Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The First Handheld Laser Curing Light is Almost Here!


I've gotten word that the Monet Laser curing light from AMD Lasers is soon to be released.  Look for the launch of this product around the end of February.  However, you can also pre-order the device right now.

Here is what the smart people at AMD have to say about the Monet:

Introducing The First Handheld Laser Curing Light – Cure Up to 8mm Deep in 3 Seconds 


Light curing is an essential procedure in daily dental practices. LED curing light has been widely adopted into dental practices since its introduction in 2001. However, the LED curing light has certain limitations including an uncollimated light beam, light intensity decreasing dramatically from the emitting orifice, inefficient curing, etc.  

 AMD Lasers has been leading the development of diode laser systems in dentistry. Its Picasso™ diode lasers are widely used for daily dental procedures over the past decade. Building on diode laser technology, the Monet laser curing light features 1) Curing depth of 8mm in composites in 3 second; 2) Rotatable head; 3) Coherent collimated beam with a beam diameter up to 12mm; 4) Beam intensity does not decrease with distance; 5) Different aperture attachments for different beam size and applications; 6) Handheld and cordless operation; 7) Easy battery attachment for uninterrupted operations; 8) Convenient charging station with a light meter. Monet curing light has been evaluated by independent third parties and proved for the features and benefits as stated.  

 “We invented the first LED curing lights 20 years ago and it benefited dentistry greatly. We have considered all the key requirements for a curing light and implemented the requirements in this new development. Monet laser curing light resolves critical issues that existed in LED curing lights. It is a revolutionary change for dental curing.” said, Dr. Densen Cao, PhD, President of AMD. “Monet laser curing light will make dental curing easier, faster, and better. The Monet curing light units are manufactured in our West Jordan, Utah facility and our operations teams have been working diligently to meet the high demand from the customers for this revolutionary product.” 

Detailed features can be found at: 

https://www.amdlasers.com/pages/monet-laser-curing-light-intro or call +1-866-999-2635.  

You can schedule a Virtual Demo by Clicking Here

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