Tuesday, March 2, 2021

VOCO's Provicol QM Aesthetic Temporary Cement is Beginning Its Clinical Trial in My Office


I am a big fan of VOCO products.  As someone who constantly is looking to work 'outside the box', I love companies that do the same.  This time I'm excited to work with their new temporary cement.

VOCO's Provicol QM Aesthetic is a new translucent, zinc oxide, non-eugenol temporary cement with calcium hydroxide.  We have been really looking forward to getting our hands on it from the moment I heard about it.  Being able to provide good retention as well as aid in preventing sensitivity is something that every office needs.

According to VOCO, Provicol QM Aesthetic provides the following advantages:

  • Highly aesthetic, translucent appearance
  • Increased strength for more retention and secure adhesion
  • Optimum flowability for easy cementation
  • Pinpoint stability allows precise removal of excess material
  • Accurate fit due to very low film thickness
  • Eugenol-free: no inhibition of curing reaction of resin-based filling or luting materials
  • Free from colophony: low allergy potential
  • Contains calcium hydroxide and zinc oxide
  • Calcium hydroxide supports the formation of tertiary dentine und has bacteriostatic effect
  • Zinc oxide is known for its antibacterial effect
  • Radiopaque

We will begin using it immediately and I'll report back once we've got a few cases completed.

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