Monday, March 15, 2021

Kulzer introduces Ivory® ReLeaf™ Minis hands-free suction solution


Kulzer today announced the launch of Ivory ReLeaf Minis, which can be used with its top-selling and award-winning Ivory ReLeaf hands-free suction system when treating pediatric patients and adult patients with small arches. The system delivers safety and comfort to patients while enhancing efficiency and ergonomics for dental practices. 

Ivory ReLeaf is an innovative, hands-free HVE suction solution that assists with evacuation, retraction and maintaining a dry field during various hygiene and dental procedures, including restorative procedures, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, ultrasonic scaling, sealants, root planning and whitening. The Ivory ReLeaf system consists of an HVE hose with a quick disconnect adaptor on one end for convenient connection to the practice’s existing dental vacuum system, and a u-shaped connector on the other end into which a single-use “Leaf” is inserted. The Leaf – which is BPA-free and latex-free and designed to be soft for patient comfort – is placed into the oral cavity and positioned between the teeth and cheek. The Leaf maintains highly effective suction and a dry field while allowing the practitioner to comfortably work in all four quadrants with a full view of the oral cavity. Importantly, the Leaf’s 280 degrees of suction means that its location never has to be changed by the practitioner.

 The ReLeaf Mini Leaf, which is approximately 25 percent smaller than the conventional Leaf but fits the ReLeaf system’s same u-shaped connector, is designed to work comfortably with pediatric patients, elderly patients, patients with TMJ, special needs patients, and other patients with small arches. ReLeaf Mini refills come in 100-count packages featuring an assortment of green, magenta and light blue colors.

 The hands-free design and exceptional ergonomics of the Ivory ReLeaf system can save practices up to 15 minutes of time per patient. Moreover, patients appreciate not only its superior comfort, but the fact that it minimizes backflow risk and aerosol risk while making it much easier to communicate.

 “The Ivory ReLeaf system has enjoyed great popularity since its 2018 introduction due to the enhanced safety and comfort it offers patients, and the exceptional efficiency and ergonomics it offers clinicians,“ said Obioma Clifford, Kulzer’s Senior Product Manager for the Ivory ReLeaf line. “With our ReLeaf Minis launch, we are pleased to now be able to extend these important benefits to patients of all ages with small arches, and to the practitioners who treat them.” 

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