobel Biocare files a nullity action in Germany against the German part of EP 0 756 735 (pending)
* July 24, 2007 – Nobel Biocare files a request to stay the German infringement action. The Dusseldorf Court denies this request.
* August 3, 2007 – Nobel Biocare files a declaratory judgment civil action in the Central District of California seeking a declaration of patent non-infringement and/or invalidity of Materialise’s U.S. patent, and a declaration of authorization to produce by a patent licensee.
* August 14, 2007 – The District Court of Dusseldorf rules that Nobel Biocare is indeed infringing on Materialise’s European patent No. 756 735 by its unauthorized use of a method for producing guides for dental implant surgery.
* September 28, 2007 – Nobel Biocare files an appeal against the decision of the District Court of Düsseldorf with the Düsseldorf Court of Appeals (pending)
* October 15, 2007 – Materialise files a counterclaim for U.S. patent infringement against Nobel Biocare AB and Nobel Biocare USA in the Central District Court of California.

About Materialise Dental

Materialise Dental focuses on 3D Digital Dentistry and offers a range of products and services to aid dental professionals in the treatment of their patients. Materialise Dental is the manufacturer of SimPlant and SurgiGuide internationally. SimPlant software, one of the most recognized names in computer guided surgery, is the world's first interactive 3D implant planning system for the most accurate and predictable treatment planning of dental Implants. As the industry leader, SimPlant software is available in six different languages and is utilized by thousands of clinicians all over the world.

Materialise Dental is one of the independent market leaders in dental implantology simulation software and one of the worldwide leaders in medical modeling technology. Materialise Dental provides surgeons with the most detailed and precise virtual 3D models available. Clinicians around the world use medical models and templates created by Materialise Dental software to assist them in the most complex surgical cases. Materialise Dental is a trusted partner worldwide for the largest hospitals and research institutions.

Materialise Dental is based in Leuven, Belgium, with its U.S. operation headquartered in Glen Burnie, Md.

Hands-on Review of Genius BT-03A BlueTooth Headphones

For the last month or so I've been testing and working with the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth headphones. One of the biggest problems with patient entertainment is when someone needs headphones to give themselves that extra bit of isolation to what's going on in the clinical environment. Often, a patient can bring in ear buds, but where to plug them in? Some monitors in an over the patient layout have headphone jacks, so that can be one way to solve the problem, but that means the patient is tethered to the monitor.

To the rescue comes the Genius BT-03A. The kit contains everything you need and is a snap to set up. You charge the headphones and transmitter, plug the transmitter into a headphone jack, pair the devices, and they are ready to go! Since they are Bluetooth, the headphones are wireless with a 10 meter (30 foot range). No more being tethered with a cord!

The sound quality is excellent, and the over the ear style means that patients can still hear you if necessary.

The device comes with everything you need and is highly recommended!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A laser that kills viruses?

I've been using lasers in my clinical practice for almost 10 years now and there is no way I would ever go back to practicing without them. They are efficient, fast, and the lack of post-op discomfort, even on aggressive soft tissue surgery is amazing.

Now, we may be entering a new era of laser usage in medicine. Researchers at Arizona State University have announced they have developed a laser that kills viruses. Lasers have been able to kill viruses before this discovery, but what these researchers have developed is a laser that accomplishes this without the use of heat. This allows the laser to kill the virus without any collateral damage of surrounding healthy cells.

The laser emits Fento-second pulses that, instead of creating heat, create a vibration that basically shatters the protein coat of the target and destroys it while leaving surrounding healthy structures in tact.

The laser may be in the dermatology market in 18 months and be used to remove cancers and moles. Researchers are hoping to also use it to kill HIV viruses as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

An amazing find at Sam's!

Western Digital 1 TB drive for $329 at Sam's Club!

Exclusive Offer for Dental Professionals on Conair's Interplak DP19R Powered Toothbrush

From the company press release:

East Windsor, NJ (November 8, 2007) – Conair, a leading manufacturer of nation-wide branded personal and healthcare items, is pleased to announce a special offer on its latest power toothbrush. For a limited time, dental professionals who order the Interplak™ DPI9R Electric Toothbrush through the Interplak hotline can purchase it at a special low price of $35 (regularly $64.99).

Conair introduced its Interplak DPI9R Electric Toothbrush back in 2006. The latest in Conair’s line of preventative oral care products, the Interplak DPI9R Electric Toothbrush features a state-of-the-art design engineered for simple user-friendly operation, making sparkling clean teeth and healthy gums virtually effortless.

Select among two speeds for rapid or gentle cleaning: slow speed is excellent for sensitive areas, while the rapid option is ideal for an overall deep clean. A built-in two-minute timer helps the user complete a thorough brushing and features an automatic shut off feature when done to conserve battery power.

The DPI9R comes equipped with three brush heads to perform all the necessary steps of a complete oral healthcare routine: interproximal, subgingival, and
polishing bristles help clean, polish, and massage teeth and gums. A whitening brush head is also available with flat-topped pads to polish tooth surface for a sparkling white shade.

The plug-in rechargeable DPI9R power toothbrush plugs directly into any standard AC electric outlet to charge its internal battery, eliminating counter clutter and the need for an additional charger base. The cordless operation of the DPI9 allows for hassle-free, limitless maneuvering of the brush to efficiently clean teeth and gums at many angles.

The Conair DPI9R Interplak™ Electric Toothbrush includes a convenient travel case which is ideal for easy on-the-go oral care or storage. Additionally, the Conair DPI9R Interplak™ Electric Toothbrush comes equipped with a limited one year warranty.

Regular use of the Interplak DPI9R helps remove plaque, control gingivitis, prevent cavities, and reduce the onset of gum disease.

For more information or to order the Conair DPI9R Interplak Electric Toothbrush, please call the Interplak hotline at 1-800-633-6363.

About Conair

Conair is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of health and beauty products and kitchen and electronic appliances. Since its founding in 1959, the company has become a leading manufacturer of nationally branded personal and healthcare small appliances.

The company's divisions offer a diversified mix of professional and consumer products under their own brand names as well as for private labels.

Conair's sales offices are in Stamford, Connecticut, with large distribution centers in East Windsor, New Jersey, Phoenix, Arizona and a manufacturing facility in Rantoul, Illinois.

About Interplak™

The Interplak™ Division of Conair features electric toothbrushes with rotary and counter-rotational cleaning systems, battery-operated and rechargeable brushes, and powerful water jets to provide the tools for excellent oral care at home.

Friday, November 9, 2007

ePocrates Now Available for the Blackberry!!!

You can access Epocrates’ free drug and formulary information on most BlackBerry devices, including the Pearl, Curve, 8700 and 8800 series. So if you have one of these BlackBerry models, down load ePocrates now!!!

Get it now
Current BlackBerry device owners can start downloading Epocrates today. Simply point the browser to and log in.
(Note: we recommend an evening installation for minimal interruptions.)

Lanmark Group Reaps Six 2007 MarCom Creative Awards

Eatontown, NJ – (November 9, 2007) – Lanmark Group, a full-service, business-to-business, advertising, marketing, and communications agency specializing in brand empowerment for the healthcare industry recently earned six coveted MarCom Creative Awards - an international competition for marketing and communication professionals.

Out of the 5,000 entries from throughout the United States and several foreign countries, Lanmark Group was honored with two Platinum, three Gold and one Honorable Mention.

One Platinum MarCom Award was presented to the agency for a brochure design prepared by Lanmark for Sirona Dental Systems’ CEREC dental CAD/CAM system. An additional Platinum MarCom Award was presented for a micro web site Lanmark developed for the launch of Milestone Scientific’s Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA™) System.

The prestigious Marcom Platinum Awards are presented to those entries judged to be the most outstanding entries in the competition. Only approximately 15% of the entries won this award. Platinum winners were recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Lanmark Group also received three Gold MarCom Awards. One Gold Award recognized a unique invitation created by the agency for Orapharma Inc.’s 2007 American Dental Association networking reception entitled, “Uncork the Excitement”. The winning invitation featured an actual wine cork, and requested the presence of invitees to attend Orapharma’s exclusive event which featured a wine-tasting.

The agency received another Gold MarCom Award for a recruitment brochure created and distributed on behalf of Darby Dental Supply entitled, “Keep Moving Forward by Joining Our Unique Team” The brochure explained the company’s corporate culture and targeted prospective employees, explaining the benefits of employment within the company.

An additional Gold Award was presented to Lanmark for a technical article developed with industry leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Joel Benk for Milestone Scientific that ran in the publication Contemporary Esthetics Entitled “The Dental Syringe: Past and Present: A Historical Perspective” the piece positioned Milestone as a break-through leader in dental syringe technology based on the benefits of its innovative Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA™) System.

The Gold Award is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. Approximately 16% of the entries received this award.

Lanmark Group also received an Honorable Mention Certificate for a technical article created with nationally known dentist Larry Lopez for the DentalEZ® Group that ran in Contemporary Esthetics entitled “Handpieces Then and Now: A Historical Perspective...” By-lined by Larry Lopez, DDS, an esteemed leader in the dental industry, the feature article detailed the dental handpiece evolution from a historical perspective.

Honorable Mention certificates are granted to those entries that meet the expectations of the judges. Approximately 10% of entries were Honorable Mention winners.

“The full scope of our full service capabilities were honored this year”, remarked Howard Klein, Lanmark Group President. “Ours success depends on the daily integration and cooperation between our departments. We are very proud that so many examples of the strategic communications value we provide have been recognized by the MarCom Creative Awards.”

About the MarCom Creative Awards

The MarCom Creative Awards is an international competition for marketing and communication professionals involved in the concept, writing, and design of marketing and communication programs and print, visual, and audio materials.

Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, and freelancers.
Part of the Communicator Awards, the Mission of the MarCom Creative Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity and hard work of marketing and communication professionals.

The judges for MarCom are experienced professionals who have handled projects similar to anything that is submitted. The judges are cognizant of what an entrant has to work with, and make their evaluations accordingly.

About Lanmark Group

Founded in 1977 and located in Eatontown, New Jersey, Lanmark Group is an award-winning, full-service advertising, marketing, and communications agency specializing in the healthcare fields. The company’s client roster includes Darby Dental Supply, DentalEZ Group, Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products, OraPharma, Sirona Dental Systems, and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. Accolades include (but are not limited to) three 2007 JASPER awards, five 2006 MarCom Creative Awards, four 2006 Jasper Awards,. Lanmark also ranked 12th in NJBiz Magazine’s “Best Places to Work in New Jersey” survey in 2006. For more information, visit

Biolase Announces Major Shake-up

Read into this what you will. Any time there is a major falling out like this, people need to be aware of it...

BIOLASE TECHNOLOGY in California had a 24.9% drop in 3rd quarter revenues to $12.8 million. The company noted that sales of its diode lasers were above last year, however, Waterlase MD™ sales were significantly below last year. Quarterly gross margins were 51.4%, up slightly from last year’s same-period 51.1%. Sales & marketing expenses increased 14.2% to $6.3 million, G&A spending dropped 12.3% to $2.6 million while R&D costs declined 2% to $1.3 million. The company lost $3.5 million during the quarter, compared to last year’s Q3 loss of $1 million. The day that these operating results were made public, Jeffrey Jones who was president/CEO left the company. In addition, Keith Bateman who was executive vice president of global sales & marketing also left the organization. Federico Pignatelli, a member of the board of directors, immediately assumed the CEO role until a permanent replacement is hired. Biolase’s board chairman stated that the company would be repositioned and relaunched as a “broad medical laser technology company in addition to expanding its success in the dental laser technology field.”

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zonet Launches Night-vision Security Cameras with Audio

See it all and hear it all - anywhere, anytime...

WALNUT, Calif. (November 13, 2007) – Zonet (, a worldwide
manufacturer of consumer and prosumer networking and connectivity products, is pleased to announce its entrée into the security solution arena with the launch of the Zonet Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, initially introducing model 7630 and model 7630W(wireless version).

These high-end network cameras are easy to set up and small enough
to be placed almost anywhere. With their own IP address and built-in web server, they connect directly to the user’s network and can be remotely accessed from a standard Web browser. The security cameras feature superior image quality in three different resolutions, up to VGA (640x480), with transfer rates of 30 frames-per-second. With the built-in omni-directional microphone, users can not only see but also hear what’s transpiring; and with the included night-vision capabilities, users can even see in the dark! Both models offer the ability to record streaming video with sound to a hard drive,or schedule and upload images to FTP or send over email – making these a complete, yet affordable video security system. In addition, both models feature motion detection and customizable automated alert notifications. Debuting in the US in November, the new security cameras from Zonet will be offered for a suggested retail price of $220(ZVC7630) and $320 (ZVC7630W - wireless).

Zonet Launches Night-vision IP Cameras

The night-vision IP cameras are perfect for retail stores, offices, hospitals, hotels,restaurants or even for a little extra security at home. With its easy to access browser interface, users can keep a remote eye and ear on locations, even when traveling on the other side of the world. The IP cameras make an ideal solution for reception areas,entrances and exits or anywhere a little extra visibility is needed. In addition, users can easily broadcast video activities to viewers in real-time over a local network or the Internet.

Models come complete with the following features:

• View and record video from up to 16-cameras, simultaneously
• Night-vision mode for capturing video in low-light environments
• 3x digital zoom
• Motion detection support
• Built-in microphone for audio monitoring and recording (including two-way voice
• Built-in motion detection and e-mail notification
• Easy Web configuration with password protection
• Wi-Fi Compliant with IEEE 2.4GHz 802.11b/g Devices (ZVC7630W only)
• Wireless Supports Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc Modes (ZVC7630W only)
• Supports 128-bit WEP and WPA-PSK Encryption (ZVC7630W only)

Priced at $220 and $320, respectively, the Zonet ZVC7630 and ZVC7630W IP security
cameras will begin shipping in the US in November. They will be available through
authorized Zonet distributors, resellers and online retailers. For detailed information on availability please visit and check the “Where to Buy” section.

Zonet was founded by a group of Ethernet Professionals to develop and supply to the Network Connectivity industry. With leverages in R&D and manufacturing capabilities Zonet is aggressively developing new and user-friendly products for the ever changing world of connectivity. Our strategic alliances with component suppliers allows us to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Zonet's product line is positioned to be a niche player in the SOHO and Connectivity markets.

Welcome to my new blogging home!

Welcome everyone to my new blog location.

I've made the move for a couple of reasons.

  1. Blogger allows me more freedom to post on the fly and keep things up to date from a mobile Internet point of view. This will be especially good when I'm at meetings on the show floor scouting for new products.
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So thanks for making the move with me. I think you'll find that this is a good thing for all of us.