Thursday, November 20, 2014

Parrot Brings BeBop Drone to Market in Time for the Holidays

The latest offering from the drone company Parrot is now available.

Called the Bebop, the iPad controlled drone has a bunch of cool features like:

  • Streaming Video
  • Smartphone or Tablet control
  • HD Video
  • Gyroscope
  • 3 Axes Accelerometer
  • Vertical Camera to track speed

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Testing of Benco's TS 150 Mill Starts Today

I *love* open source!  To that end, we are about to start testing a new CAD/CAM one visit restorative system in my office.  Say hello to the TS 150.

The mill was developed by Glidewell labs and is created to do inlays, onlays, and crowns.

The best part?  The TS 150 is open source.  That means that it will take files created by our iTero scanner.  The iTero files are then opened in IOS FastDesign software.  This will allow us to design the restoration.  Once the design process is complete, the design is sent to the TS 150 mill that will then take a block of restorative material and mill out the final restoration.

Since it is open source, the TS 150 will accept files from the iTero, the True Definition Scanner, and others.

We'll be receiving training today and will actually start milling restorations in the afternoon.

I'll be reporting back on what we are receiving as we get further along in the process...

For more info, check out this from Dental Products Report.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is Google Glass Already DOA?

It doesn't seem that long ago that Google Glass was the darling of the tech world. Remember that?

However since then it seems that Glass has just flat out fallen off the radar. Have you seen anyone wearing the device lately? Me neither.

Now Time magazine puts forth the idea that Glass may not be such a tech darling after all.

It makes for good reading & I highly recommend checking it out.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks to All Who Attended CDE World on Friday in Boston

On Friday I had the very great honor of speaking to about 80 wonderful doctors and team members at the CDE World in Boston.

Despite the threat of ugly wintery weather (which never occurred), we had a great turnout and a really great event.

As I do events based on the concept of 3D and what it can do for dentistry and today's dental practice, I'm amazed by both the amount of interest I'm seeing from doctors and also the amazing tools the industry is creating to harness the power that 3D provides.

From things like virtual treatment planning on implant cases to digital impression systems that will now interface with milling units, 3D isn't just cone beam any more.  The category has moved on to become a huge piece of dentistry and is quickly becoming a major piece of the market.

My thanks to those who attended on Friday.  It was a great event and I met some really great people!

Friday, November 14, 2014

DentalEZ® Group Introduces the 360° Customer Care Program

Here is some interesting info from DentalEZ.  If you happen to use any of the company's Star Dental products, this should be of interest to you.

New Web Tool Provides Immediate Repair Requests, Online Education 
and Training for All StarDental® Customers 

Malvern, PA (November 13, 2014) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of integrated products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce its new 360° Customer Care Program, a comprehensive online customer service tool for all StarDental® customers.

Located at, the new 360° Customer Care Program is an extension of DentalEZ Group’s professional and preventive maintenance and repair support program. Geared toward all dental professionals and distribution partners, the 360° Customer Care Program provides a newly designed repair support program that provides instantaneous labels for repair requests as well as a comprehensive collection of educational and training resources for all StarDental products.   

A key feature of the 360° Customer Care Program is a new repair request form that provides an efficient, no-hassle method of requesting repairs on any and all StarDental products. Designed for a fast, user-friendly experience, the repair request form provides convenient drop down menus for identifying and immediately reporting the specific product, repair type and problem. Users simply fill in the information, print the repair request form and press the submit button. A prepaid UPS label is available to be shipped along with the repair form and product being sent for repair.

In addition to the new repair request form, visitors of the 360° Customer Care Program have access to the following pertaining to StarDental’s full line of products:

  • Maintenance and repair videos
  • Instructional manuals
  • Product brochures
  • Maintenance check sheets
  • Warranty registration forms 

For more information on DentalEZ’s new 360° Customer Care Program, please visit

About DentalEZ® Group

DentalEZ® Group is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through innovative products and services. Encompassing six distinct product brands — StarDental®, DentalEZ®, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs and Columbia Dentoform® — DentalEZ® Group manufactures everything in the operatory, from handpieces to chairs to vacuum systems to dental simulation models, creating a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort
and efficiency of the dental operatory. For more information, please visit

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Amazon Enters Home Control Market with Echo

We're all familiar with Siri and now we are seeing lots of TV ads for a new app "Hey Google".

It seems that more and more, big tech companies are creating devices or software (or both) that listen to our voices and then do what we ask.

The latest is Echo from Amazon. The idea that Amazon is hoping to tap into is using Echo to control your Smart Home. Imagine dimming your lights or changing your thermostat just by asking.

This kind of tech is coming and several companies are wanting to help with it.

Interested? I know I am. CNN has a great article on the subject and its devices. Check it out!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Come to CDE World this Friday for a Great Event on 3D in Dentistry

This Friday, November 14th, Dr. Lisa Koenig, Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi, and myself will be doing an all day event that will feature all kinds of information, tips, and tricks on using Cone Beam 3D Imaging to improve your clinical dentistry and to improve your patient outcomes.

We've been having a blast doing these types of events this summer and this fall and this event promises to be another really great event.

Dr. Koenig is an amazing teacher and a really bright oral and maxillofacial radiologist who will provide valuable information on the clinical advantages that can be discerned from a CBCT scan as well as radiation dosages and other data that is important to the practitioner that is currently using or looking to expand their office with cone beam technology.

Dr. Ghaboussi practices in Madison, Wisconsin and will cover the story of how he implemented 3D dentistry into his office and the impact it has had on his practice, his staff, and his patients.

I'll be kicking the day off with a bit on why I'm such a believer in cone beam images and then I'll be closing the day with a discussion of how imaging, in all its forms, has completely changed the way we diagnose, treat, and meet our patients expectations with the best possible clinical outcomes.

Come on out and spend a day learning about the very leading edge of clinical dentistry and imaging.

For complete course info and to register, just click here.