Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Omnicore from Henry Schein One


With yesterday's discussion of the the Hafnium hack network security is sort of the topic of the week it seems.  

With that little piece of info in mind, let's take a look at a very nifty product from Henry Schein One... it's called Omnicore.

As I've said many times, the specialty of network security is something best left to professionals.  back in the early days of the Internet, I did a fair piece of my own coding... and I was self taught.  Back then coding wasn't that difficult.  Now anything like that, I leave to people with college degrees in the subject.

Of course things have gotten so specialized these days that you have professionals that are experts in servers, networks, firewall, etc.  Often times it takes an entire IT team to put things together properly, and in dentistry, who has the time to find and vet that many professionals?  That is why Henry Schein One created the box above called the *Omnicore*.  Basically it is an entire IT solution in an 'all-in-one' turnkey box.  Here is what the folks at Schein have to say about it.

A malware attack could be devastating to your practice. Are you prepared?

Did you know that over 31 million patient records were breached from healthcare organizations in the first half of 2019? When it comes to cyberattacks, healthcare remains a favorite target of hackers.

As a dentist, you need to be careful with your protected health information (PHI), because a malware attack, and ransomware in particular, could be financially devastating to your practice (not to mention the permanent damage it can do to your practice’s reputation).  You need to ensure that you have the network technology and support necessary to protect your practice.

To meet this need, TechCentral by Henry Schein One created Omnicore, a comprehensive network security solution for the dental market. Omnicore is an all-in-one dental network in a box that gives dentists multilayered protection for their data. It includes a virtualized server, business-grade firewall and wireless access point, anti-virus software, data backup both locally and in the cloud, and the remote monitoring and management you need to help prevent the loss of patient data.

Sophisticated attacks require sophisticated network security solutions. Request a complimentary IT network assessment today to gain a better understanding of your current IT setup and to learn more about how solutions like Omnicore protect your practice and your data.


  1. Omnicore is one of the worst products I've had to deal with. Ever. We acquired a practice that had their system installed.
    We wanted to migrate to our own servers.
    Their support team told me they "owned" my data and we couldn't transfer it. It was trivially easy to hack into their system and get our data. Then they came and picked up a bunch of equipment which included (unbeknownst to me) a separate machine that had x-ray data on it. We called them and they said they didn't have it. After months of back-and-forth and them threatening to send us to collections for a machine that disappeared when their tech showed up. Then they said it was already wiped. That was followed up by another bill stating they didn't have the server...yet somehow they already wiped it. Huh.

    Their tech support was pretty unresponsive throughout the ordeal with days between callbacks, being redirected to a multitude of people who had no idea what was going on, and a general lack of communication and knowledge about their systems and business processes.

    Whenever we run into an Omnicore system, we immediately compromise it, get our data, and then call them to come pull it out while verifying every single serial number they take.

    It's a horrible product, horrible support, and not very secure. But it is a bit better than all the fly-by-night managed service providers out there.

    1. Normally we do not respond to competitors’ claims about our products, but it’s important to correct his misstatements. First, the Henry Schein One support department does not tell practices we “own” their data. We believe practice data is owned by the practice and any data access must be approved by the practice data owner. This fits with our core values, training, monitoring and the Business Associate Agreement.

      Second, the Omnicore all-in-one dental office network-in-a-box is secure. It offers multiple tiers of security hardware, services and support for one low monthly cost. Very few IT organizations have the skill sets and organizational capabilities to provide a complete Dental IT offering. We do. Henry Schein One TechCentral has thousands of dental practices using our solutions and we are committed to providing the highest of customer support for all of them. If our support team did not perform to our standards with your client, please let us know the practice name and we will do everything we can to make it up to them.

  2. I appreciate the response. When we called in, we were flat-out told by a tech that you owned our data. If you record your support lines, it should be in there about 4-5 months ago.

    To be clear, I completely agree that very few IT organizations have the skillsets necessary to help protect patient data, and I do think Schein does a better job than most MSPs.

    It is totally possible to get around the security though. It's more difficult than most, but still possible. Unfortunately maybe we got in touch with a bad rep or something and ended up having to force our way in.

    I'd give Schein another shot if we didn't already have an in-house platform we already developed about 10 years ago to deal with these very same issues combined with most of my clients preferring to use the other big-name dental software package that's out there.
    They certainly have their own share of security issues too.

    I did end up talking with 6 different people who all assured me stuff would get taken care of, but there was no follow-through, no callbacks, no nothing. Just a few angry calls to my client about a missing server.

    The next time it happened, we didn't really give Schein an opportunity to prove/disprove their support. We just hacked in, grabbed all the data, turned the equipment off and called to have the Dentrix server app installed on our equipment.

    To clear up any possible misunderstanding, I would choose Omnicore over almost and MSP out there, but I would choose my product (which I'm not going to pimp here) over Omnicore because of its flexibility, reduced costs, and disaster recovery solutions.