Wednesday, March 3, 2021

CoMax Composite Dispenser by AdDent


There are certain things in dentistry that we simply take for granted, and not always for the better.

One of those things, in my opinion, is the delivery of composite restoratives.  We want the best restorative materials that we can get our hands on, but we will tolerate a cheaply made flimsy plastic gun to deliver it.  Often, the end result is better if we can control the dispensing aspect of the process.

That's where the AdDent CoMax comes into play.  As you can see in the picture above, the CoMax is a smartly designed dispenser that fits the hand of any operator.  It is incredibly sturdy which makes extruding the material easy and predictable.  Even the most highly filled and viscous material can be easily extruded due to the strong design and incredible mechanical advantage the CoMax delivers.

Since the invention of composite in compules, we've had the problem of getting the compule into the barrel of the gun.  AdDent has eliminated that problem by creating a spring loaded barrel.  While holding the gun, the index and middle finger grab the "tab" on the barrel.  This tab pulls back allowing a compule to be quickly placed into the metal barrel.  Releasing the tab causes the spring to push the compule chamber closed which locks the compule into the barrel.  If you need to change compules during a procedure, simply pull the tab, the empty drops out, and place a fresh one into the chamber.

The surface is smooth, making it easy to clean and the plastic and metal construction holds up incredibly well during use.  I have used the CoMax for *years* and they look as good today as the day I took them out of the package.

If you would like to find out more, or if you would like to order, go to the AdDent website and take a look.

The CoMax is highly recommended.  This is a product that I use every day and I feel any doctor will benefit from having it in the office.

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