Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Anatomy of a Third-Party Data Breach eBook


One of the sites I go to on a regular basis is Health IT Security.

The site always contains tons of good info on the security side of things and often tells amazing stories of breaches and other events from the dark side of the Internet.  As a practitioner AND a practice owner, I find these things both enlightening as well as terrifying... often at the same time.  Of course it probably doesn't help that I am a dyed in the wool geek at heart, either.

I think sometimes that small practice owners like myself see websites like this and think they are not for us.  It seems that a lot of the stories are base on things that happen in hospitals and larger health care organizations.  However, the stories told and the lessons learned can be frequently applied to smaller offices as well.  It's just seeing the story from a bit of a different angle.

The thing is, security applies to every business and every practice in today's environment.  That's why today's post is about an eBook that is being featured on their website.  It deals with breaches that come about because of third-parties.  This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.   If you have been following or reading the new lately, you've probably heard of the Solar Wind breach.  This was a problem that occurred because a lot of companies, both large and small, depended on the company Solar Wind.  Someone hacked them and their update process.  That meant that when Solar Wind's software automatically updated itself, that update brought data breach software with it.  This meant that the hackers, through the update process of Solar Wind, were now breaching the Solar Wind customers.

This is a third party attack or more commonly referred to as a "supply chain" attack.  Cyber criminals are becoming more and more daring in their exploits and that means companies will see more and more of these  kinds of attacks and breaches.  To learn more about them, check out the eBook at Health IT Security.

It will teach you:

Data breaches that stem from third-parties are rising. Without proper controls in place for vendor management and remote access, you’re setting yourself up for a data breach. Our eBook covers the ins and outs of third-party data breaches including the attack methods, the most common phases, and the importance of a vendor access management platform.

Download our eBook to learn:

The most common ways hackers use third-party access

The top breaches that stemmed from a third-party

About the top 5 phases of a data breach

How to lower the risk from cyberattacks

Strategies to reduce impacts from those attacks

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