Monday, April 5, 2021

File Transfer Service at Stanford Exposes Millions of User's Data


For years Stanford University has been known as one of the very best tech colleges in the United States.  Their reputation in technology is well known, but it's not only known for tech as in the latest silicon valley startup, it's also know for high tech medicine.  The Stanford Medical School is one of the most cutting edge medical schools on the planet.

However, last week it was discovered that a system the medical school and its related entities used to transfer information electronically was compromised.  And it looks like it was not just Stanford that was compromised.  Apparently the hack also included Shell, the University of Miami, the University of Colorado, and the University of California Berkley, Los Angles, Davis.

Some of the affected entities admitted to receiving ransom demands from the hackers to keep them from posting the stolen information online.  "Stanford Medicine used the Accellion platform for its MedSecureSend system, which was used to transfer data including credit, debit or prepaid card data and protected health data that are classified as “high risk” by the University." according to The Stanford Daily.

The problem was the company that owned Accellion was due to shut it down later this spring and replace it with a more securely robust system.  Unfortunately hackers found out and got there first.

For the whole story, check out The Stanford Daily.  

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