Tuesday, December 1, 2015

KaVo Kerr Group Provides Product and Volunteers to ADA 2015 Mission of Mercy Event

First Mission of Mercy event in Washington, DC serves 700+ patients.
WASHINGTON, DC — (November 30, 2015) A cross-section of impressive imaging-related technologies from KaVo Kerr Group were put to use by hundreds of dental professionals who volunteered with the Mission of Mercy event hosted by the American Dental Association in cooperation with the District of Columbia Dental Society. Headquartered in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as part of ADA 2015 — America’s Dental Meeting, this was the first Mission of Mercy event to take place in Washington, DC.
Held Nov. 8, 2015, the free one-day dental clinic employed hundreds of volunteers to serve more than 700 patients in providing approximately $460,000 in care. KaVo Kerr Group supported the clinic with intra-oral X-ray, pan and caries detection products provided by DEXISTM, Instrumentarium DentalTM and NOMADTM. Teams of volunteers from DEXIS and Instrumentarium also donated their time and expertise to the event.
“The solutions provided by KaVo Kerr Group allow us to serve 99% of dental practices around the world. It is meaningful for those of us who are part of KaVo Kerr Group to participate in events like Mission of Mercy in order to see the individual faces of that 99% and, more importantly, the patients who benefit from our products,” said Candy Ross, KaVo Kerr Group’s Director of Industry and Professional Relations for Dental Technologies, North America. “We talk a lot about trust as a core value in our company. It is trust in the products themselves, and trust in our organization to show up for events like this so that smart innovation makes it into the hands of compassionate dental professionals committed to doing good.” 

Monday, November 30, 2015

i-Cat FLX and All It Can Do for You...

One of the important things about tech, is not only knowing how to use it, but knowing  when to use it.  For instance, it does you no good to have the latest and greatest of something unless you know the proper time to "pull the trigger".  Otherwise it's just a really expensive paper weight.

Today's post is going to deal with CBCT or "cone beam computed tomography".  This is technology that allows the doctor to see the patient's skull in 3D and helps that doctor see all the underlying structures before beginning a surgical case.  The amazing part of this technology is being able to to see everything before the first surgical step is taken.  The amount of data accumulated before treatment is started can mean the difference between simple and complicated on one end or wishing there was a better option on the other.

The smart minds at i-Cat have now created a 3D Cone Beam system that will allow doctors to take a 3D Cone Beam scan that creates an image utilizing less radiation than a traditional 2D panoramic radiograph.  That means that a low resolution 3D scan can be created with less radiation exposure than traditional 2 dimensional panoramic radiographs.  It's simply amazing.

Will this change the world of dentistry?  It's still too early to tell, but the door is starting to swing open.

Find out more at at the i-Cat website.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GoGo Inflight Wireless Service Upgrades to Next Generation in 2016

As most of you who read this blog on a regular basis know... I spend a good deal of my time on planes and in airports.  The travel is a sometimes not so fun part of what I do as Technology Evangelist, but hey, I've got to get lectures & meetings somehow... right?

One of the things that can definitely make the travel a bit more tolerable is if you have access to the Internet; especially in the air.  Most airports nowadays are providing free WiFi, but once the cabin door closes and the dreaded "airplane mode" is accessed on your device, you enter the great wasteland of being disconnected.

Fortunately it seems that most planes these days are running some type of wireless service on all but their either smallest or oldest planes.  On a recent United flight between Chicago O'hare and KCI I noticed that United provided its own United branded service, but on most other flights the service is provided by Gogo.

As long as it's been available, I've had a Gogo account and I've fallen in love with the productivity it has given me.  The only problem is the age old problem we all fight whenever we have an Internet connection.  That is... we want greater speed, more bandwidth, the fat pipe.

Well, the wheels of progress are always turning and wireless satellite bandwidth is no different.  Starting in January of 2016 Gogo will begin rolling out their next generation product.  Dubbed 2Ku, the improved service is looking at speeds much greater than we have now.

For an interview on the new & improved service follow this link to read the interview from Engadget.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kerr TotalCare Partners with OSAP to Promote the Safest Dental VisitTM

Program educates stakeholders throughout the dental industry on the importance of infection control.
November 23, 2015. Kerr TotalCare is proud to announce its support for The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) and its Safest Dental VisitTM program. The Safest Dental Visit is a collaborative effort to support an increased commitment to infection control and safety in dentistry. Dental professionals, thought leaders and key influencers across the industry are joining forces to help ensure that every visit is the safest dental visit for patients and providers.
Each stakeholder — clinicians, educators, consultants and dental trade – each have resources specifically tailored to support their role in this vital program.
“Infection control is a critically important topic that touches every dental professional and patient,” said Phil Prentice, Vice President, North American Marketing, Kerr. “The Kerr TotalCare team is proud of our highly effective suite of Infection Prevention products, and this partnership with OSAP allows us to support not only innovation, but education.”
“Kerr TotalCare has been a dedicated OSAP member for nearly two decades,” added Therese Long, Executive Director. “Kerr’s support, which is now at the Super Sponsor level, is particularly vital as we expand the reach of the Safest Dental Visit, our comprehensive program designed to increase commitment to infection control and safety in dentistry. Kerr’s ongoing support of OSAP demonstrates the level of commitment from Kerr TotalCare to infection prevention and to our mutual goal of ensuring that every visit is the safest dental visit for patients and providers.”
For more information about Kerr TotalCare, visit http://www.kerrdental.com/kerr-totalcare

Friday, November 20, 2015

American Academy of Periodontology Installs New President, Officers in Orlando

New Jersey Periodontist Wayne A. Aldredge, DMD, Takes Helm at 101st Annual Meeting
ORLANDO – November 17, 2015 – Wayne A. Aldredge, DMD, a periodontist from Holmdel, New Jersey, has been installed as the American Academy of Periodontology’s (AAP’s) President during its 101st Annual Meeting, held Nov. 14-17, 2015, in Orlando. Other newly installed AAP leaders include President-elect Terrence J. Griffin, DMD, of Boston; Vice President Steven R. Daniel, DDS, of Murfreesboro, TN, and Secretary/Treasurer Richard T. Kao, DDS, PhD, of Cupertino, CA. Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH, of Los Angeles, will serve as the Academy’s Immediate Past President.
A member of the AAP since 1995, Dr. Aldredge has nearly 20 years of professional dentistry experience, first honing his general dentistry skills as an army captain at the US Military Academy at West Point. In addition to maintaining a private practice, Dr. Aldredge is a clinical assistant professor at Stony Brook University’s Department of Periodontics and Dental Implantology. A diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, he received his dental degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and his post-graduate degree in periodontology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Aldredge is also a sought-after lecturer and well-respected researcher whose interests include guided bone regeneration, dental implants and surgical technique, localized delivery of chemotherapeutic agents, and connective tissue grafting. 
About Other Installed Officers:

Terrence J. Griffin, DMD, President-elect:
Dr. Griffin has served on twelve AAP committees since becoming a member. He maintains a private practice in Boston and has served as the Chair and Director of Tufts University’s periodontology program for 15 years. Dr. Griffin received his dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and went on to serve in the US Navy where he completed a one-year fellowship in periodontics at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. After completing his two-year tour of duty, he rejoined Tufts University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Periodontology, earning his certificate of advanced graduate studies in periodontology immediately after graduation.
Steven R. Daniel, DDS, Vice President: A Knoxville, TN, native, Dr. Daniel has been a practicing periodontist in Murfreesboro, TN for more than 32 years. He earned his dental degree and Certificate in Periodontics from the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry. Dr. Daniel became a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology in 2005. In addition to his service with the AAP, Dr. Daniel has served as a trustee for the Tennessee Society of Periodontists and the Southern Academy of Periodontology. 
Richard T. Kao, DDS, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Kao, who maintains a private practice in Cupertino, CA, is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Periodontology at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Orofacial Sciences at the University of California San Francisco, where he earned his dental degree, periodontal certificate, and doctorate in experimental pathology. Dr. Kao has previously served as a Trustee of the California Dental Association and the AAP, and is a Past President of the California Society of Periodontists.
Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH, Immediate Past President: In addition to maintaining a private periodontal practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Otomo-Corgel is a faculty member at the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Center. She is an associate clinical professor in the Department of Periodontics at the University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA) School of Dentistry, where she earned her dental degree. Dr. Otomo-Corgel completed her Postdoctoral Periodontal Residency at the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center and completed a Masters of Public Health program at the UCLA School of Public Health. An AAP member since 1977, Dr. Otomo-Corgel has served on the boards of trustees for the AAP and the AAP Foundation.

Newly installed AAP officers will serve a term ending with the appointment of a new slate of officers at the AAP’s 102nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, to be held Sept. 10-13, 2016.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

American Academy of Periodontology Recognizes Member Achievements

Periodontists Awarded during AAP’s 101st Annual Meeting for Contributions to the Dental Specialty
ORLANDO – November 17, 2015 – The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) issued nine special recognitions to members for their contributions to the periodontal specialty. The awardees were honored at a ceremony held during the AAP’s 101st Annual Meeting, held Nov. 14-17 in Orlando. 
“The Academy is proud to recognize those who have made an indelible impact on the practice and study of periodontics,” said Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel, the Academy’s immediate past president. “It is because of these individuals’ unwavering commitment that our specialty continues to make notable strides into the future.” 
Gold Medal Award: First conferred in 1967, the Gold Medal is the highest honor of the Academy. It is presented each year to a periodontist who has made outstanding contributions to the specialty through service and an understanding of the study, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases. This year’s Gold Medal recipient is Dr. Vincent J. Iacono. Dr. Iacono is the Distinguished Service Professor, Tarrson Family Professor of Periodontology, Director of Postdoctoral Education, and Chair of the Department of Periodontology at Stony Brook University’s School of Dental Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. A Past President of the AAP, Dr. Iacono has also served as the Periodontics Commissioner for the Commission on Dental Accreditation; on the editorial board of the Journal of Periodontology; as vice president of the AAP Foundation; director of the American Board of Periodontology; and past president of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, the Academy of Osseointegration, and the International Academy of Periodontology. He received the AAP’s presidential award in 2006 and has been awarded many other citations and honors throughout his career. He is the author of more than 100 journal articles, 95 abstracts, and five book chapters, with research interests that include implants, biomimetics, tissue engineering, and periodontal medicine. 
Master Clinician Award: Dr. Paul S. Rosen is the recipient of the Master Clinician Award, which is bestowed annually to a member who has demonstrated consistent clinical excellence in periodontology and who continually expresses a willingness to share that clinical experience with others. A private practitioner and clinical professor of periodontics at the University of Maryland Dental School, Dr. Rosen is a sought-after international lecturer, who shares his prescription for success in regeneration and treatment planning. He chaired the task force that authored the whitepaper “Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis: A Current Understanding of Their Diagnoses and Clinical Implications,” published in the Journal of Periodontology in 2013. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 articles and five textbook chapters. He has served as chair and longtime consultant for the AAP’s Continuing Education and Oversight Committee and is a founding editorial board member of the AAP’s digital journal Clinical Advances in Periodontics. Dr. Rosen also serves on the editorial boards of several dental journals, including the Journal of Periodontology, the International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, and the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. He was among the first group of examiners appointed to the American Board of Periodontology, a position he still holds. He maintains a private practice in Yardley, PA. The Master Clinician Award is sponsored by Hu-Friedy.
Distinguished Scientist Award: For her significant contributions to the basic and clinical science of periodontology, the AAP recognizes Dr. Laurie K. McCauley with the Distinguished Scientist Award.
Dr. McCauley is the dean and the William K. and Mary Anne Najjar Professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry. She is also a professor in the University of Michigan Medical School’s Department of Pathology. Dr. McCauley’s research has focused on the mechanisms of regulating bone metabolism associated with osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, periodontal diseases, and metastatic cancers. She is well respected for her ability to recognize the significance of a basic science discovery toward informing clinical practice. The Distinguished Scientist Award is sponsored by OraPharma.
Special Citation Award: For his service as the parliamentarian of the AAP Board of Trustees,
Dr. Charles Cobb is the recipient of the Special Citation award, which is presented to a member who has made a noteworthy impact on an Academy committee or project. As a 40-year veteran practitioner and educator, Dr. Cobb is a respected colleague and researcher in the periodontal community. He is the Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Department of Periodontics and author of nearly 200 published works. Affectionately known as “The Encyclopedia” by students, Dr. Cobb has long respected by mentees and colleagues alike. In addition to his service to the AAP, Dr. Cobb is also a member of the Midwest Society of Periodontology, the Missouri Dental Association, and the American Dental Education Association. He is a retired founding member of the American Association of Oral Biologists.
Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award: For his exemplary work as a periodontal educator whose career inspires students and demonstrates excellence, the AAP recognizes Dr. Michael P. Mills as the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award. Dr. Mills, a distinguished Air Force veteran, is a clinical associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, where he also maintains a provide practice in periodontics and dental implants. In addition to his roles as a former director and chair of the American Board of Periodontology (where he continues to serve as an examiner), Dr. Mills has authored or co-authored 30 scientific articles, abstracts, and textbook chapters. He is a member of the Texas Dental Association, Southwest Society of Periodontists, and the San Antonio District Dental Society. The Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award is sponsored by Hu-Friedy.
Honorary Membership Award: Professor and Chair of the Department of Periodontology at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, Dr. Joerg Meyle is the 2015 recipient of the AAP Honorary Membership Award. He is the treasurer of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), which comprises 29 national societies of periodontology. He is a two-term past president of the German Society of Periodontology and has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Periodontology, Journal of Periodontal Research, and Journal of Clinical Periodontology. He has been a contributor to five joint consensus papers from the EFP and AAP, having co-authored a 2008 consensus report on peri-implant diseases that has been cited more than 450 times.
William J. Gies AwardDr. Michael K. McGuire, who maintains a full time private practice in Houston, is the 2015 recipient of the William J. Gies Award. Presented by the American Dental Education Association’s William J. Gies Foundation for the Advancement of Dentistry, this award is bestowed to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of periodontology. Dr. McGuire is the author of more than 50 scientific articles and textbook chapters, and he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Periodontology and the International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry. His research is a two-time recipient of both the AAP’s Robinson Regeneration and the Clinical Research Award. Dr. McGuire is a sought-after speaker with more than 200 lectures to his credit. He is also the 2007 recipient of the AAP’s Master Clinician Award and in 2009, the Academy’s Gold Medal Award. Dr McGuire is the founder and chairman of the McGuire Institute, a not-for-profit practice-based clinical research network.

Clinical Research Award: This award is presented to an outstanding recently-published scientific article with direct clinical relevance in periodontics. The 2015 recipients of this award, authors of “An Evidence-Based Scoring Index to Determine the Periodontal Prognosis on Molars,” which was published in the February 2014 Journal of Periodontology, are as follows: Drs. Preston D. Miller, Jr., Mark L. McEntire, Nicole M. Marlow, and Robert G. Gellin. The Clinical Research Award is sponsored by Quintessence Publishing.

R. Earl Robinson Periodontal Regeneration Award: This award recognizes an outstanding recent scientific article about periodontal regeneration in the basic and clinical sciences. Authors of “Intrabony Defects, Open-Flap Debridement, and Decortication: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” which was published in the Journal of Periodontology in January 2014, are as follows: Drs. Alessandro Crea, Giorgio Deli, Cristiano Littarru, Carlo Lajolo, Gianluca Vittorini Orgeas, and Dimitris N. Tatakis. The R. Earl Robinson Periodontal Regeneration Award is sponsored by the AAP Foundation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holy Sirona Party, Batman! Sirona Announces 2016 CMW SIROWORLD Party

Sirona Set to Host Superheroes of Dentistry Party at the House of Blues on Friday evening of the 2016 Chicago Dental Society Meeting
Charlotte, NC (Nov. 17, 2015) It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... Sirona hosting yet another epic event!
Sirona Dental, Inc., the leading manufacturer of innovative dental technology, is hosting a superherothemed party at the House of Blues on Feb. 26, 2016, in Chicago during the 2016 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. This party is a membership benefit of SIROWORLD, Sirona’s new eventbased community.
After saving the day, attendees are encouraged to emulate their favorite superheroes by dressing up in tights, capes and masks to celebrate into the night at Sirona’s Superheroes of Dentistry party.
“Sirona is known for throwing incredible parties and this party will be no different,” said Sirona Dental, Inc. President Michael Augins. “At the CEREC 30TH Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas, Sirona hosted the Party Like a Rock Star event in which attendees arrived in their best rock star attire to a club filled with 10 foot laser robots and acrobats swinging from the ceiling! At the Superheroes of Dentistry event we will have more surprises in store for our SIROWORLD community members as our Dental Superheroes party the night away at one of Chicago’s most famous venues, The House of Blues."
All SIROWORLD members are invited to join in on this epic night of superhero action. Membership into SIROWORLD includes access to parties like this; along with SIROWORLD’s educational events held at major U.S. trade shows like the Greater New York dental meeting and the CDA South meeting in Anaheim, California. The highlight of SIROWORLD membership is our Inaugural SIROWORLD Celebration in Orlando, Florida where entertainment and education collide at digital dentistry’s premiere event.
During these educational events, members can speak to leading experts in the field of digital dentistry and compare stories with fellow members about the technologies that have helped integrate his/her practice into the digital age.
A wise (spider)man once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” It’s in Sirona’s power to continue throwing legendary events, and it’s your responsibility to join us in the festivity!
Pricing for SIROWORLD is now available at $1,995 a year for a membership and $2,995 a year for VIP membership and include entrance into all of the celebration events planned at the trade shows and the annual event in Orlando. Total Office membership packages are currently available for $5,995, for a total savings of $4,000 off list price, and include SIROWORLD membership for up to six people.

For more information on SIROWORLD membership and events, please visit www.SIROWORLD.com or call 844.422.3226.