Thursday, March 18, 2021

Hacker Forum Breached by Unknown Party...


Here is an interesting story from the darkest part of the Internet.  As we all know, cybercrime is a huge problem as well as a huge money maker for the criminals who are part of it.  Much of the cybercrime experienced world wide comes from Russian hackers and residents of other former parts of the Soviet Republic.

The interesting part of some of this is that these people are pretty well organized and even share details with each other and offer advice on private web forums.  These forums offer all kinds of evil software and apps for sale in addition to giving the criminals a place to discuss trade secrets.

Recently I came across a post from the security company Flashpoint that tells an interesting story.  It seems that a private web forum (it requires permission to access) was hacked and the data stolen.  This is interesting as it is something you'd expect to hear about due to a cyber crime against a legitimate business or government entity.  No one knows who managed to pull this off.  There are theories aplenty bouncing around, but no one knows for sure.

The other interesting thing is this is the second of these events just in 2021.  Another similar forum was hacked in January.

Head over to Flashpoint to read the entire story.  If you have any interest in cyber crime type stuff, you'll love it.  

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