Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Videos Coming Soon!


A short post today, but hopefully an exciting one.  As we all know, the pandemic has changed a lot of things for us.  One of those things is frequently getting an opportunity to see and experience new products or techniques.

I miss lecturing and teaching, but I really do not miss airports.  However, we all still need a chance to experience and interact with things.

To help with that, I'm working on setting up a video studio to create videos that will help acquaint you with things I'm testing or working on/with.  For a while now, I've had a YouTube channel.  but up to this point it has mainly consisted of videos I've been in for DPR or company sponsored shoots.  There are the occasional drone videos as I fly my Phantom 4 Pro around.  However, in addition to those (which will continue), I'm also going to start posting some videos of products and things I think those in the profession will be interested in.

So start checking my channel on a regular basis... or you can subscribe as well, which I'd be honored by.

I'm not going to put publishing videos on a schedule because they take time to shoot, but hopefully you'll enjoy what I come up with.

As always, I'm grateful for those of you who read, watch, comment, and find what I do useful.

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