Thursday, December 21, 2023

CordBrick is a Better Mousetrap for Cord Management - Both on Your Desk and in the Operatory


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a package with a couple of new cord management devices inside.  I took them out and have been tinkering with them ever since to see where they fit into my life.

Interestingly enough, I've found both personal and professional uses for them.  We all have multiple cords in our lives now and some of us (like me) have many.  Those cords bring with them little bits of frustration.  Where did they go?  Did it fall behind the desk?  Is it under something?  How did I manage to create either the worlds largest ball of electronic string or some weird sculpture made of cord spaghetti?

Now we've all seen little gizmos over the years that have slots to hold cords, but CordBrick comes at this better than others I've tried.  


  • Weight: This device is heavy.  The outside is flexible silicone rubber, but the inside is carbon steel.  That means it is capable of holding cords in place without sliding around.  That's important as I've tried other cord wranglers over the years that slip and slide all over the place, especially as you add more cords to it.
  • Organization:  CordBrick has several slots that you push your cords through and then it holds them in place.  
  • Accommodation: The slots are good sized with the ones on the sides being able to even accommodate regular AC power cords.
  • Portability:  You can also use CordBrick when you travel as it allows you to wrap your cords around it and lock them in place.  Unroll when you get to your destination and it is ready to go when you reach your destination.

Dental Cord Organization

The dental treatment areas are highly digital nowadays and that means cord management.  It can be really frustrating to open cabinetry in an attempt to troubleshoot some hardware problem and face a Rorschach test of cords.  CordBrick can help prevent that by keeping things organized and free of tangles.

The other thing I want to mention... did you know that your x-ray sensors get dropped... a lot?  Neither did I until a digital x-ray manufacturer shared with me a survey they had taken.  They had stressed confidentiality and asked dental team members some questions about their use of x-ray sensors.  To their surprise and mine, staff admitted to dropping a sensor at a minimum of once per week!  Frequently that was due to them being knocked off a counter when they were not being used.

CordBrick could be a nice solution to that problem.  Since it is weighted and covered with silicone rubber, it's not easily moved and the coating makes it almost impossible to slide around on a countertop.  A strategically placed CordBrick could help prevent those drops!

Also, since it is covered with rubber silicone I would think it could be sprayed or wiped with a disinfectant without damaging it.

These little organizers are also very affordable.  You can order them from the company website.   

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your cords in a semblance of order, CordBrick is your solution.  These little gizmos are *highly recommended*!  

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