Monday, April 24, 2017

Important System Upgrade Notification from Curve Dental

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Most Curve Dental users have recently received an email regarding an upcoming system upgrade provided by Curve.  I’m providing today’s post as a service to anyone who is a Curve user and somehow missed the email that the company sent out last week.  This is a very important announcement for Curve users  and I want to make sure that all of you receive it.  Here is the mail, copied and pasted in its complete form to make sure you get all the pertinent information.  If you happen to have a friend using Curve Dental, feel free to pass this post along to them.  Here is the complete announcement:
Hi! As a VIP Curve Dental customer we're alerting you to an upgrade you'll need to attend to beginning Monday, April 24, 2017. 
You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.
First things first: Many thanks for choosing Curve Dental to help you manage your practice. It is a privilege to work with you; we will always strive to be a business partner that puts your practice first.

Beginning Monday, April 24th, Curve Hero will upgrade a small program called Curve Capture, a utility that helps you capture x-rays and other digital images. Normally, you don't need to concern yourself with upgrades; however, in this case you will need to give Curve Capture permission to upgrade.


Because a security issue is involved. Curve Capture's security certificate needs to be updated and your computer will not let that happen without your specific permission.

Simply click the Yes button to start the installation process. You can work as normal while the update progresses.
You and our other customers will not be upgrading at the same time, which will help control traffic. You may be prompted to upgrade on Monday or you may be prompted to update later in the week.

Here's how it works: A Security Warning dialog box will open inside Google Chrome asking you if its okay if Curve Capture installs a security certificate. Just click the 'Yes' button and you're done. 

The installation will work in the background and should be completed in less than five minutes. You can continue to work as normal during the installation process. The only action required on your part is to click 'Yes'.
Of course, if you have questions or concerns please call us or send us a message. You can reach our customer service team at 888-910-4376 option 3 or you can send a quick email to

Thanks again for the opportunity to be associated with your practice.

Kristen Smith
Director of Customer Services

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

NuSmile Introduces LED Curing Light to Canada

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As many of you know, I’m pretty passionate about curing and the science that drives it.  This is a new product for the people at NuSmile.  This light has a wavelength output of 440-465nm which is what is needed to set most composites on the market today that contain CPQ as the photoinitiator.  I don’t have any clinical experience with the device, but I like its low profile design.


Low-heat, light-weight, ergonomic light is ideal for use with pediatric patients

HOUSTON, TEXAS, April 6, 2017—NuSmile Ltd., the worldwide leader in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry, announced today that its LED Curing Light is now available in Canada. Made with light-weight durable cast aluminum housing, the NuSmile LED Curing Light delivers excellent performance and convenience at an affordable price. Its optimal wavelength of 440-465 nm effectively light cures all of the most common dental cements, composites, sealants and varnishes used in pediatric dentistry.

The light provides two high-output settings (1,300 and1,800 mW/cm2), while generating much less heat than other lights. Its ergonomic low-profile design houses the LED source at the end of the tip to make the light easy to use and comfortable for the practitioner and the pediatric patient, even when working with harder to reach second molars. This innovative tip design also prevents breakage.

Equipped with a choice of either a 110 volt or 240 volt UL rated power supply, the LED Curing Light is designed to fit with the practice’s standard dental unit bracket or mounted using the bracket supplied in the kit. It also comes with a convenient countdown timer, a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, and a charging base.

“Our goal was to give our customers the ultimate curing light for pediatric dentistry,” said Diane Johnson Krueger, NuSmile founder and CEO. “With our LED Curing Light’s unsurpassed combination of design, performance and pricing, it is gratifying to say that we’ve truly achieved that goal.” As with other NuSmile products, the NuSmile LED Curing Light is sold direct to dental practices. For more information on the LED Curing Light or other NuSmile products, call +1-800-346-5133 or visit

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics Advances the Treatment of Minor Anterior Tooth Misalignments

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Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Club provides its members in more than 70 countries with a comprehensive range of services. Dentsply Sirona is presenting the new CEREC Club with its attractive offerings at the IDS 2017, making membership even more appealing.

Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics announces the expansion of treatment indications for the MTM® (Minor Tooth Movement) Clear•Aligner. The clear aligner combines proven orthodontic techniques with advanced digital modeling to provide dental professionals with a streamlined solution for treating minor anterior misalignments.

MTM® Clear•Aligner is uniquely engineered to deliver the space and force needed to accomplish tooth movement. The technology utilizes a proprietary “open pathway” architecture that allows teeth to move easily into the desired positions. Unlike other clear aligners, MTM®Clear•Aligner does not require clinicians to bond unsightly attachments to teeth, to accomplish movement. No attachments saves practice chair time and provides for a more esthetically pleasing treatment solution for the patient.  To facilitate tooth movement MTM® Clear•Aligner uses integrated “force points”, programmed into the aligner, to provide a greater range of tooth movements, while making aligner placement and removal easy for the patient.

MTM® Clear•Aligner targets the movement and positioning of the six most visible teeth, on both the upper and lower arches.  These teeth are known as the social six. The aligner movements address tooth; spacing, tipping, torqueing, intrusionextrusion, and rotation. Ideal candidates are those who are experiencing adult tooth crowding, orthodontic relapse, or those who seek cosmetic enhancements. Of the thousands of cases completed since the products’ launch, many dental professional note that most of their patients sought simply to improve their smile.

Brad Clatt, Group Vice President of Orthodontics states, “[Native Advertisement]Whether a dental professional currently prescribes clear aligners, or has been waiting for an aligner system that better fits the needs of their patients, MTM Clear•Aligner is a simple solution to address one of the most common misalignments seen in adult patients today. Dentsply Sirona prides itself on keeping patient care, where it belongs, in the hands of the clinician, and offers each clinician a customized approach to treating their patients. MTM Clear•Aligner is a highly affordable solution for both doctor and patient, with the ability to move the social six to the desired position, creating the patient’s Ideal Smile.”

To help offices get started with MTM Clear•Aligner, Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics offers an attractively-priced Welcome Kit that includes discounted patient cases, a web based training course, practice marketing and office integration resources. To learn more about the MTM Clear•Aligner visit the Dentsply Sirona booth #2414, during the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), Annual Session.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ADA 2017 to Offer Oral Cancer Courses

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Regular readers of the blog know how passionate I am about the fight against oral cancer.  It is one of the only cancers whose incidence continues to increase year by year.  The best way to fight it is inoculation against HPV-16 and to receive regular screenings by a dental professional.  This is definitely a terrible & debilitating disease that the profession can do more to fight.
That’s why I was so happy to find out that at the ADA Meeting in Atlanta this fall (2017) there will be Oral Cancer Courses offered.  Here is what the ADA had to say:

Noting “the five-year relative survival rate for those with localized oral cancer and oropharynx cancer at Stage I-II diagnosis is 83 percent, compared with only 38 percent in patients diagnosed at Stage IV,” the ADA News (4/11, Burger) reports that nine oral cancer-related continuing education courses will be available at ADA 2017 – America’s Dental Meeting in Atlanta. “It’s an epidemic,” said North Carolina-based dentist Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman, who will be teaching two courses on oral cancer detection at ADA 2017. Dr. Bregman said that in recent years there has been a “steep increase” in diagnoses of oral cancer, especially due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). “It’s all about detection and screening,” said Dr. Bregman.

        Registration for ADA 2017 opens May 10. Learn more about the annual meeting at



Monday, April 17, 2017

Mylan EpiPen Recall Does *not* Impact HealthFirst Customers

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Like many offices we have been using HeathFirst to supply our emergency kit for several years.  The really nice thing about this company is that they monitor the expiration dates of your emergency medicines and send replacements before they expire.  They also offer a disposal system for the old medications.  It’s a great system for offices that do not choose or have better things to do than monitoring their med supplies.
One of the critical components of an office emergency kit is epinephrine self injectors.  As most of you probably know by now, Mylan has had a recall of many of their “Epipen” self injectors.
I received the following info on April 11 from HealthFirst letting me know they DO NOT use Mylan self injectors.

On March 31, Mylan Specialty L.P., in consultation with the U.S. FDA, announced a voluntary recall of select lots of EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injectors.  

HealthFirst supplies the Impax brand generic epinephrine auto-injectors, which are not part of the Mylan recall.  We switched to the Impax brand auto-injector after we determined Impax offers our customers a more cost effective, clinically appropriate solution for use in emergency medical kits. 

As a valued HealthFirst customer who has purchased an Impax epinephrine auto-injector from us, please be assured the FDA recall does not impact you.

You do not need to do anything, unless you also have a Mylan EpiPen in your office.
If so, please see the information provided below.

Patient and Practice Safety is Always First

HealthFirst cares about the safety of your patients and your practice. We’re always ready to help when you have questions about our products and services. Please feel free to call us at 800-331-1984. 
Thank you,

Dr. Don Cohen
Chief Clinical Officer

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dentsply Sirona Announces Retirement for Breakthrough Digital Sensor

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For those of you who are using the Schick CDR sensor, this is really important info.  Read on for all the details…

Schick CDR sensors set the standard for digital X-ray technology in 1998. Today we announce it’s time to sunset the CDR sensor and help our Schick family upgrade their technology.

Charlotte, March 31, 2017. From its launch in 1998, the Schick CDR sensor range served to set the standard for digital X-ray technology in the dental industry. Building on Schick’s existing multiple film-like sizes of sensors first introduced in 1994, the CDR range introduced revolutionary technologies, which we now take for granted as industry standards.

With the introduction of the CDR sensor came the now industry standard CMOS-APS technology and USB connectivity. CDR also helped launch unique solutions in CDR Wireless, the industry’s only truly wireless sensor solution, and CDR Pluswire, the first in the line of sensors with in-office replaceable cable technology, a feature still unique to Dentsply Sirona. It also inspired our unique adhesive parallel positioning system.

While we look back on the developments coming out of this product, we will use 2018 to mark the sensor’s 20th birthday. It will also mark the retirement of CDR. Superseded in recent years by Schick Elite and Schick 33, reduced demand for Schick CDR and escalating production costs means it is time to say goodbye.

From March 31, 2018, Schick CDR sensors will no longer be serviced or supported by Dentsply Sirona or Patterson Dental and no further software releases will be made to support the sensors.

To ensure these changes have minimal impact on our clinicians’ practices, a trade-up program is available to help upgrade practices to Schick 33. Offices should contact their local Patterson branch or Dentsply Sirona representative for more information.

Additionally, throughout the next 12 months, Dentsply Sirona will celebrate the technology and people that made such a difference to the field of intraoral imaging, as well as those dental professionals who benefited so much from its use. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics Introduces the First High Impact Pourable Acrylic Denture Base


This is a pretty cool idea.  The ability to actually *pour* a denture base is one that is not on interesting, but should be a pretty good time saver as well… at least until we start printing dentures. 

York, Pennsylvania, April 4, 2017 – Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions Company, announced the introduction of Lucitone® HIPA (High Impact Pour Acrylic).


Lucitone® HIPA is a high impact pourable acrylic denture base. It is the first pourable acrylic denture base on the market to exceed both of the required ISO standards for improved impact resistance. Lucitone HIPA was introduced in the United States in January and launched globally at the IDS Meeting in Cologne. 

Catherine Bonser, Dentsply Sirona Director of Prosthetics Global Removable Products, commented “Lucitone HIPA truly provides solutions to dental labs. Labs who use the traditional heat cured technique can now work faster, while still providing a high impact denture. Increased durability reduces the potential for fractures in the dental lab resulting in time and cost savings due to less remakes. And, increased durability reduces the risk of breakage from the patient during normal use.”  

Lucitone HIPA is a self-curing denture base material designed for use in fabrication, repair, rebasing, or relining of full and partial dentures, including implant overdentures or other dental appliances. In addition to being the first high impact pourable acrylic denture base, Lucitone HIPA also features excellent color stability and accurate fit to model.